Boat Rockerz 265v2 Vs Realme Buds Wireless Neckband Comparison

Comparison of boAt Rockerz 265v2 vs Realme Buds Wireless Neckband

Advance your style statement and let your friends follow you as the global market is witnessing a significant change in the wearable electronic devices. Enlighten your state of mind as the boAt and Realme proposes a great deal on the stylish Neckband for you.

Boat rockerz 255 pro plus Bluetooth neckband earphone with up to 40 hours battery life and fast charging launched in India 2021.

The well-known boAt Brand launched stylish boAt Rockerz 265v2 Neckband supported by Bluetooth wireless network. The creation of classy Bluetooth Neckband by Indian boAt firm embarks the journey towards a smart era for everyone.

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Boat Rockerz 265v2 Full Review with Pros and Cons

The acclaimed Chinese global organization rolled out Realme Buds wireless, tough competitor against its counterparts. The well-known brand of smartphone released the most wanted wearable audio electronic gadget for its customers.

Compare Boat 265v2 Vs Realme Buds Wireless Price

The market-retail price of boAt Rockerz 265v2 is 3490 INR while Realme Buds wireless cost 1999 INR. You will find the Neckbands of both the brand at a discount rate on e-commerce websites.

The boAt Neckband is available at 1499 INR on Flipkart while Amazon offers Realme Neckband at 1799 INR.

Money matters for every individual! Do not conclude anything by seeing the price tags of the products.

Check out the thorough assessment of both boAt Neckband and Realme Neckband about its built-up design, battery life, sound quality and other noteworthy aspects.

Specifications Evaluation of boAt Rockerz 265v2 vs Realme Buds Wireless:

Model NameRockerz 265v2Realme Buds wireless
Playback time20 hours12 hours
ASAP Charging Technology10 mins Charge give 100 mins Playtime10 mins Charge give 10 hours Playtime
Full Charge40 mins1.5 Hours
Dynamic Drivers Size10mm11.2mm
Magnetic EarbudsYesYes
Water and Sweat ProofIPX5IPX4
Neckband DesignMetal Control Board with Silicone NeckbandElastic Memory metal with Premium Neckband
Inline RemoteYesYes
Headphone Form FactorIn-EarIn-Ear
With MicrophoneYesYes
Deep BassYesYes
ColoursBlue, Orange, RedBlack, Green, Orange, Yellow
Warranty Period1 year6 months
Latest PriceBoat Rockerz 265v2Realme Buds Wireless

In no time, the famed boAt brand turned out to be prominent and giving tough competition to globally acclaimed Xiaomi Brand.

Both the Brands launched several wearable audio gadgets with innovative attributes to satisfy the demands of their dedicated customers.

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Money is hard-earned, so it matters to everyone. Consider watching the assessment review of both the gadgets then decide which one suits you the most.

The detailed assessment of both the boAt Rockerz 265v2 Neckband and Realme Buds Wireless are as follows:

Bluetooth 5.0 Version

The noteworthy attribute of the boAt Wireless Neckbandis to form a strong and stable wireless link with the nearby electronic device.

The developed version of Bluetooth 5.0 devotes its service to the boAt Neckband. It connects to your handset firmly for about 10 meters range with no distortion.

The Realme buds Wireless Neckband comes with Bluetooth connectivity. It will offer you with firm connection and best in the quality sound wave.

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The wireless Neckband by boAt and Realme permits you to wander around and perform intensive sessions of workout at the garden or gym with no breakdown in sturdy wireless connection.

Magnetic Smart Buds

The magnetic earbuds endorse boAt Neckband directly insert into your ears. Hence, you get the correct frequency sound wave inside your ear canal.

The contemporary Neckband also helps you to receive calls, stimulate songs and gear-up the earbuds to serve the purpose.

The earbuds automatically power-up and switch off to serve you with the continuous audio connection. The instant connection of the earbuds is achievable due to magnetism property present on the earbuds.

Dynamic Drivers| Boat Rockerz 265v2 Vs Realme Buds Wireless

Active drivers lessen noises and offer high definition quality sound to its users. The robust dynamic drivers of boAt Neckband is of 10mm size that conveys top-quality melody.

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The Neckband avoids the call quality to worsen, while you receive the real talk feel and passion of the music.

The Realme buds wireless Neckband offer a bass boost driver measuring 11.2 mm. The novel bass boost driver of the Realme Neckband is larger from its previous models by Realme.

It provides quality and rich audio with high bass for both music and calls.

In-built Microphone

The boAt Neckband comes with an attached microphone that offers unspoiled call quality. You and your callers will be happy after the call is over. You will sense as if you are speaking to the person in real.

The afresh wireless Neckband in the market supports in-built microphone to make your calls smoother.

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The Realme buds wireless is a leader among its coming generation with the latest technology endorsement. Moreover, the user will experience enhanced playback music.

IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistance Rating

The valuable water-proof rating of the boAt Rockerz 265v2 Neckband is IPX5. It forces you to accompany it during active aerobic lessons. The Neckband is safe and secure under the rain as well.

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The Realme Neckband offers a rating of IPX4 that is fine for it to use under rigorous workouts. You must be careful to wear it during the rainy spell of the year.

Fast Charge Expertise with Promising Battery life

The boAt Neckband tunes well with the fast-paced routine life. The Neckband powers up to serve you for 10 hours continuously within 10 minutes.

The Neckband provides 20 hours of playtime once you charge it completely. The boAt Rockerz 265v2 needs 40 minutes to fill the gadget to 100% using a Type-C interface. It is one of the best boat neckband under Rs 1500 rupees with decent battery life.

The Realme Neckband also matches well with the speedy but monotonous routine life. The Neckband offers 100 minutes of replay time for charging time 10 minutes.

After full-charge, the Neckband gives you a total of 12 hours of replay time. The Realme buds wireless requires 1.5 hours to completely power-up the audio gadget.

Special Feature

You will find a button on the boAt Neckband that offers you to switch between the balanced and the bass mode. As you push the equalizer button, you will hear a pleasant boAt Signature sound.

You can remotely access Google Assistant by forcing the single key button once.

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You will get 3 tactile inline buttons on the Realme Neckband to receive calls, regulate playback music, and to order Google Assistant.

Bass and Audio Performance Difference Between Boat Rockerz 265v2 and Realme Buds Wireless

You will find the bass of boAt Neckband quite promising, while you will get low bass with the Realme Neckband. The added advantage of boAt Neckband is that it comes with equalizer mode. Switch on to balanced or bass mode as per your preference. 

The clarity between the frequencies of the sound wave is good with both the Neckband. But the winning team regarding bass is boAt Rockerz 265v2 Neckband compared to Realme.

Which One of The Neckband is Worth It?| Boat 265v2 Vs Realme Buds Wireless

Well, at the end decision of this boat 265v2 Vs realme buds wireless neckband comparison will be entirely yours. By now, you might have selected which Bluetooth neckband best for you to buy.

As you know, all the attributes and cost of both the boAt and Realme Neckband. The Neckband that fits with your requirement and wants clearly will soon be at Flipkart or Amazon cart.

If you want to have all the top-quality attributes, then you may go for boAt Neckband. While if you prefer lightweight and branded gadgets then choose Realme Buds Wireless Neckband.

The fashionable boAt Rockerz 265v2 Wireless Neckband conveys calming and relaxing deep bass music to you at your every command. The smart Realme Buds wireless sends rich call quality and lets you move with no constraints.