The boAt has launched a new product named boAt Rockerz 265v2 in headphone accessories and it is catching everyone’s eyes. We believe it to have features like fast charging, 10mm dynamic drivers, EQ modes, and more such interesting qualities offering a seamless user experience.

Boat Rockerz 265v2 Full Review:

In this blog, we are going to look into the detailed full review on the specifications, sound quality, design and build, and battery performance of boAt Rockerz 265v2 wireless earphone.

BoAt Rockerz 265v2 Box content :

  • boAt rockerz 265v2 headphone
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Additional earbuds
  • User Manual
  • Warranty card

BoAt Rockerz 265v2 Full Specifications & Highlights:

ConnectivityDual pairing with Bluetooth v5
Model NameRockerz 265v2
Wireless range10 m
Water-ResistantYes (IPX5)
Battery life20 hrs
Battery capacity200 mAh, fast charging
Drivers10 mm dynamic
Headphone TypeIn the ear
DesignBehind the Neck
SoundEQ modes: Bass & Balanced
Magnetic EarbudsYes
Button controlsYes
Product Dimensions97.3 x 1 x 2 cm; 150 grams
Warranty1 year

Boat Rockerz 265v2 Full Review of All Features in Detail

The ergonomic structured boat 265v2 earphone comes in a neckband type in orange color.

Sound Quality

The distinguishing feature about boAt 265v2 earphone is the dual EQ mode, which simply means you can switch the sound from Bass to Balance with a single press of the button.

Eq mode control is something new and welcoming at the market because it is convenient if you prefer listening to different genres in different settings.

There is good noise cancellation, better mids, and vocals. The 10 mm dynamic driver is a great add-on to the quality of sound in boAt 265v2 earphones.

But the Bass is low and could have been better. The idea of switching between Bass and Balance is applaudable but looks like they couldn’t achieve the desired result as expected.

Mic and Calling Quality of boAt rockerz 265v2 Bluetooth Earphone:

boAt 265v2 comes with a microphone to assist voice assistants like Alexa and Siri and helps in attending phone calls. The vocal is pretty good, and the voice is clear, and hence, the mic quality is perfect.

Connectivity : BoAt 265v2 Review:

boAt 265v2 supports only Bluetooth. It has a Type-C USB that comes along with it to charge the battery.

You can stay within the range of 10m anywhere around your connected device and enjoy the experience of using a Bluetooth earphone to the fullest.

It also supports Dual pairing mode, which means you can connect to two boAt 265v2 headphones to the device and can have a sweet moment with someone you want to share a favourite song of yours.

Battery Performance Review of Rockerz 265v2 Wireless Neckband

boAt 265v2 has got 200 mAh battery capacity with ASAP technology which helps in fast charging the earphone, and the manufacturer claims we can charge it for 10 minutes that provides up to 10 hours of playback time. The device will completely charge in about 40 minutes.

Boat has launched rockerz 255 pro+ new Bluetooth neckband with 40 hours battery life in India 2021

Practically, it charges within an hour and sometimes one and a half hours after 90%. The battery lasts longer to around 15-17 hours after continuous use of the headphone and sometimes it is only average.

We also observe that the battery drains faster when it reaches around 20-30%. It goes only downhill after that. By saying that, we don’t mean the battery backup for boAt 265v2 is bad but could have been better.

Design & Build Quality in boAt rockerz 265v2 Bluetooth Headset:

The high-quality silicone of boAt 265v2 provides flexibility, lightweight, and room for no tangles are the best features.

It has easy to control buttons that are used to adjust volumes, attend phone calls, and controlling the playlist. This also shows the battery notifications.

Both of the earpieces have a magnet at the back so that when you are not using the earphone, they will stick together around your neck, and it ensures safety.

Water & Sweat Resistance:

They have built boAt 265v2 earphones up with high-grade IPX5 water & sweat resistant technology.

You can take it to the gym because you do not have to worry about the sweat, and also outside for running and jogging even in the moist weather.

Boat Rockerz 265v2 Pros and Cons


  • Better design and build quality that makes the boAt 265v2 wireless headphone flexible and helps avoid tangles.
  • The easy access control buttons are ergonomic and there is little effort to keep the earphone in control without using the hands.
  • This feature helps a lot while meditating when you don’t want a phone near you.
  • Water-resistance IPX5 is great for working out and doing other chores while listening to audiobooks and music, and still not worrying about water & sweat.
  • Excluding bass, the sound quality with the noise cancellation is pretty good for enjoying the Nirvana mode in boAt 265v2 wireless Bluetooth headset.
  • Battery backup is average and fine for up to 15 hours solid full usage of the boAt 265v2 earphone.
  • The single press voice assistant feature is cool, and the way we can control it without using mobile hands is something highly sought after these days.
  • The type-c charger makes the charging time lesser compared to other earphones at this price range.


Even with 10 mm dynamic drivers, the bass isn’t that great.

The switching between bass and balance in EQ mode was highly looked forward to in this model and it is a little disappointing.

The battery backup should be 20 hours with a maximum charging time of 40 minutes, but that is not achieved.

Magnets are low in quality. The On/Off feature can be controlled through these magnets, so this would have been of a little better quality.

This is not the one for gamers. The audio is heavily lagging while playing the game, which will be a major drawback for those who especially look for it.

Conclusion of Boat Rockerz 265v2 Review

We have covered all the specifications review of BoAt 265v2 right from explaining the design & build quality, battery performance, magnetic controls, charging units, backup time interval, EQ mode, IPX5 water & sweat resistance, and even the price and warranty.

After weighing the pros and cons, it might look like it is not a good one, but all we are pointing out is that a couple of features that are standing out in this model should have been even better.

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The lack of quality in the bass is not a big deal if you prefer a speaker for that and use earphones for specific genres of music and phone calls.

Also, the ergonomic built and design quality is laudable and the price is not much for an earphone like this. You can go for it.