Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus VS Boat Rockerz 335 Vs Boat Rockerz 265v2 Comparison

With the new age of wireless gadgets, every item is now becoming wireless. So why should our beloved, most used Earphones not be wireless. To meet the latest tech trends, Boat has launched a series of wireless headphones. Namely: Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus with up to 40 hours battery life, Boat Rockerz 335 with aptX,  and Boat Rockerz 265v2 magnetic pause/pause with EQ mode option in India.

SpecificationBoat Rockerz 255 Pro PlusBoat Rockerz 335Boat Rockerz 265v2
Playback time 40 hours30 hours20 hours
Full Charge60 to 90 minutes40 to 60 minutes50 to 60 minutes
ASAP Charging technology10 hours in 10 minutes charging10 hours in 10 minutes charging10 hours in 10 minutes charging
Voice assistantYes Yes Yes 
Dual pairingYes Yes Yes
Magnetic earbudsYes Yes Yes, with play/pause
colorsBlack, Dark stale blue, GreenSteel blue, Yellow, Red, BlueYellow, Red, Blue

With the comparison in the features, we see that all three have almost similar features. So which one to opt for? Do not worry, we will dig deep into the features and figure out which one is the best for you and caters to all your needs and is budget-friendly too.

Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus

Bluetooth Version: Differences Between Boat 335 vs 255 Pro Plus vs 265v2 Bluetooth Neckbands

From the comparison table, we see that all three have the same Bluetooth version. But what are the benefits of this Bluetooth version? Bluetooth v5.0 can connect your headphones to your device while it is within the 10m range and it will not create distortion at all.

Now you can groove to your favorite music or listen to them while you are doing your rigorous workout while keeping your phone and worries at 10m bay distance! Though the connectivity of Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus is better than the other.

Magnetic Smart Buds and Neckband

Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus bluetooth neckband has magnetic fit earbuds and is made from premium quality steel making it convenient to use.  The neckband is lightweight and supports a voice assistant, say hello to a hands-free music experience and listen to your favorite while multitasking! The neckband has a matt finish while the control module of good quality plastic.

The magnetic earbuds of Boat Rockerz 335 bluetooth earphone stick to each other, thank goodness. The boat neckband is made of silicon and metal alloy makes it stylish and unbreakable. It is Invincible! The neckband has a matt finish and a smooth texture and a classy look. The control module is made from metal that gives it a premium look.

The earbuds of Boat Rockerz 265v2 wireless headphone fit directly into your ears. The earbuds stick to each other which prevents them from entangling. A major highlight is when you separate the magnets, it automatically connects to the device. You can pause music by attaching the magnetic ear tips together or play by detaching the magnetic ear tips. The control module of the headphones is made of plastic.

Considering the looks, Boat Rockerz 335 bluetooth headset gives a premium look with a metallic finish and looks classy not only to you but to the others when you walk the streets with the neckband around you.

Boat Rockerz 335

Battery Life and Fast Charging

With a single charge of 60 to 90 minutes, Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+ Bluetooth earbud gives a 40 hour long non-stop playback. In reality, it can play music for 30 to 35 hours. It has a 300mAh battery. The charging port is a type C port.

Boat Rockerz 335 has a 150mAh battery. With a charging time of 40 to 50 minutes, it gives a maximum of 30 hours of music. But in reality, it has a playback of 20 to 25 hours approximately. The charging type is Type C port charging. 

Rockerz 265v2 wireless earphone has a 200mAh battery. With a full charge which takes a minimum of 45 minutes, it gives a 20 hours long playback time. The charging type is a Type C charging port. In reality, it gives playback of 15 to 17 hours.

All three support ASAP charging and give a 10-hour long playback with just 10 minutes of charging time. If longer playback time is your main criteria, then Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus is one of the best in this section.

Voice Assistant: Compare Boat 255 Pro+ and 335 and 265v2

All three of the devices support voice assistants, that is Siri and google assistant are just one click away. This feature allows you to search for music, make calls easy to control with the built-in mics present in all.

Audio, Calling, and Latency Performance

boat 255 pro plus with a 10mm driver has the signature boat sound, which means it has super extra bass. Qualcomm technologies such as Qualcomm AptX and CVC are provided in the neckband.

While, if your routine includes a lot of gaming, this is a good companion as it enhances the overall sound experience and has less latency. With the help of CVC, you get in-call noise cancellation. Providing you with a better experience while making calls.

Boat Rockerz 335 Bluetooth headset has a 10mm driver. It gives a loud, punchy and decent bass response. At high volume, it has some distortion in music. It also supports Qualcomm technologies viz: Qualcomm AptX classic and AptX HD Decoder and CVC technology. The latency in calls or games is barely noticeable. With an inline mic and CVC technology that cancels the noise, the call quality is also decent in these headphones. With the good quality, you can listen to the low voice dialogues very clearly.

With AptX technology, you can enjoy detailed and quality audio performance if your device supports it. CVC reduces the external noise and provides a far better calling experience without the external noise.

Boat rockers 265v2 have a 10mm driver that reduces the noise and gives high definition sounds and high-quality audio. It gives users the option to chose between two EQ modes viz: bass and balanced. So one can now select the perfect EQ mode that suits their favorite genre well.

Boat Rockerz 225 pro plus and Boat Rockerz 335 have the latest Qualcomm technologies and have superiority over Boat Rockerz 265 v2. Though Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus has a stable sound and less treble at full volume and the sound does not cause any pain in the ears, making them the winner of this section!

Boat Rockerz 265v2

Water and Sweat Proof : Boat 255 Pro Plus vs 335 vs 265v2

Boat 255 pro plus has an IPX7 rating which means it is not only sweat-proof but can be submerged in 1 meter of water it will not affect your device. Take it with you for your swimming laps, the water will not affect your device.

While Boat Rockerz 335 and Boat rockers 265v2 headphones have an IPX5 rating it makes them perfect to use while playing any sports or working out in rainy conditions.  With an IPX7 rating, Boat 255 pro plus is dust and water-resistant and gives it a head start.

Basic Buttons Control Functions

The inline button of For Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus includes a Multifunction button (MFB), a ‘+’ and a ‘-’. The MFB can be used for power on/off, play/pause the music, answer/end/reject calls and also activate voice assistant. The ‘+’ and ‘-’ are used to increase or decrease the volume and to go to the next or previous track.

Boat Rockerz 335 and Boat rockerz 265 v2 have similar inline button functions with an additional feature to Redial. Boat rockerz 265 v2 has an additional EQ button to shift the EQ modes.

Dual pairing:

Boat 255 pro plus, Boat Rockerz 335 and Boat rockers 265v2 headphones all have a dual pairing facility that helps you to connect the headphones to two devices simultaneously. Now you can watch movies and even attend calls in between without disconnecting any device.

Conclusion: Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+ vs 335 vs 265v2

I hope all the specifications and features of each of the headphones are clear to you. Even though they have almost similar specifications, these devices are unique in their way. A coin has two sides and similarly, these speakers have a list of pros and cons. 

If the premium look is not the only or main criteria, then Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Plus comes out as a clear winner, with good value for money features, long playback time and IPX7 rating.

While if looks are of utmost importance and budget is not a restriction,  you can go for Boat Rockerz 335. It will prove to be a good companion while you do your daily workout, under the sun, or out in the rains with an IPX5 rating.

If you have a tight budget and would like dual EQ mode to listen to genres in different modes, your usage will include no or slight contact with water then Boat Rockerz 265v2 will be a good option to go ahead with.

The buyer will have to choose what features are most vital to them and which can be sacrificed. Surely after reading the whole article, you sure have come to a conclusion based on your needs and liking and chose your winner.