Today we talk about boat rockerz 255 charging time, charging indicator, battery life, how to check the battery percentage but first talk about the battery life. The Boat Rockers 255 Bluetooth earphone comes with an inbuilt 110mah Li-On battery. It is a sports Bluetooth headset, and its battery size is not very big. So, it is lightweight. This earphone is a charge with the charger up to 1A output rating without any problem. We can also charge this headset with the phone charger. For the extra safety, we can charge it with a charger with a 3.7volt / 120mah output if available. This wireles earphone takes about an hour and a half(1.5) hours to 2 hours to fully charge, and it also depends on how many ratings the adapter you use for charging.

Boat Rockerz 255 Battery Life

Now we talk about the backup of the boat rockerz 255 battery life. It provides us with an average of 5 hours to 7 hours playing time if we keep the volume level 60% around.  If we follow the volume at 90% or more, then it gives us a backup of about 4-5 hours. Boat Rockers 255 battery life gives an above-average performance as well as it also supports fast charging.

Does boat rockerz 255 support fast charging time

Yes, this wireless earphone supports fast charging. The company claims that if we charge these earbuds for 10 minutes, then this earphone will provide music playback time of up to 45 minutes. But in this area, this earphone performed better than expected. It gives music playback of more than 45 minutes if we listen to it on medium volume. But we listen to the song in full sound. Then this gives a playback time of up to 40 minutes.

What is its standby time?

We already talk about boat rockerz 255 charging time and battery life now talk about standby time The company says its standby time is 150 hours in ideal condition. But in daily uses, it provides about 15 hours to 30 hours.
When the battery percentile level of this earphone reaches 20%, we hear a voice “oops battery low.” This sound is heard after every 30 seconds until the earphone power is off, which makes our listening experience a little bit annoying.

How to charge boat rockerz 255?

  Boat Rockers comes with an inbuilt battery of 110mAH with charging light. We know boat rockerz 255 charging time is about 1.5 hours. But how to charge boat rockerz 255. To charge this earbud, it has a micro USB charging port that is present on the right side of this NECKBAND. we can charge it with charging cable. This port closed by a cap and is located in the opposite direction of the buttons. From this port, we can charge this earbud with a phone charger up to 1A. Along with its box, we get a USB cable that can also be used with a charging adapter up to 1A. If you load it with more than 1A charger, then your neckband battery may be useless.

Boat Rockerz 255 Charging Indicator(Led Light)

  Boat Rockers comes with an inbuilt Lithium-ion battery of 110mAH with charging indicator led light. We can charge it with charging cable, and boat rockerz 255 charging time is around 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Boat Rockers 255 has a charging indicator notification LED light, which gives us a lot of different information through different colors, such as whether the earphone is in charge or not. When we charge this earphone through the adapter, its charging LED light indicator turns red, which tells us that this earphone is charging correctly.
How to know boat rockerz 255 is fully charged?
When the boat rockerz 255 fully charged, then the charging indicator light becomes blue colour. When the battery of boat rockerz 255 is charging, the led light indicator remains red color during charging.
Online we get to see many models of rockers 255F, 255R, if you are confused about the different variants then you can check this
Next, we will see how to check the battery percentage of boat rockerz 255

How To Check The Battery(percent) of Boat Rockerz 255?

  This earphone of the boat comes with a built-in battery, which has a capacity of 110 mAH. Boat rockerz 255 charging time is fast compared to other headsets in this price segment.  But how to check the battery of boat rockerz 255 If we want to go out somewhere, then how do we find out how much left of our or do we have any need to charge the battery. How much percent battery is left now? The simplest way to find this is we have to connect our neckband to mobile via Bluetooth.  In the status bar panel, we see a small Bluetooth icon at the top, and we also see the battery % next to it. We can also see the battery level in the Bluetooth settings by pressing the notification panel down or long pressing on the Bluetooth icon. We have seen how to check the battery of boat rockerz 255. Next, we will learn how to connect two devices with this earphone.

How to connect two devices to boat rockerz 255?

  Boat Rockerz Bluetooth earphones come with dual pairing functions so that we can connect it with 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Press and hold the power button of the headset for 7 seconds, the sound of ready to pair will come, then it will be prepared for the pair. Now we will connect our first Bluetooth device(Mobile). Now to connect to another device, we have to disconnect it from the first device. To connect to another device( Window Laptop or PC), we have to bring this headset in pairing mode. Bring the earbuds into pair mode again, and we will press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds when we hear ready to pair sound, then we will turn on the Bluetooth of the other device and connect the boat rockerz to it by searching for the new device. When the first device(smartphone or phone) Bluetooth is turned on, then this boat rockerz 255 wireless earphones automatic will be connected. I hope you did not have any questions about boat rockerz 255 charging time, battery life after full charging, charging indicator light, how to charge, how to check the battery percentage, and how to connect with two devices of these earphones.