One of the top leading music and smart accessories brands is – boAt, an Indian company that was founded in the year 2016. The signature style of the boat is its signature sound quality that it never fails to deliver in its products.

In this article of boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review, you will get to know every inch of detail about this headband and clarity about whether this product suits your needs perfectly.

What are the package contents?

  • 1 – boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Neckband
  • 1 – Charging cable
  • 1 – Extra ear tips of the same color as ordered
  • 1 – User manual
  • 1 – Warranty card of 1 year
  • 1 – #IAmAboAthead sticker

Boat Rockerz 235 Pro Full Specifications Details

ModelRockerz 235 Pro
Special FeaturesBEAST Mode, Dual Pairing, Call Vibration Alert
Bluetooth Versionv5.2
BEAST ModeAvailable
Deep Bass effectAvailable
IPX RatingIPX5
ASAP Charge TechnologyAvailable
Battery Capacity150maH
Total charging Time1 hour
ENx TechnologyAvailable
Playback TimeUp to 20 Hours
Dual PairingAvailable
Voice AssistantAvailable, (Google Assistant, Hey Siri)
Available ColorsActive Black, Furious Blue, Ash Grey
Weight29 grams
PriceBest Price on Flipkart

Best Price on Boat Website
boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review

Detailed Description of BoAt Rockerz 235 Pro

The build quality of these headphones is great, as they come with adjustable bands to comfort your wearing of headphones and to keep the earbuds together. Also, the earbuds of these headphones are designed in such a way that it perfectly fits the ears and stays in place, not just that but the magnetic earbuds have a perfect amount of magnetic power that does help to stay intact even during moments.

Boat Rockerz 235 Pro Build and Design
boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review

Also, the design of headphones is designed in such a way that they securely fit and lets you do everything you want. It is a very flexible and durable quality neckband that has a wide clickable panel for comfortable usage.

BEAST Mode and Gaming Performance

Every gamer dreams to have a great gaming experience and for that, every inch of detail is important to be alert and win the game. To make you experience the virtual world like never before, here is the BEAST mode to awaken the gaming BEAST inside you.

The BEAST mode gives a sharp and crystal clear sound of every action, the sound is loud and the left-right ear separation is perfect, also it can be activated by pressing three times on the middle button.

The low latency works amazingly in boat 235 Pro bluetooth headset and keeps the audio and video both in sync to ensure a smooth, seamless experience in gaming. In simple terms, this Beast mode is best for gaming.

ASAP Charging Technology and Battery Backup

To keep up the pace of your life, here comes the ASAP Charging Technology that ensures fast charging in just a few minutes. You can enjoy a one-stretch battery backup of 10 hours with a quick charge time of 10 mins.

Boat Rockerz 235 Pro Charging Port
boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review

Now watch your fav movies, binge-watch series, chill with Netflix, and enjoy your all-time fav playlist of songs as it has a monstrous battery backup of 20 hours. Another fact is that the C-Type charging port is located at the bottom of the neckband under the control buttons pane, unlike other boAt products.

The neckband has a battery capacity of 150maH which requires about 1 hour to get fully charged, and once fully charged you get around 16/17 hours of battery backup.

Note: You get around 16/17 hours of playback time if only used to listen to music/movies and around 11/12 hours if used for both music and calls.

ENx Technology and Vibration Call Alert

The ENx Technology is similar to the feature called ANC (Anti-Noise Cancellation) mode that cancels the outside noise and makes sure you hear what is important.

Boat Rockerz 235 Pro Review
boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review

This feature plays a major role during calls by canceling the outer noises and enhancing the calling quality and experience. The ENx technology works great indoors but doesn’t work that good in outdoors, especially in situations where it’s too noisy. 

The microphone quality is very impressive and there is 90% focus on the voice that is apt for calls. Even during challenging situations, it ensures crystal clear communication during the calls.

To ease out the process of the call, the Vibration Call alert feature notifies you when there is an incoming call, without you having to take out your mobile. If pressed twice on the middle button then the previously dialed number will be redialed again.

So if there is any vibration then you just have to decide on receiving the call (press once) or declining it(pressing for 2 seconds) by pressing the middle button. The vibration sound is a bit loud and you can’t resist answering the incoming call.

Music Quality and Deep Bass Effect Performance

the boAt is popular for its standard sound quality and providing the best music accessories. As always the boat music accessories are known to have the best bass effect to enhance the musical experience, but it slightly feels missing in this neckband.

The 10mm drivers keep you connected to the devices and deliver smooth, unbreakable, lag-free music into your ears.

The loudness of the music of this neckband is high, the bass effect is decent, the vocals are good and the trebles as great as well, hence the music quality is significant. Definitely, the ones who love loud music can keep this on their list.

Dual Pairing and Connectivity: Boat 235 Pro Performance Review

With the advanced Bluetooth Technology v5.2, stay connected to your mobile as well as laptop both together with the Dual Pairing feature. You can enjoy a flawless, uninterrupted, smooth delivery of music to the devices connected.

boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review 2022
boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review

To connect the neckband to your device long-press the middle button that has the boat icon on it. The neckband can be connected to the device only when the magnetic earbuds are not attached to each other. Also, after pairing you can keep the magnetic earbuds attached and they can be disconnected only when you manually turn off the Bluetooth.

Water Resistance and Protection

boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review 2022
boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review

In today’s busy life activities, we need a durable partner to make our day complete and boAt Rockerz 235 Pro can make that magic happen. This headphone is IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistance, perfectly best for both indoor and outdoor usage activities like sports, jogging, work-life, traveling, and much more.  

Multi-Functional In-built Control and AI Assistants

Boat Rockerz 235 Pro Controls Review

To ease out the process for you, there are in-built controls on the band that helps you play/pause tracks, increase or decrease the volume, answer the call or decline it, everything at the end of your fingertips.

By pressing the middle button once you can play/pause the video, increase the volume by pressing the top button and decrease the volume by pressing the bottom button. Long-pressing the top button will move to the next song/video and long-pressing the bottom button will move to the previous one.

While the AI Assistants like Google Assistant and Hey Siri can be summoned by long-pressing the middle button for two seconds to complete your tasks in daily life efficiently.

Pros and Cons of the boAt Rockerz 235 Pro Complete Review

  • Adjustable and comfortable to wear
  • Light-weighted
  • ASAP Charge technology with great battery backup.
  • Integrated controls for easy usage
  • Dual pairing with the advanced Bluetooth technology
  • Decent bass effect, loud sound, and trebles are great.
  • The call clarity, microphone quality, and vocals are good. 
  • A unique design from boAt
  • Lacks the feature of Bluetooth disconnect when the magnetic earbuds are joined.
  • The Bluetooth vibration is a bit too loud
  • The ENx technology sometimes does not provide great performance outdoors.

Boat Rockerz 235 Pro Full Review Conclusion: Should You Buy This Neckband?

In the end, the headphones have a unique style, amazing features like dual pairing, call vibration alert, a wide user pane, and flexible neckband. If you are a person who loves to try new products and new technology then here are the boAt Rockerz 235 Pro headphones that you can add to your list.

Overall, the build quality is unique and good, the features are amazing, and the price is under budget, one can go for it if the features meet the requirement. If not you still have a lot of options in boAt and will definitely find the one you are looking for. Well, boAt Rockerz 255 Neo can be a great choice too.

FAQs Related to The BoAt Rockerz 235 Pro

Does this neckband support Dual Pairing?

A: Yes, the neckband comes with the Dual Pairing feature as you can connect both mobile phone and laptop simultaneously.

Is it suitable for gaming?

Yes, the BEAST Mode with low latency gives great gaming pleasure to the gamers.

Does the boAt Rockers 235 Pro neckband have a Call Vibration Alert feature?

A: Yes, you will receive a vibration on the neckband notifying you regarding an incoming call.

What is the total playback time available?

A: The total playback time is 20 hours in total.

Is this neckband water-resistant?

A: Yes, the neckband is IPX5 Water and sweat resistance perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.