Recently Boat rockerz 205v2 Bluetooth neckband with type C charging port launched in India at a very low price.

This earphone offers EQ mode, dual pairing, fast charging, and long battery life at a very affordable price.

According to the brand, it offers up to 20 hours of battery life in a single charge, 10 minutes fast charging offers up to 10 hours of playback. It may be the best competitor for other boat neckbands in India.

Boat Rockerz 205v2 Bluetooth Neckband Review in Detail

In this boat rockerz 205v2 neckband full review, we will check that this Bluetooth neckband really offers this promising thing in day to day uses.

You can also check out the latest launched boat rockerz 255 pro plus Bluetooth neckband with a big battery life of up to 40 hours boat rockerz 265v2 with EQ mode and magnetic control neckband.

The conclusion of the 2020 year marks the inauguration of the stylish wireless Neckband in the Indian market by the well-known boAt Brand.

The boAt firm’s focus is to reach high expectations of its customer as the tune brings calm and harmony to your soul. The wireless boAt Neckband conveys style and luxury to your life.

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The trendy Neckband provides you with a cozy fit for the entire day. It is safe to snuggly put on the Neckband as you jog at dawn in the playground.

Boat Rockerz 205v2

Boat Rockerz 205v2 Review: Box Content

You will find the following material on unboxing the packet of the stylish boAt Rockerz 205v2 Wireless Neckband.

  • 1year Warranty Card
  • Card with QR code to avail gift offers
  • User Manual
  • USB to USB Type C Data Cable
  • Additional two earcups
  • Unique Charging Case with Leather Strap
  • True Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Boat Rocekrz 205v2 Price and Launching Date Detail

The customers are on the gaining side as the classy gadget is out at a market price of 2490 INR. The superb virtuously wireless Neckband rolled out by boAt Brand is famously known as boAt Rockerz 205v2 offered at 999 INR.

The boAt Rockerz 205v2 is available at a fair deal on the online shopping site.

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The Neckband offers ideal comfort to erase all the stress that you receive throughout the day. This boat 205v2 first available on 12 September 2020 at the Amazon India website.

Boat Rockerz 205v2 Review: Top Specifications

  • Developed Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset
  • IPX5 Water and Sweat Resistance Rating
  • Smart Integrated Controls
  • Featherweight Neckband
  • Impressive Sound with Equalizer Modes
  • Dual Pair and Connect Feature
  • Dual Equalizer Mode
  • Quick ASAP Charge Expertise
  • 20 hours of Playtime
  • Item Weight is 150 grams
  • Type-C Charging Port
  • 10 minutes charge = Up to 10 hours battery life

Boat Rockerz 205v2 Review of Sound, Battery, and Calling Performance

You will find out the complete review analysis of the boAt Rockerz 205v2 Wireless Neckband Specifications below.

Boat Rockerz 205v2 features

The firm as well as stable wireless link formed using high-fi Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset. The boAt Neckband comes with a highly recognized Bluetooth 5.0 chip that supplies you with 10m wide range of a seamless network. 

You must make sure that the wireless zone does not include any obstacles within its range, as the earbuds link naturally with every Bluetooth empowered devices falling within its wireless network.

Boat 205v2 Sound and Audio Performance

The revolutionary boAt Rockerz 205v2 wireless Neckband agrees to make your talk and call carefree. Elate on each beat and pace of Mozart using dual equalizer modes.

The two resolutions of the equalizer support 10mm driver supplying bass and balance mode with pure audio bliss.

The Neckband does supply enhanced bass but not super extra bass. If you are a balanced audio listener, then this headset provides a fine music performance in the normal mode.

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But if you are a bass lover, you will get more bass by pressing the neckband’s EQ button. You will feel some thump in the music in bass mode.

The trebles are clean and clear while you listen to the melody from the Neckband. On a full volume level, loudness may be a little irritating for your ears.

Calling Performance

If you talk too much on call through the neckband, then you will little disappoint by the call quality of the mic of this rockerz 205v2 earbud.

Recently boat rockerz 385v2 Bluetooth neckband has launched in India.

Because during the call, the receiver will also listen to some surrounding noise with your voice. Also, it is not suitable for professional audio recording.

Latency Performance

While watching YouTube videos, movies and web series, you will not feel any delay between audio and video. But slight latency will exist during gaming.

Boat 205v2 Review: Battery Performance

Boat Rockerz 205v2 charing port

The single potent lithium-ion battery is of 200mAh ability that supplies you with non-stop audio enjoyment.

The boAt Brand mentions that if you use the Neckband at 50-60% volume level, then it will survive for 18 hours of time duration. 

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But if you listen to your preferred music at around 70-80% volume level, then it will play for about 15 hours maximum.

Audiophiles dive deep into the melodic world for the entire day as the Bluetooth 5.0 enabled Neckband to supply you with an assuring rechargeable battery. 

IPX5 Rated Water and Sweat Proof

Finish your workout enthusiastically as your all-time buddy exists with you to keep you focused. Your next adventurous trip will be a memorable one as the Neckband endorses IPX5 water and sweat resistant rating.

The Neckband is secure at the poolside while you party with your friends.

The Neckband with the ear tips supports plastic material with a matte finish. The magnets present on the earbuds are very robust. The built and design of the Neckband is up to the mark.

Easy Access Controls: Boat 205v2 Review

Boat Rockerz 205v2 Controls

The Neckband instructs your play tune by the integrated control board. You can adjust the tuneful songs as per your demand and wish remotely.

The attractive Neckband backs upon by a unified control board that allows you to coordinate the music playing at the background that matches your wish.

You will find 4 buttons to regulate different functions through your Neckband. The multi-function button is present at the bottom while the buttons just above it are to lower and increase the volume.

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The fourth button is to switch on the equalizer mode through Neckband.

A single press on the multi-functional button will receive or reject calls and pause or play the current song.

If you want to go forward, then press and hold the ‘+’ sign button. Long press the ‘– ‘sign key to play the earlier song. Press and hold the multi-functional button for some time to activate your voice assistant like Siri. 

Lightweight Neckband

The supreme motive of boAt Brand is to bring comfortable wear of the audio gadget to its customer. The Neckband securely fits and supply cosy fit at your ears for as long as you wear.

The magnetic earbuds keep the Neckband safe around the neck and improve your style statement.

The earbuds of the Neckband come with a magnet that keeps it safe. Players and fitness freaks must try the classy Neckband as the earbuds do not disturb you when not underuse.

Dual Pairing

The convenient dual pair and connection attribute of the Neckband is super beneficial for all. The Neckband will sense neighbouring devices with Bluetooth aid and connect instantly.

The audiophiles will relish real-time calls with closed ones seamlessly. The call quality through the microphones is well accepted.

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The gamers may get disappointed as the Neckband lag the higher response time. It does not support low latency attribute well.

Fast Charge Technology

Boat Rockerz 205v2 charging

The boAt firm affirms you that the Neckband recovers its authority within a few minutes of refill time and proposes a massive replay time in return.

It regains its energy entirely in 40 minutes time duration. The boAt Neckband is said to supply a playback time of 10 hours that needs 10 minutes of charging time. But in our review of boat 205v2, they have run up to 7 hours.

Boat Rockerz 205v2 Pros and Cons


  • Built-up and design are sturdy.
  • Loud sound output.
  • The trebles of the music are to the point.
  • Battery life is decent.
  • Balanced Audio Performance.
  • Connectivity is good.
  • Fast Charging Technology with Type-C port.
  • Equalizer Mode


  • No vibration feature
  • Average Mic Quality.
  • Not for Pro Gamer

Final Verdict(The Conclusion): Boat Rockerz 205v2 Review

After reading this boat rockerz 205v2 full review in detail with pros and cons, Should you buy this Bluetooth headset or not?

Due to the EQ mode, it is suitable for both balance music lovers and bass music listeners. But this headphone is not for pro gamers.

Because you will feel some delay during intense gaming. Boat 205v2 is best for the casual user. Because it provides long battery life, decent audio performance, and fast charging.

Price of this boat rockerz 205v2 Bluetooth earphone varying between 999 to 1500. If you will get it for 999 rupees during the sale, then it is the best value for money Bluetooth neckband in this price range.

Because in this price range any other reputed brand not offer this kind of features.