boAt Rockerz 205v2 Wireless Neckband

boAt Rockerz 205v2 Wireless Neckband Best Price, Features, and Specifications

Grab the classy Neckband by the famous boAt Brand at the end of the 2020 year. You will be on the favorable end as the cool gadget is available at a reduced price of 2490 INR.

The splendid purely wireless Neckband released by boAt Brand is known as boAt Rockerz 205v2. The boat has launched their latest neckband rockerz 255 pro+ with 40 hours battery life and aptX audio technology in India 2021.

The top-quality Neckband by boAt will blend your inner desires with the powerful bass, pace, and thumps of audio that will make you groove on every beat and rhythm for the entire day.

In this post, you will see boat rockerz 205v2 specifications, best features, and top specs.

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The reasonably priced boAt Rockerz 205v2 wireless Neckband is rolling out at the e-commerce Hulk Amazon.

Hurry up! Seize the deal as the first-class audio device is high on demand as it may go out of stock soon in the market.

The ideal coziness that you will receive through this wireless Neckband will let you forget about the stress.

The unbelievable sound quality is attainable only with the gadgets manufactured by the well-known.

The stylish design of the Neckband by the engineers supplies you with a distinct quality of sound wave frequencies.

Boat Rockerz 205v2 Specifications(Specs) and Top Highlights:

  • Technically Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Chip
  • IPX5 Rated Water and Sweat Proof
  • Easy Access Controls
  • Lightweight Neckband
  • Immersive Sound with Equalizer Modes
  • Dual Pairing
  • Fast Charge Technology
  • 20 hours of Playback time

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Boat Rockerz 205v2 Features in Details with Quick Review of Best Specs

boAt Rockerz 205v2 bluetooth Neckband

Technically Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Chip

The seamless wireless link is set-up through a high-tech Bluetooth 5.0 Chip.

The highly established Bluetooth 5.0 version supplies you with a wide range of wireless network provided the absence of obstacles within the zone.

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The earbuds connect spontaneously to all the Bluetooth empowered devices falling within its network range.

The consumer will embrace an elite form of the musical realm as they delve into the firm and influential bass of the melody.

IPX5 Rated Water and Sweat Proof

Complete your workout sessions jovially as your constant playmate is always present with you to set up your mood.

Make your coming adventurous tour a memorable one with the Neckband that supports IPX5 sweat and waterproof rating.

The Bluetooth earphone is safe at your pool-side fun time as well as rigorous workouts.

Easy Access Controls

The Neckband commands your playback audio by integrated controls. You can regulate the melodious songs as per your mood and desire remotely.

The chic Neckband supports an integrated control system that lets you synchronize the music at the back swiftly according to your wish.

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Without making your hands work, you can alter music by asking Siri or Voice Assistant to help you with the required task.

You can ask Ok Google to answer the calls or play music by pressing the earbuds once.

boAt Rockerz 205v2 bluetooth headset

Lightweight Neckband

The boAt firm’s ulterior motive is to deliver its customer a securely cozy wearable gadget that let them wear it for a long time.

The magnetic earbuds enhance your style and look as well as firmly sits around your neck.

The Bluetooth headphone supports magnetic earbuds that keep them safe across your neck.

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Sportspersons and fitness freaks check out the modern Neckband as the earbuds will stick to each other while not underuse.

Immersive Sound

The pioneering boAt Rockerz 205v2 wireless Bluetooth earphone lets you enjoy your talk in a carefree way.

Relish every beat and tempo of Nirvana with the help of dual equalizer modes.

Recently boat rockerz 385v2 wireless Bluetooth neckband launched in India.

The two conventions of the equalizer are balanced and bass that offers you sheer audio bliss.

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Dual Pairing

The dual pairing and connection are super usable and convenient. The Bluetooth headphone sense nearby available Bluetooth enabled devices and connects to them instantly.

The audiophiles will experience real-time entertainment seamlessly.

Fast Charge Technology

The wireless headset regains its power within a few minutes of charge and offers a massive playback time in return.

It recharges itself entirely within 40 minutes of a period.

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The Bluetooth headset provides a back to back playtime of 10 hours that require a charging period of 10 minutes only.

20 hours of Playback time

The powerful single lithium-ion battery supplies uninterrupted audio bliss for 20 hours’ time duration.

The music lovers will dive deep into the musical realm for the whole day as the Neckband comes with a highly efficient rechargeable battery.

All audio electronic gadgets by boAt, one of which is boAt Rockerz 205v2 Wireless Neckband will please customers please with their distinct qualities.

The Bluetooth Neckband will permit you to celebrate the year-end festival with lightened thrill and fervor like last year.