Boat Rockerz 255F Review

Boat Rockerz 255 Review

Tangled earphone wire is only good for representing my life right now, not how I listen to my music.

Long gone are the days when wired earphones ended up getting twisted in our pockets.

Now is the era of going wireless. Whether it is wireless earphones or wireless chargers, the next big thing in technology is happening with wires becoming redundant.

And the revolution is happening right now, people are shifting to wireless earphones and earpods faster than ever.

Boat Rockerz 265v2 and boat rockerz 205v2 Bluetooth neckband launched recently.

Bluetooth connectivity in earphones is the preferred technology today.

A lot of companies have released their products to compete in the wireless bluetooth earphone category.

But the one product that has gained immense popularity ever since its release is boAt rockerz 255. Boat rockerz 255 sports bluetooth wireless earphone with immersive stereo sound and hands-free mic claim to give HD sound quality, ensuring you hear your favorite artist the way they are supposed to be heard.

You will find out if these claims are true or not after going through this article on boAt rockerz 255 review.

Today we’ll do a thorough review of boat rockerz 255 sports bluetooth wireless earphones.

Boat rockerz 255 sports bluetooth wireless earphone review

We’ll first discuss its box content and main specifications of boat rockerz 255 sport Bluetooth wireless earphones.

This detailed review guide will be followed by a detailed assessment of:

  • Boat Rockerz 255 Review
  • Boat Rockerz 255R Review
  • Boat Rockerz 255F Review
  • What comes in the box of boat rockerz 255 sports bluetooth wireless earphone
  • Boat Rockerz 255 Specifications
  • Boat Rockerz 255  Price in India
  • Bluetooth connection in boAt rockerz 255
  • Battery life of boAt rockerz 255
  • Design and body of boAt rockerz 255
  • The buttons and In-built calling function in boAt rockerz 255
  • Sound quality of boAt rockerz 255
  • Pros and Cons
  • Verdict of boat rockerz 255 review
  • Boat rockerz 255 comparison
  • Boat rockerz 255 vs 255 pro vs boult audio probass curve vs mivi thunder beats vs mi bluetooth earphone
  • Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) associated with usage of boAt rockerz 255

Boat Rockerz 255 Box Content And Accessories

The tagline of the product reads – “FUELED BY PASSION”. First we will talk about the amazing packaging of boAt rockerz 255.

It is a simple cuboidal box which looks attractive because of how basic it looks.

The perfect example of “looks are deceiving”. This is because the earphones are anything but basic.  The box contains are:

boat rockerz 255 wireless bluetooth earphones Pair
One Micro USB Charging cable
One manual
The warranty card. (This card says that the product comes with “ONE YEAR” manufacturer warranty. It further mentions the contact information for any warranty claims.)
A cute little booklet that shows most of boAt’s best selling audio devices. These are accompanied by pictures and autographs of some of the best Bollywood stars and famous Indian cricket players.
Two pairs of ear cushions. These are in addition to the ones already attached to the product. (So, you basically get 3 pairs of ear cushions, all different sizes, to suit your needs aptly. )
Boat Rockerz 255 Box Content & Accessories

Boat Rockerz 255 Review: Specifications, Features, Price in India

Let’s know about the features and specifications of boat rockerz 255 or boat rockerz 255R or boat rockerz 255F.

Boat Rockerz 255 Specifications And Features, Lowest Price

Headphone Type(Model)

Boat Rockerz 255 OR 255R OR 255F(in-ear headphone)

Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth Profile


Playback time

6 hrs

Charging time

1.5 hours

Battery capacity (in mAh)


Driver size


Power source


Charging type

Micro USB port

IPX rating (indicates the level of protection in a device against water, dust and other small particles.)

(Sweatproof or splashproof)

Colour Available

Active Black, Neon, Raging Red, Ocean Blue

With Microphone(Mic)


Buttons Control

Inline remote

Noise Cancellation

CVC technology


Qualcomm CSR 8635



Additional Features

HD Sound  with Super Extra Bass

Special Battery Feature

45 minutes play in 10 minutes charge

Frequency response




In the box

USB charging cable, Manual, In-ear Earphones



Compatible devices

Windows, iOS,  & Android, All bluetooth devices

Earphones dimension

35 x 2 x 2.5 Centimetres

Boat Rockerz 255 Lowest Price in India

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Boat Rockerz 255F Lowest Price in India

Battery life of boAt rockerz 255

Boat rockerz 255 battery life

Equipped with a 110mAh battery, these Bluetooth earphones do not disappoint at all.

The battery in the device is a good quality Lithium Polymer battery. The boAt rockerz 255 takes about one and a half to two hours to charge completely.

And yes, it delivers the 6 hours of play time that the boAt company promises. An average user can easily function by charging the earphones twice a day. 

But I would like to bring it to attention that the USB port in the device is a Micro USB port and not the Type-C port that is not used in most of the high-end mobile phones.

And so, you might have to keep an old USB cable for these earphones because the wire included with these speakers is very small.

Further, the speed of charging from connecting it to laptop is way less than the normal charging speed. 

A great feature offered by boAt is that the battery percentage of these earphones is displayed in the device it is connected to.

So, you can easily find out when it is time to give your earphones some rest and recharge their battery.

The sound quality of boAt rockerz 255 or boat rockerz 255F or boat rockerz 255R

Boat Rockerz 255 Sound Quality

Let us finally talk about the most important aspect of any earphones that makes the biggest difference to whether an audio device is worth buying or not. 

As in the table mentioned above, boAt rockerz 255 has 10 mm drivers which provide an amazing loudness to the music and give it a good frequency response.

The one quality that we loved the most about boAt rockerz 255 was the amazingly efficient noise-canceling feature. You can plug them in your ears and forget about your surroundings.

( Word of caution: Never use earphones while walking on the road or while driving.

It could lead to accidents.) While the company’s official site claims that boAt rockerz 255 offers a “deep boosted bass” but we won’t agree with that.

The bass is not exceptionally amazing. But at this price, this does not seem like a very big sacrifice.  The audio quality is very clear.

The lyrics are heard clearly and very little distortion is noticed at very high volumes.  The overall sound quality is more on the content side than disappointing.

If you want a good quality product at a price like this, boAt rockerz 255 basically excels in this category.

Design, Comfort, and Body of boAt Rockerz 255

Boat Rockerz 255 Build Quality

The aesthetics of the earphones are impeccable. The flexible neckband looks classy with its colored edges.

The wires connecting the neckband to the earphones do look quite sensitive and easily breakable but that is not the case.

The wire length is so perfect that you can go around wearing these earphones around your neck and they would never disturb you. 

The reason these wireless earphones are so handy is that they’re light-weight. This is because of its plastic body.

So, they are perfect for wearing over any outfit and for any activity, be it exercising, travelling or just dancing around the house while doing your chores.

The best part is the magnets present in both the earpieces to make sure they stay stuck together when you’re not using them.

The earpieces are angled and equipped with hooks made of rubber. This gives a quality of comfort to boAt rockerz 255 that is totally impeccable.

You would never experience any kind of pain in your ears even if you keep wearing these earphones for a long period of time.

  But if you have small ears or you find the hooks too cumbersome, you can easily remove them as they’re made of rubber. They can be stretched a little and taken out of the ear pieces.

Further, like mentioned above, you can change the ear cushions as per your requirements to give you the best possible listening experience with these bluetooth earphones.

Talking about their damage protection rating that is the IPX rating, the boAt rockerz 255 is rated IPX5 which means that they’re sweatproof and splashproof (this means that they would not get damaged with a little exposure to water.

But do not take them swimming because you will end up drowning the money you spent to buy them instead.) And do not forget, the device is available in four different colours. So, you’re spoiled for choice, quite literally.

Boat rockerz 255 also comes with a year warranty. If you face any issue with your old boat rockers Bluetooth earphones. Then you can also apply for boat rockerz 255 warranty claim for replacement.

The buttons and In-built calling function in boAt rockerz 255

You never have to worry about checking the R and L written on the earpieces because the section of buttons always comes on the right side.

Pretty sorted scenes! Talking about the buttons on these wireless earphones, there are 3 buttons- Volume UP, Power and Volume Down button (all three existing in the same order as mentioned above. )

Boat Rockerz 255 Button Controls

Boat Rockerz 255 Button Controls

All three buttons have more than one task that they can perform based on the duration of pressing them. Volume UP  button increases volume (on a single press) and plays the next track (on a long press, about 2 seconds).  

Volume DOWN button decreases volume( on a single press) and plays the previous track (on a long press, about 2 seconds).

Multi-Functions Button(MFB)

The power button is also a multi-function button as it can do myriad tasks just based on how long the button is pressed. 

  1. It can play and pause the music. (single press)
  2. It can switch ON and OFF the earphones.(long press for about 3 seconds)
  3. It can be used to connect and disconnect the calls. (single press when a call is being received or is in the process, respectively)
  4. It can further redial the last number. (double press)
  5. It can also activate voice-controlled assistants on your smartphone. ( But only if you’ve already enabled them.) (Press the button till you hear a beep.)

The most attractive feature of these earphones is the in-built audio output that you get.

When you switch it ON,  you’re greeted by a pleasant voice that says, “Power On! You’ve plugged into Nirvana. ”

When your device connects successfully, you are informed by the audio output saying “You’re now connected to boAt rockerz”.

And when you switch it OFF, you’re bid goodbye with “Adios Amigo! Powering off.” That definitely makes one’s experience with these earphones a lot of times better.

Bluetooth connection in boAt rockerz 255

As specified in the table above and as you would see clearly specified on the manual included with boAt rockerz 255 in their box, the wireless earphones come with bluetooth version 4.1.

The chipset used in the device, CSR8635 is a single-chip audio device that is made specifically for mid-range speakers, headphones, and earphones. 

Boat rockerz 385v2 Bluetooth neckband with up to 40 hours battery life launched in India.

A detailed explanation of how amazing the device is can be supported by going a little into the Bluetooth profile.

So, I would like to explain the abbreviations mentioned in the table above to give you more clarity and maybe make you learn a few new things about Bluetooth ;).

HSP (Handset Profile) –  Needed for establishing a connection between a handset and a headset. 

HFP (Hands-Free Profile) –  Extends a little more functionality to HSP.

A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) – Improves the transmission of audio signals in such a way that it is much superior to the quality available in both HSP and HFP.

AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile) – responsible for all the commands that you send using your device which gets executed in the device that you are connected with.

Another important feature is that boAt rockers 255 can be connected to two devices simultaneously. But, for obvious reasons, you can play music from only one device at a time.

Boat Rockerz 255 Pros and Cons

Boat Rockerz 255 Pros(Positive)

Attractive yet sturdy design. Not gullible to damage.
Amazing noise cancellation quality.
10 minutes charge 45 minutes play
Great sound quality with decent bass. Totally worth its price.
Lightweight and hence, can be carried around anywhere
Supports Stereo Calling

Boat Airdopes 431 Cons(Not Good)

The charging cable is too small.
The feature of switching off by itself is missing. Even if it is not being used, the battery would keep draining.
No Type-C Charging Port
The bluetooth(v4.1) connection gets weaker, that leads to distortion, when you move even a little out of range.

Verdict(Conclusion): Boat Rockerz 255 Review

After going through every aspect of boAt rockerz 255 in this article on boAt rockerz 255 review, we have come to the conclusion that all the hype and popularity associated with these bluetooth earphones is not overdone.

The device genuinely deserves all the love it is getting from its customers. With a price as amazing as this, this is a must-have for every person out there who likes their music loud and clear.

The design is impeccable and will make you look amazing.  And do not worry, you are not sacrificing on comfort or quality in any way to buy a product at a price as cheap as this. 

After a deep evaluation of all aspects of these Bluetooth earphones in this boAt rockerz 255 review, we definitely recommend buying the superb boAt rockerz 255!! 

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) associated with usage of boAt rockerz 255

How to connect boat rockerz 255 to mobile?

Pairing boAt rockerz 255 to any bluetooth enabled device (including mobile phones, laptops, music devices etc.) is very easy.

It can be done using the following steps: Ensure that the device and earphones are within 1 metre distance.

1. Press the power button for about 3-4 seconds until the blue LED starts blinking quickly.

2. Switch ON the bluetooth on your device and make it discoverable. Now start searching for any new devices to pair. 

3. Select “boAt rockerz” from the list

4. When connected, you’ll hear the same from the audio in your earphones.

Also, the blue LED will start flashing less frequently. Now you can enjoy your music in peace.

How to turn off boat rockerz 255 OR how to switch off boat rockerz 255 OR how to power off boat rockerz 255?

The boAt rockerz 255 can be easily switched off by long press on the power button. You will hear an audio in the device (usually saying “Adios Amigo”) and the LED will turn to red. When the LED stops blinking completely, you will know your device has been switched off.

How to play the previous or next track using the buttons on boAt rockerz 255?

You can easily switch to the next track by long pressing the volume UP button. Similarly, you can play the previous track by long pressing the volume DOWN button.

How to connect boat rockerz 255 to laptop?

1. Switch ON your earphones. 2. Turn ON the bluetooth feature in your PC or laptop. 3. Click on “Add a new device”. 4. Select “boAt rockerz” from the new devices found after searching. 5. You will hear “You have been connected to boAt rockerz”. 6. Now, you can listen to your music in peace.

How to attend calls while wearing boAt rockerz 255?

You can both connect the call and disconnect the call by pressing the centre button ( that is the power button) on the device.

Thank you for reading the boat rockerz 255 sports Bluetooth wireless earphone review.