boAt ProGear B20 Smartband Specs, Top Features 2021


Boat progear smart band
The Boat Company launched its first smart band activity tracker in July 2020 on Amazon India under the name Boat ProGear Smart Band. This smart band or fitness tracker is exclusively available in flash sale on Amazon India from 9 July.

Boat ProGear Smart Band: Launch Date or Release Date, Specifications, Top Features, Price in India 2020

The famous bands such as MI, Infinix, Lenovo and Samsung bands were considered a lot. But the day when amazon launched the final date for its ‘Boat Progear bands’ it has came drastically in everyone’s mind to buy the band. The craze has gone so wild. People are highly awaited to book the model by 9 July 2020.

Boat ProGear Smart Band Specifications and Top Features

This smart band is the first model of boat. As per my opinion, I find these smart bands are more stylish than the MI bands. You can find a wide range of features in the band.  The first thing which amazed me is you can have fourteen types of workout modes to tone your body.  The screen size is 0.96 inches. It consists of a full touch color display. There are a variety of stylish watch faces in the smart band.  Hold on! There are more features left to explore. Some of the most needed features such as you can control your music whenever you want to start or stop. You can pick up calls when you are driving or not able to pick a call with any hand. So don’t worry you have your smart band with you, just with a single touch you can pick up calls. So now picking up calls on the route has become very easy.
There is an idle time alert that drags the customer’s attention to stick to this band. You can set your alarms. You can setup various important notifications which you actually don’t want to miss out on. Are you feeling the same as I feel? I am being very fat as the day passes in this quarantine. And you badly need someone to notify you about your workout routine, your daily steps and the calories which you burn every day, then I’ve one answer for you- ‘Boat Progear smart bands’.  So wear this smart band every time with you and you can easily count your calories. The best part is it counts your calories burnt the way you exercise. So spot on now and go and start learning exercise and yoga poses because you are going to be in a perfectly toned body with just a band. Amazing right? The smart band is best in heart rate sensors. It can even sense your heartbeats. It monitors your heart rate and sleeps 24 hours. It can count it and make you feel relaxed. The bands are very easy to charge just attach it in a USB plug. 
You can instantly capture all moments with the band. It has a smart camera shutter having a camera sensor on top of the band. So start capturing your moments with a band. Never wondered, a smart band could capture photos with a click. Apart from this, it has 7 days of working time. So outlast your adventures. It can be stable until 10 days without any application or Bluetooth connectivity.  Now, this is my favorite part, it is best in resistance to weather. The band has made it to last in all extreme weather. It has the best dust, sweat, and water resistance. The water resistance in the band is IP68.  It also has a find my phone feature. So don’t worry or panic when you don’t get your phone.  Trust me, the smart band is amazing. You’ll love the features and the look. There are a lot of people madly waiting to take a review of the band. Once you buy this band you are going to forget the other smartphone bands.