As a leading name in electronics, boAt needs no new introductions. It specializes in everything and anything from smart wearables to stereos and headphones. Even after leading the electronic market for 5 years, boAt doesn’t seem to have any intentions of limiting its innovation. Their latest product- the boAt PartyPal 50 Speaker, is synonymous with portable fun.

Like the boAt Stone 620, this product also features a water-resistant body which means you won’t have to shy away from watery adventures. The speaker also features a Type-C fast charging port to keep you from waiting too much, like the boAt Stone 1200. This is easily one of the best boAt Speakers available on the market. 

Prices and Launch Date

The boAt PartyPal 50 is tagged at 3,499 INR and is already available on Amazon. 

Specifications of boAt PartyPal 50:

Sound Quality20W RMS Stereo Sound
RGB LED lights Available 
Bluetooth v5.1
Water ResistanceIPX5
Total Playtime4.5 Hours
Connectivity ModesBluetooth, AUX, FM, USB
Built-in MicAvailable
Smart Voice Assistant
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Party Animal

With the boAt PartyPal 50 Speaker get rewarded with a 20W RMS Stereo Sound that sets the meter of your party music to the maximum. Feel the beats and dance to the groove with the RGB LED Lights that will make you vibe to your music as much as you want. 

Ready for Adventures

The Wireless Speaker features a water-resistant body with a rating of IPX5 much like the boAt Stone Cuboid. Watery adventures just became so much fun!

Groove for the longest time

Listen to music continuously for 4.5 hours with the support of a type-C fast charger. Be amped up, always! In this respect, this product is comparable to boAt Aavante 3150D.

Instantly Compatible

The boAt PartyPal 50 Speaker is adaptable to almost all forms of connections via Bluetooth v5.1, AUX, USB, and FM. With a driver size of 76mm*2+51*1, from now on groove to your music without fearing for adaptability just like you can do on the boAT Aavante 1600D.  

Ultimate Controller

The boAt PartyPal 50 Speaker consists of integrated controls and a built-in mic for controlling, activating default smart voice assistant, and attending calls with ease. 

Portable as ever

The boAt PartyPal 50 Speaker weighs only 2kg 500g making it the ideal traveling companion. Be on the move with your music on your side. 

Music fantastic

For the best experience let the speaker charge for 4.5 hours. Then, let its 3000 mAh battery take care of the rest.


The boAt PartyPal 50 provides a year of warranty from the date of purchase on manufacturing deficiencies, not on physical damages.