Music brings peace to the mind and so does the BoAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphones, which can be your ultimate choice. These headphones come with the Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) that lets, you hear the sound that matters to you. The sleek and stylish look of the headphones makes them suitable for any time use.

Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone Full Review

We will cover these all details in this boat nirvanaa 751 anc wireless Bluetooth headphone review.

Contents of the package include

  • 1 – boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone
  • 1 – Charging cable
  • 1 – AUX Cable
  • 1 – User Manual
  • 1 – Warranty Card
  • 1 – Carry pouch
  • 1 – #boAtHead Sticker

A Quick look on the boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone Specifications

ModelNirvanaa 751 ANC
Headphones form factorOver-ear
Connector typeWired and Wireless
Special FeaturesHybrid Active Noise Cancellation, Ambient Mode, Fast Charging
ANCUp to 33dB
Playback Time with ANC54 Hours
Playback Time without ANC65 Hours
Charging Time1 hour
Ambient ModeYes
ASAP Charge technologyYes
Dual CompatibilityBluetooth and AUX
Bluetooth versionv5.0
Bluetooth range10m
AUX cable3.5mm
Microphone (dedicated)Yes 
Speakers40mm drivers
Charging InterfaceType – C
AI Voice AssistantsAvailable, Google Assistant and Hey Siri
Available colorsBold Blue, Gunmetal Grey, Sterling Silver
Dimensions20 x 18 x 4.5 cm
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Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone Full Review

A Complete information on BoAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Wireless Headphones Full Review

These headphones are a result of great innovation in terms of look, design, and quality of sound.

Sleek and flexible Design

Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Design and build

The mixture of a matte finish and glossy colors on the headphone gives it a premium sleek look, making it suitable for all purposes. Also, the buttons make it easy to access everything with just a click, also the indication LED light is present to notify with the functions taking place.


To make it super comfortable, the earcups are rotatable so that when you rest them on shoulders, they lay flat making it easy to carry around when not in use. Talking about earcups, the memory foam cushion paddings are designed in such a way that it cancels the Passive Noises and makes you feel comfortable when wearing them.

Special Feature – Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation (ANC)

Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone Full Review
Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone Full Review

To every human the inner voice matters, and with boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone, hear only what matters to you by cutting out the unwanted noises, how you ask? Here is the answer, the Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) will cut the unwanted noises and will let you hear what is important to you.

The Hybrid ANC will cancel the background noise up to 33dB, as the mic will detect and cut the noise even before it reaches your ear. It will cancel out the noises like a fan, AC, or any of these kinds of sounds (low and medium-ranged sounds), but not any loud noises like traffic or loud music.

The ANC can be enabled and disabled with just a click on the dedicated ANC activation button, as the green light indicates that ANC is active.

Dual Connectivity 

Here comes a dual offer from the boAt, as you can now enjoy with your headphones through the Bluetooth with v5.0 as well as through AUX cable of 3.5mm, i.e., both Wireless and Wired ways.

So you can now enjoy through dual ways, be it a binge-watch of Netflix show, an interesting or romantic movie time, or a bursting laughter movie, or be it a sudden desire to enjoy your favorite playlist you can do them all in any way you wish, either just plug in with AUX cable or just connect your device through Bluetooth.

Extensive battery with great Playback time: Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Full Review

Having so many features might drain the battery, if this is what you are worried about, then let go of the worries, as these headphones have a great power capacity. With the ANC mode active, it gives around 54 hours of playback time and without ANC mode it gives around 65 hours of playback time. 

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Also, get your partner in peace, completely ready with just an hour of charge, and they can go on for more than a day, with no worries of charging for a day. To keep things clear, the red LED light indicates the charging mode, and the blue LED light indicates the completion of the charge.

Being practically tested, the headphones do give a playback time for a day at least and it does differ upon the usage time. With ANC being active throughout the day the battery does drain out soon, so it’s better to off the ANC when not in use to get good battery time.

The boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphones are seen to give a great battery backup as told above, and as a fact that under a budget of 3,999/-, such battery backup level of a headphone is an extraordinary deal.

ASAP Charging technology

Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Full review

Not just a great playback time, with the ASAP Charge tech get your boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone ready with just 10 mins of charge, and in return you get a long stretch of 10 hours of playtime. You can now enjoy your long trips, boring waiting time, or free time with no worries, sounds RELAXING right!

The headphones come with a Type- C charging port, which is universal and will help you charge it even through your mobile charging cable.

Audio quality Performance Review of Boat 751 ANC Headset

Being a boAt Headphone, you can be sure of the audio quality with your eyes closed, as from years till now they never compromise with the standard quality of audio. You can be sure of the audio quality of the recording as it has a range of 80dB which is excellent.

The headphones come with 40mm drivers ( it would be better with 50mm drivers as the sound would be much louder and better to hear), the treble performance is not that great but it’s good, while the vocals are clear, and the left-right separation is simply great.

When looking at bass – it’s powerful, boosted, and perfect as it has always been in other headphones by boAt. At high volume not much clarity is available but the quality of sound is good at normal volume.

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Ambient mode

Being in touch with the outer world while enjoying your own world is really an important fact. And, so these headphones of boAt lets you hear the background sound that is around you so can simultaneously enjoy your music by being aware of what is going on around you.

Microphone and Speakers

Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC comfort

These headphones are not just suitable for music and movie time, but they are really great for long calls, as it comes with a dedicated mic. You can even answer or cut your calls through the Multi-Functional Button (MFB) by short pressing it, with a double click you can decline the calls.

The quality of the mic during the calls is amazing, as every inch of sound is heard clearly by canceling the unwanted noises (a small percent of the background noises is heard) and focusing only on your voice, to sum up, the dedicated mic and the audio quality works perfectly for calls.

Preferably, if you are outside a building or amongst people then ANC is a great choice to have seamless communication, but if inside a building, ANC is not required.

Music and AI Voice Assistants controls

Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Controls

Enjoy your music without your mobile, with just a press on Multi-Functional Button (MFB), a single press to pause/play your song. Also, you can manage your volume with a dedicated volume-up and volume-down buttons, as a beep will indicate the minimum level and maximum level when long-pressed on the respective buttons.

You can even jump further or back to a song through the volume buttons by long-pressing them. With the presence of AI Voice Assistants like Google Assistant and Hey Siri, you can get things done at ease, and get them online with a double press on the MFB.

To ease up the process here are the Pros and Cons of the boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphones Full Review

  • Looks and design are classynPortable and Foldable designnSuper ComfortablenLED indications for every functionnHybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)nAmbient ModenImpressive Playback timenDual ConnectivitynBest budget headphones
  • Bass effect is not suitable for all types of musicnANC works for medium noises but not for the loud noises.nThe ambient mode doesn’t work as per expectation

Conclusion of Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Bluetooth Headphone Review: Should You Buy Boat Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphones?

Overall, the headphones are a great choice if you are looking for ANC Headphones under a budget of Rs.4000/-. As seen above, there is clear information on boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone Full Review, the looks, design, and build quality of the headphones are impressive and modish. Also, the wide range of features, huge playback time with a large battery backup, and to keep things at peace the foam-filled ear cups and the head cushion makes it super comfortable to wear.

Although there are a few drawbacks, it still is a good choice under such a budget and as it’s a boAt headphone, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by this headphone under such a price range.

All these features make it a perfect partner for travel time and personal times, as you could carry them easily with the pouch provided with the package. If you are a music lover, a movie time freak, a call time person, then you will surely love the boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone, but if you are looking for gaming headphones then this is not your cup of tea. 

FAQs: boAt Nirvanaa 751 ANC Headphone

u003cstrongu003eDo the headphones have an LED indication?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, it has LED indications of different colors for different functions.

u003cstrongu003eIs there AUX connectivity available with it?u003c/strongu003e

nectivity available and you also get an AUX cable of 3.5mm with the package.

u003cstrongu003eAre they suitable for gaming?u003c/strongu003e

Not so recommended for gaming purposes.

u003cstrongu003eDoes the Hybrid ANC work at highly noisy times?u003c/strongu003e

It does work great with medium-range noises but does not work that great during noisy times.

u003cstrongu003eIs the u003ca href=u0022 Nirvana 751 ANCu003c/au003e Headphones suitable for calls?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, they are suitable for voice calls and video calls.