Every individual is aware of headphones that can make one feel present in a different environment virtually. The demand for top-class cool audio electronic devices is rapidly growing among individuals of all age group. Boat rockerz 650 with dual EQ mode and upto 60 hours battery life launched in India 2021. Boat has also launched latest gaming headphones boat immortal im-200 and boat immortal im-1000d with RGB lighting effect for gamers.

The boAt company reshaped the lifestyle by introducing many classy electronic products like headphones, earphones, speakers, and many more. Recently, the boAt company launched it’s newly active noise canceling Bluetooth headphone boAt Nirvana 1007 Anc.

The boAt Nirvanaa 1007 Anc headphone will be available in the market with the latest smart mute technology. This attribute automatically mutes the call when the person is not vocal.

Boat airdopes 711 TWS with the longest battery life up to 10 hours in a single charge and boat airdopes 421 with long ear hooks true earbuds launched in India.

The boAt Nirvaana Anc 1007 wireless bluetooth headphone will mute the for you. People doing Work from Home due to the current scenario will find this device very beneficial.

The headphone will unmute itself as soon as the user starts to speak during seminars.

Interesting Features of boAt Nirvanaa ANC 1007 Bluetooth Headphone

The SmartWav technology helps the user to alter the function effortlessly by producing hand waves near the headphones. The signal formed is easily grasped by the boAt Nirvanaa Anc 1007 and perform according to its algorithm.

It also features a new property that can cancel all the unwanted noises prevailing at the back. It is known as active noise cancellation mode (ANC mode). It will take the user into a different virtual world with no connection to reality.

The invention of boAt Nirvanaa Anc 1007 headphone will cherish the gamers as now they will be able to enter the virtual realm without any disturbance.

Boat Nirvanaa 1007 ANC Price in India, Online Availability

Nirvana ANC 1007 Bluetooth headphones will fall in the expensive category of boat headset. The boat had already launched 2 active noise-canceling headphones.

This is an improved version of this ANC category. The Boat 1007 ANC may be the most expensive headphones from the Boat brand as it has some advanced features.

The Boat Nirvanaa 1007 ANC will be launching on 16th October at a starting price of Rs 9999inr. But you will be getting more discounts after some time. This boat ANC headphone will be launching at the Amazon India shopping website.

boAt Nirvanaa 1007 ANC Specifications: Top Specs

  • ANC(Active noise canceling mode
  • Smart Mute Tech.
  • 40mm driver size
  • Playback time of 30 hours
  • Swipe and Tap Control attribute
  • SmartWav Tech.
  • Bluetooth kind 5.0
  • Charging by Type C method
  • Ergonomic earcups design
  • Transport casing

boAt Nirvanaa 1007 ANC Review and Features Details

Boat Nirvanaa 1007 ANC price

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Enjoy Active Noise Cancellation Mode Always

The boat Nirvana headphones will make you dive deep into the music. It will make the individual overlook and escape from the rush, hectic and monotonous routine.

The headphones are valuable for the consumers who travel daily in jam-packed trains and buses.

The prime duty of boAt Nirvanaa 1007 Anc is to eliminate annoying and loud noises around you. It will help the consumer to relish every moment of that motion picture or song.

It is the most suitable product for workhorses as they will not face any distraction during those important meetings and conferences.

It is better to use boAt Nirvanaa 1007 Anc Bluetooth headphones when you are a member of significant discussions. This product helps its customer to be attentive and focused.

30 Hours Playback time

Boat Nirvanaa 1007 ANC features

The boAt 1007 Anc is well equipped with a battery that plays back to back for 30 hours. The long-distance journey just got smoother with the boAt Nirvanaa Anc 1007 as it will help the consumer to avoid disorder and undesirable noises in the environment.

The smart design of boAt Nirvanaa 1007 shows the real-time data of battery position with the help of led indicators. If the active noise cancellation (ANC) mode is ON, then the product will work smoothly for about 20 hours.

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Updated Specifications

One can now experience the signature sound of the boAt Nirvanaa 1007 Anc with a 40mm driver dimension. The sound engineers worked hard and upgraded the audio system.

The consumer can now experience live shows virtually from the comfort of their home with this advanced technical item. The boAt Nirvana 1007 Anc creates a virtual rock show with flawless and striking sound waves that teleport the consumer.

Swipe and Tap Control Feature with Smart Mute Technology

Boat Nirvanaa 1007 ANC Headphone Review

If the boss appears suddenly, no need to worry as the boAt Nirvana 1007 active noise-canceling Bluetooth headphone comes with the latest smart attribute.

This characteristic helps the user to mute the tune swiftly and lets you work according to the situation.

The boAt Nirvana Anc 1007 mute song on its own as the user get busy with everyday tasks.

The user can change the song as per their wish with simple controls. One needs to swipe and click which readily alters the music. Music changes according to the mood with a simple touch and swipe controls.

The wait of music lovers finally comes to an end, all thanks to the boAt Nirvana 1007 Anc. This product helps the user to concentrate on the ultimate vocalist and enjoy every rhythm and tune.

It is possible because of the ambient sound mode as it starts the microphones. It erases all the shrieking and harsh tones at the back and delivers a melodious tune.

Top Specifications and its Highlights

Boat Nirvanaa 1007 ANC Bluetooth Headphone
  • Interacting with headphones is now smoother with the use of the latest technology called SmartWav Technology. Using hand gestures, you can now control all the properties of the boAt Nirvana Anc 1007.
  • Use the boAt Nirvana 1007 Anc wireless headphone Just as the way you like it. Bluetooth 5.0 is present for wireless mode. The user will be able to use the headphone in wireless conditions while working out. One can also enjoy it with the wire as the user stroll around the park.
  • The worldwide most advantageous Type C method of charging is present. There is no orientation issue while gearing it up for extensive use. Because of its quicker charging property, one will not be late for their work schedule.
  • The boAt Nirvana 1007 Anc Bluetooth headset comes with a storage facility. It is portable and safe to carry when not in use. The elegant casing of the headphone will give you a smarter look as you carry it.
  • The perfect ergonomic design of the cushions makes it wearable for the entire day. The soft cushions on the earplug do not tire the ears. The ear cups are adjustable and foldable with top-class protein softened material.

Tune into the Nirvana rock band show with the latest audio electronic device called the boAt Nirvana 1007 ANC and enjoy to the fullest.

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