With so many possibilities on the market, it might be challenging to select the best earbuds, which have become a necessary component of our life. In this article, you will get a better understanding of the features of TWS in the market

Welcoming you with a new unleashed Comparison of two competitive Earbuds named Boat Nirvana Ion Vs OPPO Enco buds 2. Let us dive into the comparison and make you feel better to decide which suits you best.


Comparative analysisBoat Nirvana IonOPPO Enco buds 2
TypeTWS EarbudsTWS Earbuds
IWP supportYesYes
Touch controlsYesYes
Runtime5 days (120 hrs)1 day (24 hrs)
Fast ChargeYesYes
Warranty1 year1 year
AvailabilityCheck Latest Price

Here, we go through the features of both Earbuds which are simply awesome.

Boat Nirvana Ion – The earbuds have a clear, well-balanced sound quality that is great for bass lovers, with a sound characteristic that is bass-heavy.

Boat nirvana ion tws earbuds

Oppo Enco Buds 2 – 5.2 connectivity provides you with high stability and connects to your device when you open the case. It will easily go to automatic pairing when you flip open the case.

Overall, the fundamental features of both products score well but the Playtime of Boat Nirvana Ion beats the opponent. Since the rating depicts the winner of two products.

Convenience & Design:

Comparative analysisBoat Nirvana IonOPPO Enco buds 2
Bluetooth version5.25.2
Driver size10 mm10 mm
Item weight4 gms (Earbud)50 gms (with case)3 gms (Earbud)38 gms ( With case )
Age rangeAdultAdult

Comfort and design are trademarks for both miraculous TWS earbuds.

Boat Nirvana Ion – The Boat Nirvana Ion earphones have a beautiful aesthetic. These earphones are protected from going missing by being housed in a charging case. It has an IPX4 rating, which gives the earphones water resistance.

Oppo Enco buds 2 – The finishing of the product is ultimate which is a curved pebble type form factor and this makes you carry it easily and has a lightweight feel so easy to use and keep it within your pocket.

Overall, in terms of comfort and design oppo enco buds 2 has good finishing of curved pebble type which makes it more easy to carry. Oppo enco buds 2 wins the competition in terms of comfort and design.

Sound and Calling quality:

ComparisonBoat Nirvana IonOPPO Enco buds 2
Driver typeDynamicDynamic
Voice assistantYesYes
Sound featureCrystal bionic soundStronger bass quality
Noise-cancelingActively Noise CanceledDeep Noise-canceling with the help of AI
Calling qualityExcellentGood
IWP TechnologyYesYes

Here, Sound Quality and Call quality role plays which decides the best earbud between these two products.

Boat Nirvana Ion – The Boat Nirvana Ion Wireless Earbuds have improved audio quality thanks to a feature called Crystal Bionic Sound from Hi-Fi DSP 5.  Boat Nirvana Ion has two EQ options: Boat Signature Sound and BoAt Balanced Sound. Based on your preferences, these EQ choices let you move between two alternative audio profiles.

As an added feature, the “In Ear Detection” capability is introduced. When you put in your earbuds, the song starts playing; when you take them out, it stops. The calling quality is excellent when compared to the OPPO Enco Buds 2.

Oppo Enco buds 2 – Here, the product has a 10 mm Titanized Diaphragm driver. Same as the boat Nirvana Ion, this product even supports SBC/AAC Code but this is based on Dolby Atmos. This provides an unleashed bass output that you can feel too. And AI Deep Noise Cancellation helps you to cancel environmental noises during calls with the help of AI. And next, the product provides Enco live stereo sound effects which are top-notch of the product.

Oppo Enco Buds 2 Earbuds

Overall, the EQ modes of boat Nirvana Ion offer better features than OPPO Enco Buds 2. In the Ear detection mode of the boat Nirvana Ion makes itself superior to oppo enco buds 2 which it is missing. Even in terms of calling performance boat Nirvana Ion plays a vital role compared to OPPO Enco Buds 2. But Though the boat offers new features, OPPO Enco Buds 2 bass quality is trying to keep as best competitive with the boat Nirvana Ion.

Battery and charging Performances:

ComparisonBoat Nirvana IonOPPO Enco buds
Battery typeLithium IonLithium polymer
Battery capacity600 mAH460 mAH
Charging time1.5 – 2 hours1.5 – 2 hours
Overall playtime120 hours ( case )24 hours ( per charge )22 -24 hours ( with case )6 – 7 hours ( single charge )
Fast chargingYesYes

The battery life comes into a major role to consider when buying a first-hand earbud.

Boat Nirvana Ion – When playing continuously at 100% volume, its battery life can last up to 17 hours. However, the battery doesn’t run out. Excellent battery backup assistance is provided by the boat and 60–70% of what they said during recreation is matched. Longer battery life is guaranteed by the boat Nirvana Ion’s automated power on/off feature.

Oppo Enco Buds 2 – Charging for 10 mins gives you a battery life of 1 hour as it is provided with ASAP Technology.

Overall, having a simple battery feature doesn’t make any sense in terms of oppo enco buds 2. But, boat Nirvana Ion ultimately offers a good playtime and beats the opponent.

Touch controls and gaming performance:

ComparisonBoat Nirvana IonOPPO Enco buds 2
Play/PauseOne tapOne tap – any side
Volume upTriple tap on the right sideLong touch – Left
Volume downTriple tap on the left sideLong touch – Right
Next trackDouble tap on the right sideDouble tap – Any side
Previous trackDouble tap on the left sideTriple tap – any side
Attending callOne tap – any sideDouble tap – any side
Disconnecting callSingle tap – any sideDouble tap – any side
Gaming modeYesYes
Latency level60ms80ms

Ideally, Both Earbuds have almost the same touch controls which should be unique and should be easily understandable by the users. This makes them easy to control.

Boat Nirvana Ion – Your device’s voice assistant function needs to be active for four taps and two seconds of long pressing on the left side to work in balanced mode and signature mode. To access the mode designed specifically for gaming, push the right side long and hold it down for 2 seconds. The beast mode. Additionally, the 60 ms latency level greatly improves the gaming experience.

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Oppo enco buds 2 – Oppo offers you an app to customize your desired settings such as changing the double tap option to one tap option for changing tracks. Heymelody is the app Used for this Feature. Enjoy it. The sensitivity is Perfectly handled here. The ultimate feature is to capture with the help of earbuds. Simply tap tatakeshotos when the camera app is active. 80 ms latency level beats the opponent and gives an unleashed Gaming experience.

Overall, having a separate app for changing touch control settings seems better to use and high-level latency gives excellent gaming performance. Since oppo enco buds 2 wins the race in terms of touch control features.

Pros – Boat Nirvana IonPros – OPPO Enco buds 2
The audio is of high quality and includes a
noticeable bass component.
Ultimate bass quality
Fast charging and Prolonged Battery lifeSuperior Audio Quality
Quality Comfortable fitAI Deep Noise Cancellation
Cons – Boat Nirvana IonCons – OPPO Enco buds 2
The touch control feature can be a bit finicky at timesOver gain of treble
The charging suit is fairly enormousNo active noise cancellation

Concluding Thoughts – Boat Nirvana Ion Vs OPPO Enco buds 2

Analyzing and comparing two different brands of earbuds is much more challenging and rewarding with ratings making buyers easy to decide on a good one.

After considering all the factors, we rate the boat Nirvana Ion at 4.5 out of 5 and the OPPO Enco buds 2 at 4.0  out of 5. Both are excellent options, but the boat Nirvana Ion offers more value for money. Therefore, we recommend the boat Nirvana Ion as the better choice.

FAQs Related to Boat Nirvana Ion and Oppo Enco Buds 2 TWS Comparison

Boat Nirvana Ion and OPPO Enco buds 2. Which is Better?

The Boat Nirvana Ion offers more value for money. Therefore, we recommend the boat Nirvana Ion as the better choice.

What about prices and which is profitable to buy?

The boat Nirvana Ion is priced at around 1999 INR, whereas the OPPO Enco buds cocostsround 1799 INR. Though OPPO Enco buds are more profitable to buy than Nirvana Ion, the boat gives more features than OPPO.

Which brand has more users? Boat Nirvana Ion Or OPPO Enco buds?

Both brands have a considerable user base, but OPPO has a more prominent presence in the market due to its diverse product range.

Are there OPPO Enco buds?

Yes, OPPO Enco buds are also available in the market.

What are the other top earbuds released by the boat brand?

Other top earbuds released by the boat brand include boAt Airdopes 441 Pro, boAt Airdopes 441, and boAt Airdopes 281 Pro.