Boat Latest Bluetooth Aavante Soundbar in India 2021(January)


Boat Latest Soundbars

Boat the leading consumer electronics brand in India never loses a chance to surprise its customer in terms of launching new and unique products with unbeatable features.

The boat is soon going to launch some more new boat speakers home theater exclusive products in a very affordable price range.

So this time with a new tagline- “Vocal for Local- Made in India”, the company is coming with an exclusive range of boat latest Bluetooth aavante soundbars.

The boat has announced its latest Bluetooth soundbars on Amazon prime days.

Boat Latest Bluetooth Aavante Soundbar in India

Boat new aavante soundbars are soon going to grab the majority of limelights in amazon prime days.

The latest offering from the boat in the domain of best soundbars are:

Boat Aavante Bar 3100D, Boat Soundbar AB2050,  Boat Aavante Bar 1700D, Boat Aavante Bar 1800, Boat Aavante bar 1190

The biggest advantage of the soundbar is they are less in cost expensive and along with that they are easy to install.

These boat home theater systems come with one cable and a power supply connection.

The most common problem with speakers is about its long and multiple wires spread all over the floor, therefore these boat new aavante soundbar home theatre is coming with all in one solution.

Boat Latest Launched Bluetooth Sound Bars

Boat new soundbars are so compact and well design that there is no requirement for separate cabinets.

All we can do is just hang them on the wall.

These soundbars give you the sense of theatre if you are watching movies at your home.

The boat’s latest aavante soundbars are very sleek, thin, and compact in design.

You can install them anywhere according to space and need.

In this article, we will be going to talk about boat latest aavante soundbars.

Boat Aavante Bar 3100D Features, and Price in India

Boat Aavante Bar 1800

Boat Aavante Bar 3100D is launched in India at Flipkart. It is a 260W powerful soundbar with the latest Bluetooth version 5.

This 3100D soundbar offers powerful sound output while watching a movie or music listening.

Boat aadvante bar comes with a 60W powerful wired subwoofer, that helps to provide rich music and thumping sound output.

The Boat 3100D soundbar supports 5.1 channels.

Therefore you will always get a theatre-like experience at home while watching your favourite movies, sports, cartoon, etc.

Due to the Dolby audio technology feature, you will get surround sound output at home.

There are many connectivity options are there like AUX, USB port, and ARC port.

Boat Aavante Bar 3100D Specifications(specs)

Woofer Wired sub-woofer
RMS output 260W
Bluetooth 5.0
Channel 5.1

Boat Aavante 1800 Soundbar: Specifications, Features, and Price India

Boat Aavante Bar 1800
Boat Aavante 1800 soundbar is another latest offering from a boat in the line. The company knows very well how to win the heart of dear customers. But there is no such huge difference in terms of features compared to other soundbars mentioned bars. Compare to soundbar AB2050 and Aavante 1700D soundbar, the price of this soundbar is little less. The boat is going to launch this latest Aavante 1800 soundbar at the price of rupees 5999 on Amazon prime days. Originally the soundbar price is rupees 16,990.

Boat latest Aavante 1800 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Specifications and Features

Woofer Wireless sub-woofer
RMS output 120W
Bluetooth 5.0
Another offering boat at a very affordable price which is boat latest Aavante soundbar 1800 is soon going to launch with wireless Sub-woofer feature. Aavante 1800 soundbar supports the output RMS of 120W. This soundbar offers a 5.0 version of Bluetooth. Coming to the design of boat latest Aavante soundbar 1800, its design is curved from the corner along the sides. The two sides of Aavante 1800 soundbar are silver/grey which is offering a little bit different and attractive look. Go check out this product and make your mind to buy one of them.

Boat Aavante 1190 Soundbar: Specifications, Features, and Price India

Boat Aavante Bar 1190
Boat new Aavante 1190 soundbar is the fourth amazing offering from the company boat which is going to release on Amazon prime days. Compare to all three other soundbars, this new aavante 1190 soundbar has the least price. Nowadays boat is promoting “Vocal for Local- Made in India” alongside the company is considering the quality and price, which can be afforded by middle-class families also. Boat Aavante 1190 is going to be launched at the price of rupees 3,999. Originally the price of this bar is rupees 16,990. This boat new Aavante 1190 soundbar is the true example of affordable choice in the best audio demand.

Boat Aavante Bar 1190 Specifications and Features

channel 2.2
RMS Output 90W
Woofer Built-in active sub-woofer
The boat offers a built-in active sub-woofer with this latest Aavante 1190. Boat Aavante 1190 soundbar offers output RMS of 90W. Let’s talk about the design part, the soundbar is not shiny on surface but its appearance is quite decent. Compare to previous soundbars, the channel range of boat new Aavante soundbar is high i.e. channel 2.2 So these are the latest Bluetooth sound bar offerings from the boat in the range of affordable soundbars. Make your mind about which one you want to buy and don’t miss the chance of experiencing theatre at home.

Boat Soundbar AB2050: Specifications, Features, and Price

Boat Soundbar AB2050
Being at home what you wish for- a perfect movie and fantastic sound quality, overall theatre experience at home. The boat new soundbar AB2050 is a perfect choice for your movie experience. In the amazon prime days, the boat is coming with its latest soundbar AB2050 with all the new and upgraded features. Boat’s latest soundbar AB2050 is going to be launch with inbuilt Bluetooth. The boat is a consumer-oriented company, it always launches the products at an affordable price and brilliant experience. So this time boat new soundbar is launching with the price of rupees 6,999 which was original of rupees 16,990.
Boat new soundbar AB2050 Specifications and Features
Channel 2.1
Output RMS 160W
Bluetooth 5.0

Boat’s new soundbar offers the audio channel of 2.1, which is commendable at this price. The soundbar AB2050 supports the output RMS of 160W. This soundbar offers connectivity with the help of Bluetooth. Along with Bluetooth facility, you can also connect your device with USB, HDMI, AUX, and optical. Boat’s latest soundbar offers the Bluetooth version of 5.0 and also it is a Sub-woofer wireless soundbar. Movies, 3D, music, news, etc are the EQ modes of boat soundbar AB2050. So if you are thinking to buy a soundbar, then you can go with the launch of boat soundbars.

Boat Aavante 1700D Soundbar: Specifications, Features, and Price in India

Boat Aavante Bar 1700D
If you want to take home audio experience at the next level then boat latest Aavante 1700D soundbar is the best choice. It is going to be launched at the same price as that of boat soundbar AB2050. The boat new aavante soundbar is launching with the price of rupees 6,999 in the Indian market. Amazon prime days are the best deals to purchase boat products. So hurry up and decide which boat new aavante soundbar you would like to buy.

Boat new Aavante 1700D Bluetooth Soundbar Specifications and Features


Audio Dolby sound
RMS output 120W
Bluetooth 5.0
The aavante 1700D offers Dolby sound experience, which gives you marvelous experience. The boat Aavante 1700D supports the output RMS of 120w. The Bluetooth version offers by the Aavante bar is 5.0v. If we saw the past soundbars offered by boat, this aavante bar may also come with other connectivity options such as HDMI, AUX, USB, and optical. So hurry up and grab the deal.
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