Latest Boat Airdopes Earbuds in India 2021(October)

Latest Boat Airdopes TWS Earbuds in India 2021

The audio beast Boat brand never stops sailing towards innovation. As a result, they have launched several new products with upgraded features in the year 2021. All their upgraded airpods and earpods audio products are launched on popular online sites. You can also get those products from Boat official website. This list has the latest Boat Airdopes Earbuds in India 2021. 

With their latest price and other specs, we have listed all those latest launches of Boat in their TWS series. The boat launched its TWS gadgets like Boat Airdopes 441(Review) and its upgraded Boat Airdopes 441 Pro(Review) last year. They also have launched upgraded Boat Airdopes 121V2(Review) earbuds in the last half of last year. 

Latest Boat Airdopes List in India 2021


Boat Airdopes 501 ANC True Wireless Earbuds

The boat has several ANC audio products, and this Airdopes 501 ANC is one of their new ANC additions to their system. These new earbuds have a comfortable design packed with multiple features.


Features and specs of Boat Airdopes 501 ANC 

  • Airdopes 501 offers the latest version of Bluetooth 5.2 that is known for providing the ultimate connectivity. 
  • It even has an IWP technology that will allow the earbud to establish instant connectivity. 
  • No more disturbance with the external noises, as it has the availability of Hybrid noise cancelation helps in reducing it by about 30 dB. 
  • Dual mic with the availability of ENx technology makes this earbud the perfect fit for better clarity calls. 
  • Your gaming would be of an elevated level when you activate the BEAST mode to achieve lower latency. 
  • Achieve 28-hours of playtime with single charging. Along with this, the ASAP charging system provides 60 minutes for a charge of 5 minutes.


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  • You can also enter the ambient mode if you need to be conscious about the surroundings. 
  • Smart in-ear detection allows the earbud to play songs as per the wearing. 
  • The availability of the IPX4 waterproof rating keeps the earbuds intact from any kind of water damage.  




Boat Airdopes 391 True Earbuds

boAt Airdopes 391 True Wireless Earbuds with Qualcomm...
320 Reviews
boAt Airdopes 391 True Wireless Earbuds with Qualcomm...
  • Airdopes 391 comes with Qualcomm aptX which reduces latency to keep the audio and video in sync to ensure that you have an immersive listening experience.
  • Airdopes 391 is equipped with Qualcomm cVc Call Noise Isolation which delivers the most optimum voice quality so that you can be heard clearly on calls.
  • Leave all charging worries at bay as the Airdopes 391 delivers a playback of upto 4.5 hours per charge and an additional 18 hours with the case



Boat Airdopes 141

Airdopes 141 from Boat was launched a few days back and it received better user ratings. It had a stylish design along with a large and sufficiently sized charging case. The stylish look is not only an advantage, but it has several features to immerse yourself in audio bliss. Here, we furnished the overall detailed features of the earbuds. 

Specs and features of Boat Airdopes 141 Earbuds

  • Airdopes 141 provides decent connectivity with the recent version of 5 Bluetooth. 
  • The manual pairing is needed once. Then, when you open the charging case, earbuds will pair with the connected device, thanks to the instant wake and pair technology. 
  • Get the monstrous playback of about 42-hours in a single charge. 
  • Forget to charge your Airdopes? Give a charge of 5 minutes and take the playtime of 72 minutes with the ASAP charge support.
  • Enjoy your tunes with the availability of 8 mm drivers. 
  • Take complete control of your music and calls with the quick response intuitive touch controls available on each earpiece. 


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  • Get thrilled with the sufficient pumping bass effects on your tunes.
  • Are you a fitness freak? Grab these earbuds, as they have the IPX4 waterproof protection ratings.



Boat Airdopes 281 Pro True Wireless Earbuds

The boat is now with the other exciting product in their earbud series. This Airdopes 281 Pro is the enhanced version of the existing Airdopes 281 Earbuds. It packs several features and pops in four shades of Red, Olive Green, Blue, and Black.



Features and Specs

  • Through their elegant and ergonomic design, you will feel relaxed with the fit of this Airdopes 281 Pro. 
  • With the availability of peak battery performance of 32-hours, you can listen to whatever you need without any interruptions. On each earbud, you will get a maximum playtime of 6.5-hours. It is further expandable with the availability of a charging Case.
  • To lit up your listening time in less time, it has the support of an ASAP charging system. So, a guaranteed playtime of 60 minutes will be available on a 5 minutes charge. 
  • A total of 4-mic is available on Airdopes 281 Pro, and that will work as a whole to cancel out the external sounds during calls. 
  • Further, it has the ENx noise reduction technology to reduce all other external noises. 



  • You can get the signature sound of Boat with the thumping bass effects. 
  • It even comes with the instant rest button on the charging case. 


Boat Airdopes 701 ANC Bluetooth TWS Earbuds

The Airdopes 701 is the newly launched TWS earbuds from the Boat brand. From the design to its controls, it stands out from the other TWS available on the sale. The mentioned details are the features and characters of this latest product.

Features & Specs Of Boat Airdopes 701 ANC Bluetooth TWS Earbuds 

  • With the advanced Bluetooth version 5, it provides better connectivity over a distance of 15 m.
  • Through its active noise isolation technology, you can experience pure music without distraction.
  • For Pro Gamers, it comes with the BEAST mode that lets you enjoy lag-free games.
  • Enjoy the stereo calls with the help of dual-mic, and environmental noise isolation technology.
  • A single charge will provide audio joy for a long period of 28-hours.
  • In a single earbud, you can enjoy a playtime of 5.5-hours. Further, 5 mins will deliver a playtime 1-hour.
  • The ambient sound mode also available to be aware of the external noises.
  • Its instant wake and pair technology accelerate instant pairing between the devices.
  • The carry case has presence of LED lights and each earpiece has the support of touch controls.
  • A maximum water-resistant shield IPX7 is available. 
  • The low weight provides comfortable wearing. 


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Boat Airdopes 641 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds 

The Airdopes 641 is also one of the amazing launches from the Boat. Its carry case itself has a stylish look and the earbuds are also packed with maximum features.

Specs & Features Of Boat Airdopes 641 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds

  • It utilizes the help of Bluetooth for connectivity. The version of the Bluetooth is the latest version 5 with a 10 m connectivity range.
  • The carry case of this Airdopes 641 has the support of RGB LED to enhance the stylish finish.
  • A total playback time of 30-hours is available with these earbuds. Further, on each earbud, a 6-hour working time is available.
  • Through the 6 mm drivers, it gives out the unique signature sound of the Boat brand.
  • For providing an excellent gaming experience, it has the BEAST mode. This mode provides lag-free gaming.
  • It has the water and sweat resistance shield of IPX5. 
  • The connectivity can be achieved instantly with the help of IWP technology.
  • On each earpiece, you can control volumes, playback, calls, enable beast mode, and voice assistant.
  • The low weight of the earbuds feels comfortable and relaxed on your wearing.
  • About two color variants are available on this Airdopes 641. 


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Boat Airdopes 481V2 TWS Earbuds 

This Airdopes 482V2 was launched recently from Boat. With its advanced noise isolation technology and highlighted features, it is a must to have TWS in your cart. The stem structure is similar to the boAt Airdopes 281(Review). Here, we have provided the features of this latest boAt earbuds. 

Features & Specs Of Boat Airdopes 481V2 TWS Earbuds

Boat Airdopes 481V2 TWS Earbuds
Boat Airdopes 481V2 TWS Earbuds
  • The efficient battery of these Airdopes will gear up in 45 minutes and provide a maximum playing time of about 23-hours. 
  • Further, for providing instant energy, it accompanies an ASAP charging system. So, you can get the audio bliss for 1-hour in a charge of 5 minutes.
  • You can wear this comfortably because of its ergonomic design. No more worries about the water damage, as it retains an IPX6 rating. 
  • In this earbud, Boat signature sound will combine with the Qualcomm audio aptX technology with perfect bass effects.
  • With advanced noise-canceling algorithms, the Qualcomm cVc technology provides stereo calling.
  • Each earpiece lets you control the volumes, calls, and music playbacks with its integrated touch controls. 
  • Its dual-mic system will capture your audio clearly to provide a better calling experience.
  • Online voice assistant support is also available on this earbud. 


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Boat Airdopes 621 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds 

Airdopes 621 from Boat was introduced in the first month of 2021, and it is one of the new boAt earbuds. It excels in its maximum battery life and maximum protection. Here, we have provided all the top specs and features of this latest earbud. You can even get these earbud Black And White options. This earbud has an in-ear fit like boAt Airdopes 381(Review). 

Specs & Highlights Of Boat Airdopes 621 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds

Boat Airdopes 621 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds
Boat Airdopes 621 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds
  • You will get to experience the mountainous playtime of 150-hours with this earbud. Further, this playtime will be achieved in 45 minutes. 
  • Boat Airdopes 621 connects with your audio device by utilizing the help of Bluetooth version 5. This connectivity will be instant as it has the availability of instant wake and pair technology.
  • The interesting part about this earbud is its carry case. This earbud has a unique design with an LED charge indicator.
  • Further, this earbud can act as a power bank to charge your other gadgets like a smartphone. 
  • A maximum waterproof rating of IPX7 is available with this earbud. So, your earned remains intact even underwater. 
  • The audio output from this latest boAt Airdopes will be unique with the help of its 12 mm drivers. 
  • Each earbud is attached with a fin-like structure for maximum comfort. 
  • Voice assistant support and capacitive touch controls are available with this earbud. 


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Boat Airdopes 511V2 TWS Earbuds

This latest boAt TWS Airdopes 511V2 from Boat was launched very recently with a stylish carry case. The structure of these Airdopes was similar to Boat Airdopes 431(Review). Here, we have compiled the top specs and details of this earbud. 

Boat Airdopes 511V2 Bluetooth TWS Earbuds 

Boat Airdopes 511V2 TWS Earbuds
  • Enjoy your day with the audio bliss of this new boAt TWS, as it comes with a 24-hour playtime. Within an hour, your earbud will be ready for providing such playtime.
  • By utilizing the help of Bluetooth version 5, it provides stable connectivity. In addition to this, it also has instant wake N pair technology.
  • Immersive audio output from this Airdopes would be further enriched with the bass effects.
  • Its carry case is more stylish with a spherical design. The silicon earmuffs and ergonomic design makes the earbuds very comfortable. 
  • You can get control over volumes, playback and calls with simple taps. Thanks to the capacitive touch controls available on each earpiece. 
  • It is protected from sweat damages with an IPX4 rating. 
  • Similar to other latest earbuds, these earbuds have online voice assistant support.


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Boat Airdopes 101 TWS Earbuds

This Airdopes 101 was launched recently and this new boAt Airdopes is yet to be available for live sale. With a stylish look, it accompanies some decent features like the boAt Airdopes 402(Review). Here, we have listed all the specs and features of this earbud. 

Specs And Features Of Boat Airdopes 101 TWS Earbuds 

Boat Airdopes 101 TWS Earbuds
  • The Airdopes 101 lets you enjoy the audio bliss for an extended period of 12-hours. A single earbud can provide a playtime of 3-hours in a complete charge of about 1.5-hours.
  • With the recent version of Bluetooth, it establishes a stable connection. Further, your pairing time will be low, as it has the instant wake N pair technology.
  • Get immersed in the audio output from the powerful 13 mm drivers. The audio output is further highlighted with bass effects.
  • Touch controls are available on both earpieces for controlling the playback, calls, and volumes. 
  • With its ergonomic structure, it ensures the secure fit of this earbud. 
  • LED indicators are functional in both the earpiece and the carry case. 


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