Boat Immortal 201 vs Boat Immortal 121: Which Gaming Earbud Captures the Crown?

Both the Boat Immortal 201 and 121 are gaming earbuds aiming to elevate your audio experience, but which one deserves your hard-earned cash? Fear not, fellow gamer, I am here to dissect their key differences and help you choose wisely!

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Features Comparison between Boat 201 and 121 Gaming Truly Wireless Earbuds

Both boAt Immortal earbuds promise an immersive gaming experience, but which one reigns supreme? Let’s dissect their key features to help you conquer the battlefield:

Design & Comfort:

  • Immortal 201: Features a secure fit during intense sessions. RGB lights add a touch of gaming flair to your earbuds.
  • Immortal 121: Offers a sleek, lightweight design, but might not grip as firmly, potentially causing discomfort for extended use. RGB lights present as well.

Gaming Performance:

  • Immortal 201: Boasts dedicated BEAST™ Mode for ultra-low latency (40ms) and enhanced audio for competitive edge.
  • Immortal 121: Employs Bluetooth 5.3 with 40ms latency, similar to boat 201, but not as optimized as the 201’s BEAST™ Mode.

Sound Quality:

  • Immortal 201: Equipped with 10mm dynamic drivers for boAt Signature Sound with balanced bass, mids, and highs.
  • Immortal 121: Features 10mm drivers, delivering decent sound but bass might be less impactful compared to the 201.

Battery Life:

  • Immortal 201: Offers a staggering 40 hours total playtime with the charging case, ideal for all-night gaming marathons.
  • Immortal 121: Provides up to 40 hours total playtime, still good but falls short of the 201’s marathon capabilities.

Connectivity & Features:

  • Immortal 201: Utilizes Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC and AAC codecs. Touch controls for playback, calls, and gaming mode activation.
  • Immortal 121: Employs Bluetooth 5.3 with SBC codec only. Touch controls handle basic playback and call functions.

Call Quality:

  • Immortal 201: Integrates quad mics with ENx technology for clear voice capture during in-game communication.
  • Immortal 121: Features quad mics for calls, which may offer the same level of clarity as the 201.

Water Resistance:

  • Both these gaming earbuds has similar IPX4 rating against water splash and sweat.


For Hardcore Gamers:

  • boAt Immortal 201 stands tall with its low-latency BEAST™ Mode, superior audio, impressive battery life, and clear quad mics.

For Budget-Conscious Gamers:

  • boAt Immortal 121 offers a decent alternative with good sound, acceptable latency, and basic features at a lower price point.

Remember, the ultimate champion depends on your individual priorities and budget. Choose wisely, and dominate the battlefield!

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