BoAt brand is one of the well-known brands in both audio and smart wearables series. They have recently added a new smartwatch to their series. Its latest product is boAt Watch Flash

Boltt brand is also one of the popular brands and their performance was also better. They have included a new product last year as the Fire-Boltt Smart Watch. 

We took these smartwatches and made a detailed analysis of their difference in features. This comparison differentiates each smartwatch based on their variation in their characteristics and specifications. 

Comparison Table On The Difference Between Fire-Boltt VS boAt Watch Flash

Specs And FeaturesFire-Bott Smart WatchBoat Watch Flash Smart Watch
Bluetooth Version55
Connectivity range 10 m10 m
Size of the display 1.4 inch 1.3 inch 
Activity tracker AvailableAvailable
Call notificationsYes Yes
Message notificationAvailableAvailable
Waterproof ratingsIPX6IP68 
Battery performance8 days7 days 
Number of sports modes 7 modes10 modes
Playback controls AvailableAvailable
Changeable straps YesYes 
Camera shutter controls AvailableAvailable
Total weight of the watch100 grams54 grams 
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Display Size Comparison On Fire-Boltt Smart Watch VS boAt Watch Flash 

Both watches differ in their display shape and display size. Watch Flash has a round display with a size of 1.3-inches. Its circular display is housed inside a metal frame.

Fire-Boltt smart watch

This Fire-Boltt Smartwatch has a rectangular display with a large display of 1.4-inches. It has a rectangular display with smooth ends. 

The boat Flash watch has easy swipe controls and adjustable brightness levels. Its pixels are about 240*240. Another watch also has adjustable brightness levels. 

Which Has The Best Features Among Fire-Boltt Smart Watch And BoAt Watch Flash Smart Watch?

Boat Watch possesses a round display where another watch retains a rectangular display. If you need a large display with better pixels the best watch for you is the Fire Boltt Smart Watch

Fire Boltt Smart Watch VS boAt Watch Flash Smart Watch: Comparison On Health Tracking And Sports Modes 

Both of these smartwatches have the availability of a daily activity tracker to track your activities and workouts. BoAt watch has several sports modes to track your routine tasks. A set of 10 sports modes accompanies you on your training and provides accurate readings on your training.

It has sedentary alerts, sleep monitors,  hydration alerts, blood oxygen monitors, guided meditative sessions, and heart rate monitors. Fire-Boltt watch accompanies a set of 7 sports modes. It retains heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, sleep monitors, and blood oxygen level monitor. 

Fire-Boltt Smart Watch Against Boat Watch Flash Smart Watch: Which watch possesses the best health tracking system?

In this health tracking comparison, both watches have a decent quantity of health tracking characteristics. However, the best one with several health tracking systems will always exist. 

Boat Watch Flash Smart watch

Boat Watch Flash has health tracking features and sports modes. Some sports modes like swimming and yoga are not available with the other watch. Finally, the boAt products are the best watch with several health tracking features when compared to another watch. 

Battery Performance Comparison Between Fire Blott Smart Watch And boAt Watch Flash 

In the battery performance, both watches will give their best battery performance. Fire-Blott watch is capable of delivering battery performance for an extended period of 10-days. However, the boAt product has a maximum battery performance of 7-days. 

Which One Retains The Best Battery Performance?

You will get a minimum assured battery life of 1 week on both watches. However, in comparison, Fire-Blott has maximum battery performance. Its battery can stand up to 10 days on normal usage. 

Which watch possesses maximum waterproof ratings?

This waterproof rating is an essential feature for a smartwatch because it will protect your watch from sweat and rain. When comparing the waterproof ratings of these two watches, the boAt watch has the best IP68 waterproof ratings. However, this waterproof rating is slightly higher than another watch, as it has an IPX6 waterproof rating. 

Features Comparison

These two watches have several identical features. You can switch between several cloud-based watch faces to customize your front watch face. You can be more fashionable by swapping the standard straps in both watches. Simple controls on the camera shutter and music are available in both Watches. 

Conclusion: Boat Flash Watch vs Fire Boltt Smartwatch

Message and call notifications are displayed in the watch with a more detailed view. Both Watches are available in different shades. Based on the health tracking features, the best one among these two watches is the boAt Watch flash

Some features like sedentary alerts and swimming efficiency tracker are not available with the other watch. If you prefer extended battery life by minimizing the fitness modes, you can get the Fire-Boltt smartwatch.