Boat Earphones Price List India

Boat brand has many wired earphone bestsellers on the online marketplace in India. Because these best boat earphones offer the best bass and sound quality in India at the lowest price.

These boat wired earphones are also in the budget price segment category. Therefore these boat earphones are more popular among the youth. But there are many boat earphones in the market which are also available at different prices. We have included the latest boat wired gaminng headphones in this list. These latest immortal series gaming headphones has specially designed for gamers.

So it is not easy to see the price of every earphone by searching individually. In this guide, we have come up with the latest boat earphones price list in India 2021.


In addition, the price of these boat earphones will update automatically daily. So you will always get the latest price of these boat wired earphones.

Boat Earphones Price List in India 2021: All Boat Wired Earphones

[amazon box="B08YYRDCDV"]
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[amazon box="B08WHJ8NL9"]
[amazon box="B078MW1FT8"]

• It has a robust metal casing and a jaw-dropping metallic finish! Flaunt your basshead in the colour of your choice- black, blue, forest green, lime and orange.

• Sweep out your fear of tangling with flattened cables.

• The 10 mm drivers deliver deep, boosted bass. No doubt, music with these buds is a real-time experience.

• The in-line mic fends for instant and easy stereo calling while the noise isolation renders a grand calling experience.

• It has a 3.5 mm gold-plated jack.


[amazon box="B07GQD4K6L"]

• These earphones have hawk-inspired design and staunch build quality. They come in enticing colours i.e. classic black, frosty white, furious red and taffy pink.

• The long cord and super-comfy earbuds are a plus point.

• Moreover, the boat variant features a mic with superb noise isolation. Buckle up for non-stop calling without any distortion!

• They have large drivers which deliver immersive bass. Stay ready to get plugged into nirvana.

• It goes with all 3.5 mm jack-devices.


[amazon box="B07KY3FNQP"]

• These in-ear stereos have a burnished look. Not only that, the ergonomic earbuds have a cosy fit. They are available in alluring colours like active black, jazzy blue and razing red.

• Gear up for a tightly braided cable that is durable and tangle-free.

• The in-line mic has a versatile frequency range for true calling experience. Besides, it has a multi-function button for ultimate control.

• It delivers a deep HD, clear sound. If you love a punchy touch to your music then, go, grab it.

• Fit for 3.5 mm jack devices


[amazon box="B07KXR889N"]

• This traditional wired set has metallic semblance and stylish finish. Get three classic shades at your fingertips.

• The dual-toned braided cable allows a hassle-free use.

• Furthermore, it allows hands-free calling via a high-quality mic.

• Its dynamic drivers deliver peppy bass with utmost clarity. On top of that, the loudness is good and the notes tuned to perfection.

• Goes with 3.5 mm jack devices


[amazon box="B07NC1HKN1"]

• It has a strong build with a fluid metallic finish. Apart from an exclusive design and quality, it comes with shape-shifting buds.

• Experience enhanced-longevity through braided cables. Stay plugged in your favourite music with zero tangles.

• It has a good quality mic with embedded controls. Play, pause or skip tracks and activate voice assistants, all, in a go!

• Super large drivers give dynamically boosted deep bass with clear highs and balanced mids.

• Suited for devices with 3.5 mm jack


[amazon box="B07NBZN71N"]

• It has a detailed facade and a glossy feel. It comes in three classy colours, red, blue and black. Choose the one that spills in sass to your style.

• Handle your magic-buds the way you like with zero fear of tangling. The dual-toned cable is splendid in quality.

• It has an inline mic with integrated controls. Play, pause or skip audios with just a tap!

• Its fiery drivers unleash an enhanced sound with a heavy undertone. If you love a spunky touch to your music, then this is the right pick.

• Fit for devices with 3.5 mm angular jack


[amazon box="B07S9S86BF"]

• These earphones have a resilient build. Its super comfy earbuds remain intact even during heavy workouts. Get ready to spill some sass!

• Its super-flexible cable is stretch-resistant.

• The embedded control buttons let you play, pause or skip tracks.

• It delivers HD sound that doesn't crack at high volumes. Its 10 mm drivers give an enhanced and loud bass.

• IPX4 rated, these earphones are sweatproof.

• It has a 3.5 mm straight jack that is apt for multiple devices.


[amazon box="B07S8PSW59"]

• It has a high-quality build with a light, adaptive design. Stay hooked to the music you love, wherever you go.

• It has a long connecting wire that ensures convenient and hassle-free use.

• It offers you complete control with a carefully built mic with passive noise isolation. These earphones are workable in traffic too.

• Take a deep plunge into the ocean of heavy bass. The bass ratio is just right and clarity high.

• It comes with a 3.5 mm gold-plated jack.


[amazon box="B075JLRS4G"]

• It has an ergonomic design and a comfy fit. It is light and portable.

• It has a tough wire coating of top quality. A perfect combo of style with class, these headphones are made to last.

• Its mic provides passive noise isolation which facilitates a noise-free calling experience. Deploy the control buttons to play or pause audio and adjust the volume.

• It delivers clear, loud music with heavy bass. It has 8 mm dynamic drivers that give a loud and hypnotic sound.

• It has a 3.5 mm gold-plated jack for easy use on multiple devices.


[amazon box="B07BXH7XQJ"]

• It has a high-quality metallic build, sturdy finish and tangle-free, flat cables.

• Have an ultimate control with one-button control embedded in the mic and activate the smartphone assistant in seconds. The passive noise cancellation fends for the calling experience.

• It has dynamic drivers which provide a crisp and clear bass.

• It has a 3.5 mm jack for easy use on multiple devices.


[amazon box="B07M9RTDTH"]

• It has a minimalistic design. It is as light as a feather. Its exterior has a smooth metallic finish. Listen to the tunes, on a move.

• It has tangle-free cables that can be managed without any hassle.

• It has an in-built mic with control button for playing, pausing and skipping tracks.

• It provides a clear sound with an improved bass quality. Sound doesn't crack at high volumes.

• It has a 3.5 mm jack and can be used with many devices.


[amazon box="B07R17737G"]

• Its sleek design tunes in perfectly with your energy and style.

• It has tangle-free, 1.2 meters cable to avoid distortion caused by pulling of cable.

• Its inline mic and superb controls impart an amazing gaming experience.

• Its 10 mm drivers dispense deep, heavy HD sound that would mesmerize your senses.

• It has a 3.5 mm jack that can be used with countless devices.


[amazon box="B083T61FMJ"]

• It has a light-weighted, ergonomic design with a metallic touch. Its 3.5 mm, gold-plated angular jacks expands its use over many devices.

• It has dual-toned, securely braided cables for zero tangles and a hassle-free use.

• It has inbuilt controls with mic and volume slider buttons. Regulate calling and music all day.

• It is IPX4 rated and sweat resistant.

• Its clear and immersive music is truly a dope.


[amazon box="B07SLCN1FP"]

• It has a light, durable and adaptive design. Take minimalism to another level with these ultimately styled earphones.

• Get set for a hands-free calling with an inline mic. Its multifunction button gives access to voice assistants and stereo calling.

• It has 3.5 mm gold-plated jack for extensive use over countless devices.

• It gives heavy immersive sound with clear highs, subtle mids and super extra bass.


[amazon box="B07SBW3J9Z"]

• Its soft silicone ear tips blend their shape as they fit in your ears.

• Get ready for a hassle-free calling with a high-quality mic. Play, pause or skip tracks with the in-built control buttons.

• Its superior coated cables are extremely flexible and durable.

• It has IPX4 rated, highly water-resistant buds. Sweat your heart out without any worries!

• Get that unbeatable bass with the 8mm dynamic bass-boost drivers. Stay seamlessly plugged into nirvana.

• You get a 3.5 mm angular jack. So, plug in your earphones to any device and start listening to podcasts and audios.


[amazon box="B07NC42C3C"]

• It has a strong and sturdy build with rugged gun-metal finish. Add a pinch of class to your style with these earpieces.

• Enjoy hands-free calling with an in-line mic. Get instant access to ultimate control using the multi-function button.

• Its 8mm dynamic drivers deliver boosted, crystal clear HD sound.

• Its carefully braided cables are extra durable, super flexible and tangle-free.

• It is compatible with 3.5 mm angular drivers.


[amazon box="B07F8VRCCS"]

• It has a tough build with a metallic construction. It comes with an assured longevity and lustrous finish. On top of that, it is very light and portable.

• It has top quality in-line mic which ensures a clear stereo calling.

• Get access to voice assistants through an in-built control button.

• It comes with a tangle-free and highly resilient cable.

• The 10 mm drivers deliver extra bass and a guaranteed eargasm.


[amazon box="B06VYD8BYH"]

• It has a top-notch metal enclosing and a classic finish. The 3.5 mm angular jack allows its use with multifarious devices.

• Thrust your coiled-up earphones inside your bag without any scruple. No- tangle technology is no longer a dream.

• Boat Bassheads 170 features 10 mm drivers that provide the deepest bass with clarity.

• It has an in-line mic that is power-packed with noise cancellation features. Experience a clear calling experience without any distortion over line.


[amazon box="B071CM9NZP"]

• Boat Nirvana CE-1 has an unparalleled build and a ceramic finish.

• A high-grade mic gives you a noiseless calling experience. The mic has an isolated button for various control functions.

• This earphone features a tangle-free braided design for easy use.

• It has a compact case with mesh pockets for easy storage.

• Its drivers deliver ultra HD sound with crisp highs and smooth mids. Feel the bass like never before.


[amazon box="B06VYD8DG2"]

• It has a polished metal encasing of top-notch quality.

• The cable is tangle-free and easy to handle.

• It comes with an isolating mic that allows efficient stereo calling. The mic has a button with which you can play, pause or skip tracks within seconds.

• Its dynamic drivers give superb bass and ultra HD sound. Get plugged into nirvana with these stereos.

• It has a 3.5 mm jack for easy-use on many devices.


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