Boat Earphones and TWS Airdopes Prime Day Launches in India 2021

Good news for all Amazon Prime members, the Prime Day Sale is near. Usually, Prime Day sales open the gate of exclusive deals to every prime user, and they can get their loved products at low rates. Boat has launched boat immortal im-200 and boat immortal im-1000d gaming headphones in India 2021.

In this year’s Prime Day sale, Boat joins Amazon to delight the audiophiles. Boat decided to launch seven different products from airdopes to rockerz neckbands and the exciting thing is, the starting price is just 999 INR. Here, we have the list of products that the Boat is going to launch on Prime day. We have listed all the products with their important specifications. 

Boat TWS Earbuds Launches on Amazon India Prime Days 2021

Boat will launching latest true wireless earbuds starting from 999 to expensive active noise cancellation features.

Boat Airdopes 501 ANC

Boat Airdopes 501 ANC supports a comfortable ergonomic design to perfectly fit in the ears. Further, the support of silicon earmuffs will provide the snug fit that everyone needs. 

LED charge indicators are available on the carry case and the carry case has a compact structure. The interesting thing about the 501 Earbuds is it has the availability of Hybrid Active Noise cancellation. So, you can experience the true sound of the audio. This ANC feature also helps in achieving a better call quality. 

Boat brands are always unique in the way they produce sound output. These 501 Airdopes may have a decent driver size to provide the punchy sound that you need. In addition to the ANC, it also equips the BEAST mode. With the BEAST mode, the earbud provides better sync among the audio and video. 

Speaking about the playtime, they don’t specify it. However, it comes with the ASAP charging feature. It allows you to get an instant playtime of 60 minutes in just 5 minutes. This earbud will be available for sale in Black, Blue, White, and Red variants. 

Boat Air Does 141 Bluetooth Earbuds

Boat Airdopes 141 earbuds would be the perfect fit for a music freak, as it has the stylish look. On each earpiece, you can experience comfortable wearing with the help of silicone earmuffs and a short stem. 

Further, each earpiece features a touchpad that lets you control the calls and other actions through single or multiple taps. The carry case is simple and compact with the support of LED charge indicators. Earbuds are also having the support of LED charge indicators  

To provide better connectivity, it may have an advanced Bluetooth version. However, Boat has revealed that this earbud will have the support of Insta Wake N pair technology. So, it can instantly get connected with the connected device without manual pairing. For a sound generation, they didn’t mark any hints, but as it is a Boat product, it sounds better. 

For providing instant playtime within a minimum time, it features the support of ASAP charging support. It helps in achieving 1-hour play in 5 mins charging time.

Boat Airdopes 391 Bluetooth Earbuds

Earbuds boat airdopes 391 offers the perfect fit for the ear canal with its most comfortable ergonomic design. Its carry case is sufficiently large to hold the earbuds. To provide the best and relaxed listening, each ear tip has the availability of silicone earmuffs. 

In this Airdopes 391, a listener can experience the whole sound with Qualcomm aptX audio technology support. Thus, the audio will be crisper to notice each detail. Each earpiece also can provide a better voice on calls. 

The controls over calls and other settings can be done through the touch controls available on each earbud. This earbud supports Instant Wake N pair technology that lets the earbud connect automatically without manual pairing support. 

The ASAP charge provides instant playback of 90 minutes with a charge of 5 minutes. 

Boat Bluetooth Neckband Launches on Prime Day 2021 India

Boat will launching some neckbands an affordable price segment as well during amazon prime day sale 2021 event.

Boat Rockerz 245V2 Bluetooth Neckband

Rockerz 245v2 sports a stylish look with the matt finishing. Each earpiece has an ergonomic structure to provide a better-relaxed feel while wearing. The entire system is flexible to fit in your pocket. 

For controls, it may have the support of a multifunction button to control the music and calls. It features a better battery configuration for providing more playback time that can give a playtime of 8-hours on a single charge. 

To provide good sound, it comes with the availability of 12 mm dynamic drivers. So, you will get a better listening experience. It may also have enough bass output like other leading neckbands of the Boat brand. 

You can use the neckband while doing your workouts, as it can resist the sweat action with the support of an IPX5 waterproof rating. It also has additional fins to give extra support to your ears. 

Boat Rockerz 375 Bluetooth Neckband 

Boat Rockerz 375 neckband features a sports design that is suitable for every stylish need of a listener. Each earpiece has the support of silicone earmuffs to provide a comfortable fit on your ears. 

Gaming would be more comfortable and impactful with the availability of the BEAST mode. BEAST mode provides low latency while gaming and offers perfect sync between the sound and video. 

In a single charge, this latest boat neckband can provide about 20-hours of extended hours of playtime. In addition to these battery features, it also has the availability of an ASAP charging support. 

By utilizing the ASAP charging support, you can get an instant playtime of about 10 hours in just 10 mins charge. For controls, it had all the controlling buttons on the metallic part of the band. So, you can control your actions with ease. 

Boat Rockerz 240V2 Bluetooth Neckband 

The entire structure of this Bluetooth neckband is much similar to the Rockerz 245v2 neckband. However, it has a metallic part visible on the neckband. The design of this Rockerz 240v2 neckband is flexible to fit in your pocket. 

You can listen to songs without worrying about the frequent charging in a day, as it has the support of a decent battery to provide a maximum of 10-hours of playtime. 

Rockerz 240v2 would be a suitable partner for the fitness freaks, as it comes with the protection of IPX5 ratings. Dual pairings also available that let you connect two gadgets at the same time. 


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