boat 2 in 1 fast charging usb cable

Some of us know that the BoAt Company is also called by the name “Imagine Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.” The Boat company is based in India, and the incorporation of the company was relatively recent.

(back in 2013) BoAt mainly deals with electronics like headphones, earphones and chargers, and even cables. Recently, BoAt has launched a USB cable called the Boat deuce 300, and this article will focus on that product.

First, we come to the main question about any product that the customers have.

Boat Deuce Usb 300 2 in 1 Cable Price in India

The M.R.P of the Boat Deuce USB 300 2 in 1 cable is Rs. 699. But you can get the USB cable of 2in 1 feature at a discount from most of the online stores.

The micro USB cable will be available in both Amazon and Flipkart. In amazon, the product is available at the discounted price of Rs. 299, which is quite a steal! You get to save almost around 400 bucks.

Boat USB 300 2 in 1 Cable Specifications

Here are some other things about the USB cable by Boat, which will help you to reach a decision.

  • Data transfer rate- 480mbps Data Transmission
  • 10000+ Bend Lifespan
  • Braided Cable With 3A Fast Charging
  • 1.5 meter Cable Length
  • Weight of the cable 15g
  • Dimensions (LXWXH) – 150 x 1 x 1 cms

Boat 2 in 1 USB 300 Cable Features Details

Boat Deuce Usb 300 2 in 1 fast charging Cable

Let’s get around to discussing some of the features review of this cable.


This product is compatible with a plethora of devices. The Boat Deuce USB cable works with smartphones, tablets, and personal computer peripherals.

They can function with Bluetooth speakers and power banks as well. This cable is good to go with any device with a Type-C port along with a Micro-USB port.


This cable will save the buyer a lot of time. The brilliant product by Boat has the feature of fast-charging as well as fast data transmissions with sync at a speed of 480 Mbps.


One of the practical things about going for branded products is that you find most of them to be durable. It is not efficient to keep on buying cheap products in the hope of their lasting a long time, as they never do.

As for the Boat Deuce 300 USB cable, it comes with Nylon braided skin of supreme quality. This feature ensures that the USB cables last for a long time, and the sturdy protection guards it against external damage.

boat usb 300 2 in 1 cable specifications

Furthermore, it has the useful characteristic of having a tangle-free design. The boat has equipped the cable with aluminum alloy shell housing, which aids with the long lifespan with stress relief.


There is nothing more frustrating than having a cable with too short length as it is hard to manage.

The Boat Deuce USB cable has a comfortable size of 1.5 meters. The smooth USB cable enables the user to have a hassle-free experience.

This cable is long-lasting and comes at an affordable price too. All the features are geared toward making the cable last long, and as a result, the Boat Deuce USB cable lasts ten times longer than any other USB cable available in the market.


Boat Deuce Usb 300 2 in 1 type C and micro usb cable

Most products from BoAt have a reasonable warranty period, and this USB cable is no exception.

The BoAt Deuce USB 300 cable has the provision of a warranty period extending up to 2 years.

If something goes wrong with the product within the warranty period, the buyer can lay a claim of warranty on the appropriate website, which is at

Furthermore, if any potential customers for any BoAt product have any questions or doubts, they can call or email the company.