Boat produces a lot of headphones in a wide range. They are proficient in making  headphones and many other gadgets. Choosing between this wide range of products is not much easy. You should see some reviews to get the right one for you.

By the way, Boat is releasing a new ergonomic headphone. We share the information about the headphones in detail. In this page, we share the review of Boat Bassheads 950v2. Let’s find out what differences they made from other headphones like Boat Immortal IM-1000d

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Specifications Of Boat 950v2 Headphones

NameBassheads 950v2
Type of EarphoneOver Head
Colors AvailableBold Blue, Warm Grey, Raging Black
Voice Assistant FunctionYes
Extra BassYes
Audio Driver Size40mm
Audio Jack Size3.5mm
Price QuoteCheck Best Price on Amazon

Expected Launch Date And Price 

The headphones are expected to be launched on February 1st or the first week. The launch will be on Amazon. The retail price of Bassheads 950v2 is 1990 INR but it will be availble for 899 INR on the launch day. At this price rate, the headphones are very economical.

Features and Specifications Of Boat Bassheads 950v2

Boat Bassheads 950v2 is a wired headphone that has a very comfy design. This stylish headphone comes with cosy cushions that do not make us feel any discomfort. They are designed ergonomically. And also they ensure that the wires are tangle-free.

Bassheads 950v2 has AUX Connectivity. The main issue with headphones with Aux cable is the tangling of wires. But Boat claims that these bassheads have tangle-resistant cables. The audio jack is gold plated and also 3.5mm thick.

These headphones produce sounds that are crystal clear. They have 40mm drivers that provide you with extra bass. The quality of mic is perfect. You don’t need to be concerned about it. This headphone has an In-built Mic like the Boat Immortal IM-200

And the main thing in the sound is that they have a Passive Noise Cancellation feature. It enhances the product even more.

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Overall Opinion about Bassheads 950 v2

With the data we have now, we can say it’s worth buying. But the main thing lacking here is the battery details. But don’t worry. Boat always ensures great battery performance. Like we have in Boat Immortal IM 1300.

The sound and mic quality is perfect. The designs are stunning. It also has good performance and gives comfort to the users. It adds style to your daily life. It’s user-friendly though. So buying this is a good choice.