boat bassheads 100 vs 225 vs 220

Today we will talk about Boat Bassheads 100 vs 225 vs 220 earphones with mic and compare them.

These are the most popular wired in-ear earphones in the online marketplace in India. At an affordable price segment. Boat has launched boat immortal im-1000d and boat immortal im-200 wired gaming headphones in India 2021.

This guide will help to choose the best boat bassheads earphones for yourself. By comparing the top features of them.

Such as bass quality, overall sound performance, design, construction, and comfort.

Besides, we will also investigate which features are similar in boat bassheads 100 and boat bassheads 225 headphones.

Boat Company has now become a reputed brand in India that makes top class audio devices.

Many of its wired headphones are the best sellers on Flipkart and Amazon in India.

Boat Bassheads 100 vs 225 vs 220: Compare

SpecificationsBoat Bassheads 100
Boat Bassheads 225 Headphone
Sound OutputThere is an excellent balance between bass and other essential audio frequencies. It provides high quality music output at a budget price.You are the bassy music listener, then you will love the bass of this earphone. It provides super extra bass, and you feel the deep thumping bass in your music.
DesignLightweight and hawk inspired design.Beautiful metallic design
BuildEntirely made of plastic, and wire is thin and fragile.
Earcups made of plastic.
A mixture of plastic and metal wire is thick and strong.
Earcups made of robust polished metal.
ComfortErgonomic, secure perfect fit comfortable in-ear for long termNot comfortable for wearing long duration because of bulky metallic ear cups(temperature sensitive)
Frequency ResponseCrystal clear vocals. These earphones provide a decent separation between mids and highs.Super extra punchy deep bass. other frequencies are average
CableRegular roundedFlat Tangle free
Item Weight40 grams50 grams
Ear HooksNo ear hooks in the boxExtra pair of ear hooks in the box

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Boat 220 vs 225 : Difference Between Boat Bassheads 220 And 225

Now we will talk about the differences between boat bassheads 225 and boat bassheads 220 headphones and compare them.

When you search for the keyword boat basshead 225 on Flipkart, you see the results of the boat bassheads 220 earphones.

When you search the keyword boat basshead 220 on amazon, you see the results of the boat bassheads 225. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Because the Boat Basshead 225 is a bestseller on Amazon in India and the Boat Basshead 220 bestseller wired earphones on Flipkart.

But don’t be confused in its various forms, as the Boat Bassheads 220 and 225 are the same wired headsets.

On Flipkart, sellers sell it as Boat bassheads 220, and sellers on Amazon sell it as Boat bassheads 225.

Sellers on Amazon and Flipkart sale at multiple prices as per their convenience.

Boat Bassheads 225 vs 100 vs 220: Specifications(similar)

We saw the boat bassheads 100 vs boat bassheads 225 different features. Now we will see the common specification on both of them.

Such as mic, frequency range, sensitivity, noise isolation, power rating, and more.

Feature NameDescription
Microphone(mic)Yes, in-line mic
Drivers Type10 mm
Inline Remote ControlMulti Function Button-Change Tracks, and take calls
Noise CancellationPassive
Warranty Detail1 Year
Frequency Range20 Hz - 20 KHz
Impedance16 ohm
CompatibilityAll 3.5 mm Jack Device
Rated Power2mW
Sensitivity (dB)92db ±3db
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Fit TypeIn-ear


We have read the differences in boat bassheads 100 vs 225 vs 220. If you want to choose either of these boat bassheads headphones.

Then it depends on what kind of listener you are.

How much do you want to spend on buying them?

If you are a casual listener who watches  videos and like balanced audio songs with good bass, then you can buy the boat bassheads 100 Wired Earphones.

Because it provides clean vocals with great sound quality output overall.

You are a listener who enjoys super bass music, and other things don’t matter much.

Then, you can buy the boat bassheads 225 and 220 wired earphones as they provide deep super extra punchy bass.

These headphones have Other audio features also decent.