Every active music listener knows about the Boat, a beast brand in the audio world. They have a broad category of products to choose from. Boat will launching many latest boat audio gadgets in prime day sale 2021 in India. They have multiple gadgets like speakers, neckbands, earbuds, and airdopes. This leaves a big question, which is the perfect product for me?. To resolve this question, we have compared the two latest Boat Airdopes. On this page, you will land with the best earbud among boAt Airdopes 621 VS Boat Airdopes 441 Pro.

This Airdopes 441 pro(Review) is an enhanced earbud of Boat Airdopes 441(Review). They also have upgraded earbuds like Boat Airdopes 481V2Boat has launched their first tws boat airdopes 701 anc with hybrid active noise cancellation(ANC) features in India 2021.

Though these two earbuds are identical in their structure, they do have some variations in their features. We have compiled all their variations in this article. Let’s find the best product by studying their variations. Boat has launched boat airdopes 281 pro tws with reset button feature in India 2021.

Boat Airdopes 621 VS Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Specifications and Detail Comparison

Details and Characteristics Boat Airdopes 621Boat Airdopes 441 Pro 
Bluetooth version 5.05.0 
Nature of the headphone In-ear earbudsIn-ear earbuds 
Maximum connectivity range10 m10 m
LED charge indicatorsAvailable as digital displayAvailable as light indicators
Battery efficiency150-hours150-hours 
Size of the Driver  6 mm drivers on each earpiece 6 mm drivers on each earpiece 
ASAP charging supportNot availableNot available
Controls Incorporated touch controls on calls, volumes, and, enabling the voice assistantIncorporated touch controls on calls, volumes, and, enabling the voice assistant
Voice assistant options Google Online Voice Assistant and Siri Google Online Voice Assistant and Siri 
Noise isolationPassive noise cancelationPassive noise cancelation
Water-resistant ratings IPX7IPX7 
Unique featuresPower bank function, digital charge displayPower bank function
Content of the purchase boxTWS earbuds, charging case, Type C charging cable, ear tips, manual, warranty card TWS earbuds, earplugs, user guide, Type C cable, warranty card 
The battery capacity of the charging case 2600 mAh 2600 mAh 
Weight 106 g103 g
Time required for a full charge   45 minutes1.5-hour  
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Boat Airdopes 621 VS Boat Airdopes 441 Pro: Connectivity And Design Comparison

Boat Airdopes 621
Boat Airdopes 621


As the design of the Airdopes 621 is in-ear, it comes in a small shape to fit on the ear canal similar to boAt Airdopes 381(Review). To provide some additional fit, it has an attached fin. The charging case measures 8.6 x 5.3 x 3.1 cm. All the pieces are built with premium quality plastic like Boat Airdopes 402(Review). It has a digital charge display that accurately provides charging levels like Boat Airdopes 121V2(Review).

The design of this Airdopes 441 Pro also has a similar structure to Airdopes 621. However, the Carry Case is different, and it measures 8.9 x 5.3 x 3.2 cm. The charging case is normal with LED indicators.    


On considering the connectivity, it pairs with other devices using the Bluetooth version. This Bluetooth version 5.0 provides a stabilized audio connection between your paired gadgets. Furthermore, it has the help of instant wake N pair technology that pairs your device rapidly. 

In Airdopes 441 Pro, you will get to experience the same Bluetooth version 5, as most of the best Boat Airdopes have. These earbuds moreover have the instant wake N pair technology for instant pairing. 

Boat Airdopes 621 VS Boat Airdopes 441 Pro: Which Airdopes Deliver Ultimate Comfort and Powerful Connectivity?

When we carefully study the variations among these two earbuds, both earbuds are somewhat similar. However, we can conclude the best earbuds with the design. In connectivity, both have the same Bluetooth version and features. 

So, concerning design, Airdopes 621 has a smart design with a digital charge display.    

Compadre Boat Airdopes 621 and Boat 441 Pro Audio Output Performance

The Airdopes 621 is suitable for those who love more bass. It produces the audio output with an enriching bass like Boat Airdopes 481v2. The audio output is produced from 6 mm drivers on each earpiece. Vocals and instrumental sounds are well defined. Bass output is not covering the audio. Thus, it sounds decent. 

When we consider the audio output of Airdopes 441 Pro, it has 6 mm drivers on each earpiece. Similar to the Boat Airdopes 281(Review), it also provides clear audio output. A rich bass will pair with the clear audio in these earbuds. While playing on highs, it may break. However, at mid-range volume, it sounds better. 

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro
Boat Airdopes 441 Pro

Which Earbud Provides Better Audio Output?

To get an engaging listening experience, an earbud should deliver perfect audio with balanced bass effects. In that way, Boat Airdopes 621 has better audio output(Overall balanced audio). It is because even it has high bass output, the vocals are clear. In boat airdopes 441 pro has more punchy bass compare to boat 621. The audio would not be perfect at highs. In terms of overall audio performance, boat airdopes 621 has better audio output.

Battery Performance Difference Between Boat Airdopes 621 and Boat Airdopes 441 Pro

In Airdopes 621, you will get a peak battery life of about 150-hours. Thanks to the carry case powerful battery of over 2600 mAh. A complete charge will take about 45 minutes, and each earbud is playable for 5.5-hours. But practically, you will get around 4 hours of battery life at 70 to 80% volume level. The unique feature available for this earbud is it has a power bank function. Thus, it will help to charge your devices from the carry case. It resists water with IPX7 ratings.

With Airdopes 441 Pro, you will get the same 150-hours playtime. The full charge will be achieved in 1-1.5 hours. Its charging case also has a similar 2600 mAh battery like Airdopes 621. In each earbud, you can enjoy the audio for 5-hours. But practically, boat 441 pro tws provides approx 3 hours and 30 minutes playback time at 70 to 80% volume. It has a water resistivity rating of IPX7.

Which is efficiently better with superior battery life and water-resistant ratings?

In battery efficiency, both earbuds are equipped with a similar efficient battery in the charging case. But when comparing the features, playtime on each earbud, and charging time, then boat Airdopes 621 is the best earbud. Nevertheless, considering the waterproof ratings, both airdopes are retaining similar ratings.  

Similar Calling And Controls Features: Boat Airdopes 621Against Boat 441 Pro 

The Airdopes 621 comes with capacitive touch controls on each earbud. With the function of taps, you can take/reject incoming calls, pause/play the tunes, rewind/switch the song, and use a voice assistant. With an in-built mic, it provides better call quality. 

The Airdopes 441 Pro also has full touch controls. Similar to other earbuds, with the help of taps, you can take/reject incoming calls, pause/play the tunes, rewind/switch the song, and use a voice assistant. With the built-in mic, the call quality would be maximum. 

As both earbuds have an in-ear design, they provide passive noise cancelation. It also has online voice assistant support. Both earbuds not offers volume control feature through touch controls.

Latency Comparison in Boat Boat Earbuds

You will enjoy movies, web series, YouTube videos in both boat tws without feeling any lag between audio and video sync. But in gaming, you will feel a very little lag sync between audio and video. So if you are not a pro gamer, then it is fine for you.

Overall both boat Bluetooth earphones provide a similar experience in terms of latency.

Conclusion: Boat Airdopes 621 or Boat 441 Pro Which is Best?

Until this part, we have seen the variations among boat airdopes 441 pro(Boat website link) and 621 earbuds. However, they also have some similar features like structure, power bank function, waterproof rating, and controls. 

When you consider buying the Airdopes 621(Boat website link), you will get to enjoy better battery life. The audio output would be better with balanced bass. Monstrous battery life will support you along. So, you will be getting reasonable features for your bucks.

If you are bass lover, and other things or not matter a lot then you can go with boat airdopes 441 pro that provides you some extra bass not much extra bass than boat 621.

But if you want a overall value for money earbud with better experience in terms of audio, battery, features then you can surely go with boat airdopes 621.