If your wired earphones have started to bother you, this is the time when you pamper yourself with some good TWS or True Wireless Stereo earphones. But it’s not an easy replacement. Making the right choice takes a lot of research and wit. If we talk about brands, Boat has always been one of the best brands.

Established in 2013, Boat is an Indian brand. By 2015, it successfully marked its edge in the Indian market. It provides a wide range of headphones, cables, earphones, and travel chargers. And all their launches left people stunned with incredible performance and affordable prices. Talking about the earphones, their Airdopes series is quite popular and in demand, such as Boat Airdopes 501 ANC and Boat Airdopes 391, to name a few. And here we are again reviewing one of their newly launched Airdopes, Boat Airdopes 621 which is a high end product as it costs 2,999 INR.

Boat Airdopes 621 Review

That’s why we will discuss their key highlights along with sharing our experience of using them to ensure that you do not invest your money in the wrong product. We will also compare their real-life performance with what the company has claimed. If you wish to explore more such options, check out one of their most liked products, Boat Airdopes 441 Pro, after this one. 

Box Contents

Boat Airdopes 621 comes in a box packaging that displays all their key features and brand information. Within the package, you will find: 

  • Type C charging cable
  • Extra earbuds and loops 
  • User Manual
  • FAQ Card
  • Warranty Card
  • Boat Products Catalog

Top Specs

Product NameAirdopes 621 
Connectivity Wireless
Type In-the-ear
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth Range10 meters 
Water-resistantYes, IPX7
Deep BassYes 
Switch between Music and CallYes 
Driver Unit6 mm 
Battery Life6.25 days 
Standby Time 2.92 days 
Charging Time45 minutes 
Charging CableType C
ANC TechnologyNo 
Colour AvailableWhite Frost and Active Black 
Impedance16 ohm 
Warranty One year 
Warranty Type Manufacturer
Extra FeaturesVoice Assistant, IWP Technology, and its charging case works as a power bank too 
Price QuoteCheck prize on Amazon

Design Of Airdopes 621 Review

Boat Airdopes 621 has a unique design, and the build of their charging case is supreme. The material used is plastic, and the quality is top-notch. The finishing of the product is a beautiful blend of matte and glossy finish. You will find Boat branding at the top of the charging case along with a display which happens to be the unique thing about them.

In the display, you will not only see the battery status of individual earbuds but also of the charging case, which is of great convenience. The hinges of the lid work very smoothly. However, the size of the product is slightly bigger than other earbuds available in the market. Consequently, the weight of the product is also more which makes it bulky to carry around all day long. 

At the front of the charging case, you will find a flap inside which there’s a Type C charging port and a USB port. Again, this is something very different provided in these earphones. The USB port is for its power bank feature. So, not only is it a great TWS, but it’s also a power bank in emergencies. The design of Boat Airdopes 621 earbuds is quite similar to Boat Airdopes 441. They are round in shape but still fit perfectly into the ears.

We tested them for comfort, and their ergonomic design aced the test. Their earloops make their grip within your ears stable, which is why they don’t fall off during intense activities. The color options are also quite classy. In one sentence, the design and build of Boat Airdopes 621 are very cool. 

Bluetooth and Pairing

Boat airdopes 621 comes with instant wake and pair technology which means they will come into their pairing mode the moment you open the lid of their charging case. Once they’re in pairing mode, turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and look for Boat Airdopes 621 in the available devices list. Once you find them there, pair and enjoy! 

Touch Controls

To simply play and pause your tracks, a single tap on the touch-sensitive area will do the job for you. Same action answer and reject calls. Double-tapping the right earbud plays the next track, whereas doing the same thing on the left earbud is going to play the previous one. Three taps will invoke your voice assistant, which will be your Google Assistant if you use an Android phone, and Siri if you have an iPhone. Much like other Boat Airdopes, users cannot control volume via the earphones. You can manually adjust volume from your smartphone. 


Boat Airdopes 621 come with a humongous 2,600 mAh battery. On the contrary, the battery provided in earbuds is not equally efficient. Both earbuds come with a 35 mAh battery which on a single full charge will last for only 5-5.5 hours. And that’s not even the worst part. The earbuds will last only 3-4.5 hours in real life and that wasn’t even on full volume.

To compensate this, the charging case is capable of charging earbuds upto 20 times. With the help of its charging case, users will have 150 hours of playtime. But considering the difference between the company’s claim and our findings we’d say that a full charge will last for approximately 80 hours of playtime. If you’re looking for a product with long battery life, this is it for you. The earbuds take around 45 minutes to get fully charged, and the charging case takes about 3-4 hours for a full charge. 

Sound and Call Quality Of Boat Airdopes 621 Review

Boat airdopes 621 comes with 6mm drivers. The loudness of the music is pretty high, and as expected from all Boat products, the bass is also quite punchy. But high bass doesn’t mean the treble and vocals were compromised. Boat surely knows how to tune its product’s sound quality which is why it comes out all clear and crisp.

For any ordinary human the sound quality will be decent. The earbuds provide the signature Boat sound. However, the problem comes during sound separation which can lead to bad gaming experience. We personally think that employing better drivers could have resulted in a much better sound quality of the product. Despite that, Boat Airdopes 621 is on the list of best earbuds under 3000. 

The call quality of Boat Airdopes 621 is decent for its price. The earphones work efficiently in an indoor environment where the background noise is quite minimal. However, in noisy environments, they will disappoint you as they fail to cancel out unwanted sounds. If you wish to buy your earphones for the sole purpose of attending meetings and calling clients, then we suggest you better check out Best Boat Airdopes to get better options for yourself.


The gaming experience with Boat Airdopes 621 is remarkable. The stereo effect of the earbuds is incredible. The sound separation will enable you to detect the direction of the sound very clearly while playing games like PUBG. Coming to the latency of the product, the lags are not much of an issue. However, you will notice some latency in android smartphones. iPhone users will face no such issue. 


Boat Airdopes 621 comes with IPX7 rating, which means that it is sweatproof and water-resistant. You can go for runs and perform intense workouts without worrying about the earphones getting damaged. However, we caution you against taking them underwater as the high pressure can easily ruin them.

Other than that, the charging case also acts as a power bank. It has got a 2,600 mAh battery which can easily charge your phone in the face of an emergency. Keep in mind that this won’t happen via the fast charge feature. The asap charging feature is another sigh of relief. 

FAQ: Boat Airdopes 621

How to turn on the earphones for the pairing? 

Boat Airdopes 621 earphones come with IWP Technology, which means as soon as you open the lid of their charging case, they will instantly come awake and will be in pairing mode. After turning on Bluetooth on your smartphone, look for them on the available devices and pair. It is a one-time thing because once you’ve paired them with your device, they’ll automatically connect with it every time you open their lid. 

Do Boat Airdopes 621 come with ANC?

No. However, the earphones fit perfectly into your ears which blocks excess noise from the outside on its own. Moreover, low background noises are eliminated by the earphones. The only way you will feel disappointed is if you use them in a very noisy environment.

Is Boat Airdopes 621 waterproof? 

The product is given an IPX7 rating, which is very impressive and efficient. Enjoy yourself without worrying about earbuds getting damaged. The only thing users should avoid is being underwater. 

  • A display to show battery percentage
  • Attractive design
  • It also work as a power bank
  • IWP Technology
  • IPX7 rating
  • Low latency
  • 150 hours playtime
  • Type C fast charging feature
  • Bulky in size 
  • No volume controls
  • No dual-mic feature 
  • Only 6 mm drivers 

Is Boat Airdopes 621 Worth Buying? 

Boat Airdopes 621 is packed with numerous unique features. The earphones are not only ergonomic but economical too. The features the company has provided at this price are unbelievable. Starting with the charging case battery life and its ability to work as a power bank to an IPX7 rating, Boat Airdopes 621 is a beautiful piece of art.

However, upon usage, we found out that the product failed to provide the most basic services such as a noise free calling experience and long earbuds battery. It becomes more disappointing when you realize that there are many other products in the market that can provide you with the best call quality at much lower prices. If you can afford this product and only want average performance from it, then you can go for it as it has some incredibly unique features.

However, if you are on a strict budget and require something very specific from your purchase, then we suggest you make this decision more carefully. You can go through the latest Boat Airdopes, such as Boat Airdopes 141, before reaching a decision. Happy shopping!