Boat Airdopes 611 Review 2020

The name boAt has become synonymous with premium audio electronics in India, and the company is ready to launch its new addition to the latest true wireless airdopes earbuds series.

The boAt Airdopes 611 is big on the promises. It has arrived in 2 spunky colours, active black, and sporty blue. Does it deliver? Read on to find out. We have also published boat airdopes 121 review.

Boat Airdopes 611 Review

In the boat airdopes 611 review, we will examine how they will be of practical use in terms of bass, calling, latency, audio, and more.

Boat Airdopes 611 True Wireless Earbuds Packaging and Box Contents :

“Gliding Towards Bliss” tagline is written on the box of boat airdopes 611 Bluetooth headset.

boAt Airdopes 611 pair of earbuds
Type C charging cable
User guide
boAt catalogue
Additional earcups for replacement according to your ear size
Warranty card issued for a period of one year.

Boat Airdopes 611 Audio & Call Quality

boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds are packed with 5.5 mm dynamic audio drivers.

The audio comes out crystal clear even at full volume, and no distortions can be heard. The bass is very satisfying and pleasant, instead of overpowering.

On playing songs, the vocals come out pristine, the treble is good, and the instrumental notes are clearly separable. 

However, listening in full volume is not advised, as it is too loud and can possibly cause damage to the ears after long periods of exposure.

The earbuds support advanced audio coding (AAC) and AptX technology which is an added bonus.

Airdopes 611 sports a CVC 8.0 noise cancellation with gratifying results. 


Background noise is negligible on a call but is more evident in extremely crowded places where you do get to hear substantial background noise.

The stem design brings the microphone closer to the mouth, which helps reduce noise during calls. The person on the other end can hear the relayed voice quite clearly.

It packs dual mic, one in each earbud. 

The overall call quality is terrific.

Boat airdopes 611 reviews

Latency Performance

The irregularities between audio and video aren’t noticeable while streaming videos online, but is quite evident while playing games.

Hence the boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds will work pretty well for casual gamers and not for professional players.

Boat Airdopes 611 Specifications(specs) and Features

Headset Type

TWS In-Ear True Earbuds

Earbuds Battery Capacity 

520 mAh in case

40 mAh included in each earbud

Connectivity Features

Bluetooth 5.0 and IWP Technology

Battery Backup

5-5.5 hours

Upto 22 hours with case

Supports Mircophone fo Calling

Yes, Dual Microphone(mic)

Control Buttons


Voice Command

Yes, Google and Siri 

Audio Technology

Qualcomm aptX with 5.5mm Driver

Sweat and Water Protection


Each Bud Weight


For Charging

C Type Port

Connectivity Range

Approx. 8meter

Warranty Claim

One Year

Earbuds Special Features

Ear Detection, cVc 8.0

Boat Airdopes 611 Price in India

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Boat Airdopes 611 Design and Comfort

Boat 611 design, build, comfort

The newest in line boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds display class, with premium finish in two colour choices: active black and sporty blue.

It is remarkably light and incredibly comfortable to wear, allowing long hours of use without any discomfort. 

The earbuds are stem shaped. They stay secure in your ears, and the chances of falling off are minimal. 

The earbuds are separately marked for left and right ears, in order to distinguish with ease.

The pairing light indicating the connectivity is present on the inside of each boAt 611 earbuds.

Boat 611 Connectivity

Boat 611 price

The boAt airdopes 611 earbuds are equipped with the most recent version of Bluetooth 5.0 and is said to have a wireless range of up to 33 feet.

However, the range was found to be decent when the earbuds were 7-8 meters away from the connected device.

Beyond that, there will be occasional hiccups in connectivity. 

These boAt airdopes 611 earbuds support auto-pairing mode, which means they automatically get connected to the last paired device on opening the case and get disconnected after closing the case.

There is a minimal gap before the earbuds get connected as they come with IWP or instant wake and pair technology.

The boAt airdopes 611 earbuds can be used in mono mode as well where you can just take out one of the two earbuds and use it while leaving the other one in the case.

Boat Airdopes 611 Battery Performance

Here’s my boAt airdopes 611 review of battery performance.

The earbuds boast a battery life of 5 – 5.5 hours while in reality, I found that it can easily provide a continuous audio playtime of more than 4.5 hours at a stretch on full volume.

The recharging case can juice up the boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds four times over after a single charge.

Taking that into account, the earbuds playtime increases up to 22 hours.

The charging case comes with a battery of 520 mAh. Type C charging cable is provided in the box.

The case takes 1 – 1.5 hours to fully charge, while the earbuds themselves take 1 – 1.10 hours to finish recharging.

Boat 611 Charging Case

Boat airdopes 611 charging case

boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds arrive in a sleek and lightweight charging case. The trendy looking case also packs a punch on functionality, as it comes with an easy to carry strap, making it safer to carry. 

Type C port is present at the back of the case to recharge the case battery. 

The battery status is indicated by an LED light on the case. It glows green when fully charged and red when the battery is running low.

The earbuds are held inside the case magnetically to provide increased safety and prevent accidental dropping out of the case.

This magnetic lock is very secure and does not let go of the earbuds even after vigorous shaking.

Boat Airdopes 611 IPX Rating

boat 611 ipx rating

boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds come with IPX5 water and sweat resistant features. 

It is extremely practical and can be counted on to provide excellent protection from sweat, humidity, and rain. 

The earbuds can thus be used in gyms while working out, as well as outdoors during the warm and wet monsoon, without worrying about moisture damage.

Boat Airdopes 611 Touch Controls

boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds review for controls is a mixed bag of hits and misses.

The earbuds come with touch controls but fail to deliver when it comes to changing volume. 

The absence of volume control makes it obligatory to use the phone volume controls in order to increase or decrease it, which is a big negative on this front.

On the other hand, the earbuds scores with the in-ear detection feature. This feature works seamlessly and pauses music automatically when the earbuds are taken out of the ears.

When we put the earbuds back in our ears, the music resumes playing on its own. 

The touch control is programmed with standard functions. A single tap is for connecting and disconnecting calls.

Double tapping on the left earbud takes us to the previous song, while double-tapping on the right earbud skips to the upcoming song.

We need to press and hold the control to trigger the voice assistant, that is, Google or Siri, whichever is supported by the connected device.

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Colour Options

The boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds come in two swanky colour options:

Active Black and Sporty Blue. The colours are immensely eye-catching and equally fashionable.

Active Black

Sporty Blue

Boat Airdopes 611 Pros and Cons


Stem shaped earbuds minimize the risk of falling off as well as brings the microphone closer to the mouth, thereby, reducing the background noise while taking calls.
Airdopes 611 earbuds are equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 and come with instant wake and pair technology.
It can easily provide an uninterrupted audio playback time of more than 4.5 hours at a stretch on maximum volume.
Posh and lightweight carrying case which comes with a strap to increase functionality.
They come with an IPX rating of 5 protecting the boat 611 from water and dust—appropriate pair of buds for wearing to the gym.
These earbuds boast in-ear detection features. The music automatically stops on taking the earbuds out of your ears and resumes on putting them back in.
The audio comes out crystal clear even at full volume, without being distorted.
The bass is satisfying and not overpowering.
The overall call quality is commendable.
The boat airdopes 611 earbuds support c type charging which was expected at this price.

Cons(Not Good)

boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds are said to have a wireless range of up to 33 feet, but connectivity seems to falter beyond 7-8 meters.
There is no provision to alter the volume from the via earbuds.
Blasting the earbuds on full volume for extended periods may damage the ear.
The boat Airdopes 611 earbuds have a lag of a few milliseconds and aren't suitable for professional players.

Boat Airdopes 611 Conclusion

To sum up the boAt Airdopes 611 earbuds review:

boAtheads have a lot to look forward to from this new addition to the Airdopes series.

Boat Airdopes 611 comes with a host of exciting features, light and comfortable to use, stunning finish in two different colour choices – ticks all the right boxes in terms of style.

The stem design allows the earbuds to stay on better as well brings the microphone closer to the mouth for better audio reception.

The in-ear detection feature is an exciting inclusion, and the overall sound quality is very satisfying.