Boat is tirelessly working every day to produce new audio products to stay ahead in the market. The brand has set a benchmark for affordable quality audio devices that people happen to like a lot. Their latest ANC earbuds are here, and we cannot wait to review them. Introducing Boat Airdopes 500 ANC earbuds.

Here, we are going to give a thorough description of these new Boat Airdopes. Along with that, we will give our honest review on how the product performed from various points of view. Lastly, we’ll put our opinion on whether this product is something that you should be buying.

Boat Airdopes 500 ANC Full Review

We will cover all the key highlights, pros and cons, and controls provided in the earbuds. Read till the end or go to the Top Specifications heading for a quick overlook. Looking for more ANC earbuds options? Check out Boat Airdopes 411 ANC after this Boat Airdopes 500 ANC review. If ANC doesn’t affect your decision much, also check out Boat Airdopes 621.

Box Contents of Boat Airdopes 500 ANC True Wireless Earbuds

These new Boat Airdopes are priced at 3,999 INR. The earbuds come within a small package that contains nothing but essential items. The box has a picture of the product with all the additional features and key highlights printed all over it. Within the box, following contents are found: 

  • Boat Airdopes 500 ANC
  • One charging cable (type C) 
  • Its User Manual
  • A small Boat Product Catalog
  • Its Warranty Card
  • Some extra earbuds

Boat Airdopes 500 ANC Full Specifications

Brand Name Boat 
Product NameAirdopes 500 ANC 
Wireless ConnectivityVia Bluetooth 5.2 
Earphone Type In-the-ear
Connectivity Range10 meters 
MicrophoneQuad mic 
Deep BassYes
Drivers 8 mm Dynamic Drivers 
Battery Life28 hrs (with charging case)
Charging Time1.5 hrs 
Charging CableType C
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Boat Airdopes 500 ANC TWS Detailed Specifications Review

The charging case of Airdopes 500 is compact like other Boat Airdopes.

Design and Build of Boat 500 ANC Truly Wireless Earphones

It won’t make your pocket feel bulgy or create any comfort issues. The plastic use is high quality. The earbuds don’t move within the charging case. 

You will find a reset button on the charging case alongside a battery indicator LED light. At the bottom, you’ll find its Type C charging port. At the top, there’s Boat’s branding on it. The lid has a magnetic lock to keep the earbuds safe. 

Boat Airdopes 500 ANC Design and Build

Earbuds are of ergonomic fit. Users can utilize them even for prolonged periods of time without any uncomfortable feeling inside your ears. But, the earbuds size is slightly bigger than the normal earbuds, which might make me feel uneasy at first. After getting used to it, you’ll find them very easy to use. 

They provide a secure fit that prevents their displacement even during intense activities. They are lightweight and meant for longtime use. Their build quality is premium. Moreover, they have IPX4 rating, which means they are water-resistant.

Users can take them out when it’s a little rainy or if they sweat during workouts. They are not meant for swimming. Touch controls are effective. Read the Control section of this Boat Airdopes 500 ANC review to learn about all the controls provided. 

Bluetooth and Pairing Connectivity Performance of Boat 500 ANC TWS

Boat Airdopes 500 ANC comes with Bluetooth 5.2. They come with an Instant Wake and Pair Technology (IWP Technology) which you can take advantage of after establishing a connection with your smartphone. To connect the earbuds with your device, turn on your Bluetooth. Next, open the lid. Doing so will bring them into pairing mode.Now, search for them on your available devices and tap on them in order to connect. 

You will also see the battery percentage next to the name of the earbuds. Once you close the lid, the earbuds will automatically disconnect. After this initial step, every time you open the charging case, you will notice that they instantly pair with the last device that you connected them to. Furthermore, it also has a Mono mode which enables the users to use a single earbud at a time. 

Battery Performance Review of Boat Airdopes 500 ANC Bluetooth Headset

The charging case of Boat Airdopes 500 ANC comes with a 500 mah battery. The charging case can charge your earbuds 4-5 times. Within each earbud, you get a battery of 40 mah. Upon a full charge, these earbuds will last from 5-5.5 hours.

Overall, users will get somewhere around 26-28 hours of playtime in total. With ANC Mode, you will get somewhere around 22-23 hours. Other than that, users are also blessed with a Fast Charging Feature, with this you get 60 minutes playtime after charging it for only 5 minutes. For longer battery life, consider buying Boat Airdopes 441 Pro

Touch Controls of Boat Airdopes 500 ANC Earbuds

The earbud controls are facilitated by touch controls. Users can play/pause soundtracks and videos by single tapping on either of the earbuds. For going to the next track, double-tap the right earbuds. Similarly, double-tapping the left earbuds plays the previous soundtrack. Holding your press on the left earbud for three seconds is for your voice assistant. 

Boat Airdopes 500 ANC touch controls

To receive an incoming call, you just have to single tap on either of the earbuds. A double-tap on the earbuds during an ongoing call will disconnect it. Moreover, the earbuds also have a feature called in-ear detection.

Courtesy of this feature, the video or song will pause the moment you take the earbuds out of your ears. Putting the earbuds back on will play the soundtrack or video immediately. All these controls will make your everyday life easy in numerous different ways. 

Audio and Sound Quality Performance: Boat Airdopes 500 ANC TWS Full Review

ANC technology of these earbuds can be used by long-pressing the right earbud for about three seconds. ANC mode is effective. It’ll instantly remove the background chatter. Another Mode incorporated into the earbuds is the Ambient Mode. You can turn it on by another long-press on its right earbud somewhere around 3 seconds. 

Ambient Mode is useful for working out in public places like parks or running or jogging along a road. To know about its Beast Mode, read the Latency section of our Boat Airdopes 500 ANC review. The earbuds come with 8 mm dynamic drivers, which is disappointing given its price point.

Nonetheless, you will get a crystal clear sound in these earbuds. 

The instrument sound and vocals are clear. Even on 60% volume, you won’t hear any background sounds or traffic noise. The bass is thumpy and deep. Overall, the sound quality is satisfactory.

Call Quality

For calling, the brand has incorporated quad mic to make your calling experience hassle-free. Its hybrid Active Noise Cancellation works perfectly and makes your working hours distraction-free and productive. Moreover, the ENx Technology adds more to giving you a crystal clear in-call voice.

There’s a richness to the whole calling experience. The wind sound will almost completely dissipate. Traffic sounds will be heard to an extent, but your voice will still be loud and clear to your callers. 


There is a deducted gaming mode incorporated for gaming sessions in Boat Airdopes 500 ANC. To turn on their Beast mode, simply tap the left earbud three times, and you’re done. The Mode is efficient. The lag is negligible, and the latency is very low.

Upon testing, we found the latency to be somewhere near 80 ms. If you are looking for gaming earbuds, you can consider buying them. 

Pros and Cons of Boat Airdopes 500 ANC Earbuds

  • Hybrid ANCnInstant Wake and Pair TechnologynIn-ear detectionnENx TechnologynFast Charge Featurenn
  • nSize of the earbuds nExpensivenNo Volume Controln

Conclusion of Boat Airdopes 500 ANC Review: Should You Buy Boat Airdopes 500 ANC?

The earbuds are ergonomic. Their case is compact. Hence, easy to carry. Boat Airdopes 500 ANC is packed with useful features and is a perfect companion for all types of users. The earbuds are IPX4 water-resistant. The pairing of devices

 is easy and quick after an initial connection. The tests we performed for our Boat Airdopes 500 ANC review, we found that the Bluetooth 5.2 establishes a strong connection that provides a seamless calling and audio experience. The earbuds are perfect for people buying them for calling, gaming, and music experience.

The only drawback according to us is the price. The product is a perfect companion for busy meeting schedules, binge-watching movies, and gaming sessions. Its short battery life is a potential deal breaker though. But for that, its Mono mode compensates a little. If its price is an issue for you, you can get the same features in other low-priced earbuds. For that, check out Best Boat Airdopes.

FAQs: Boat Airdopes 500 ANC

How much lag is seen during gaming?

It has a Beast Mode, which gives a low latency of 80ms.

Can we swim with the earbuds?

The earbuds have an IPX4 rating. It makes them waterproof. However, they will not survive the pressure underwater. We advise you to stay away from swimming with the earphones on

How long will their battery last?

Each earbud lasts for about 5.5 hours without ANC. A total of around 22 hours playtime provided by its charging case. Check out the Battery section of our Boat Airdopes 500 ANC review for more details.

Is wirelessly charging possible?

No. It’s done using its charging cable.

Is the product compatible with WhatsApp calls?

Yes, the device is compatible.