Boat Airdopes 491 Reviews

When it comes to wireless earbuds, Boat has quite a few models out in the market.

The Boat Airdopes collection is a budget-friendly alternative to the already well-known earbuds like the Airpods and Bose earpods.

Among the Airdopes series, the Boat airdopes 491 is one of the higher-end true wireless earbuds.

Today we will be going to cover the review of Boat airdopes 491 True Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Things will be going to cover in this guide:

Boat Airdopes 491 Review.

Boat Airdopes 491 Specifications and Features.

Boat Airdopes 491 Price in India.

Boat Airdopes 491 launch date or release date.

Where can you buy boat airdopes 491 earpods online in India at lowest price?

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Boat Airdopes 491 Review

In this review guide of boat airdopes 491 true earpods we will look at its features in detail. We will cover the sound and bass performance of these boat airpods, design, build quality, comfortability, IPX rating against water and dust, battery life, charging time, LED, indicators, buttons controls, and many other unique specifications.

Box Content And Accessories

“A Step Beyond Usual” is the tagline of boat Airdopes 491 True earbuds, written on its box.

Boat Airdopes 491 Earbuds Pair
C-Type USB Charging Cable
2 Pairs of Ear Caps
One Extra Ear Flag(Ear Hooks) Pair
Charging Case(Carry Case)
Boat Warranty Card
User Manual Guide
boat airdopes 491 box Accessories

Boat Airdopes 491 Review: Specifications, Price in India, Audio Performance

Let’s see how these earphones perform in the music and calling department.

Audio Performance And Speaker(Mic)

These true wireless earbuds outshine all other earbuds of its price range in this aspect.

The Boat Airdopes 491 is equipped with 6mm drivers, which results in exceptional call quality.

The voice quality is very clear and audible. It has a rich and heavy bass sound so it is ideal for listening to music, especially rock as the tagline suggests.

Boat 491 has an average noise cancellation. You can use it while in a crowded place without any issues or distractions.

In noisy surroundings like traffic jams and clubs, the earbuds will not be able to cancel out external noises.

The microphone inbuilt in the earbuds is also of excellent quality.

You can use it to interact seamlessly with your device’s voice assistant as well as to receive calls. 

There is almost zero to none sound delay so it is suitable for playing games like PUBG and other mobile games.

The volume can be a bit too loud, so it is best to keep it at around 70% to avoid headaches.

For very sensitive ears, the sound quality may be too crisp and sharp. But that is a matter of personal preference.

Boat Airdopes 491 Specifications And Features


Airdopes 491 True Wireless

Headphone Type.

True Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Connectivity Technology


Bluetooth Profiles


Charging Case

1800 mAh(15x times)

Earbuds Battery Capacity

43mAH×2 (3.5 hours)

Music Playback time

4 hours


Smooth calls with Stereo Calling

Buttons Type

easy access to controls (No CTC)

Voice Assistant



6mm x 2 Drivers

Sweat & Water Resistant

IP67 Rated


Raging Red, Spirit Lime

Frequency Range


Standby Time

200 Hours

Charging Time

2 Hours

Charging Voltage


Wireless range

10 meters

Additional Features

True HD Sound

Domestic Warranty

1 Year

Boat Airdopes 491 Price in India

Build, Design and Comfort

Airpodes 491

Boat Airdopes 491 true wireless earphones have a fairly premium look to them and have an ergonomic design that fits in the ears comfortably.

It stays in place even after doing vigorous activities like jogging and exercise.

Wireless connectivity leads to hassle-free handling. You don’t have to worry about wires tangling and bunching up together.

The controls might be a bit baffling in the beginning, as they are slightly different from your usual earbuds.

Both the earbuds have one button each for changing the playlist. There is no button to adjust the volume.

You’ll have to do it through your phone or the device you are using to play the music. 

This boat airdopes true wireless earbuds comes in two colors- bright red and neon yellow so you have an option to choose one to your tastes.

The color could be too bright for some people, and it makes the device look tacky.

The body of this boat true wireless earphone is black, but the ring and the ear loop are the only colored parts.

This adds a contrast to the device. You get a lot of extra ear tips and ear loops with the device, which is very handy in case you lose them after a while.

Boat Airdopes 491 Battery Life Performance

This boat true wireless Bluetooth earpods take 2 hours to charge completely, which might be a long wait for people who like to be tuned in to music all the time.

It can endure 4 hours of continuous usage after being fully charged despite its claim to last for 5.5 hours on its official website.

This might not be as long as an Airpod, which lasts for 5 hours once fully charged. But it’s not bad for this price point. 

Boat Airdopes 491 Buttons Controls

boat airdopes 491 button controls

Boat 491 earpods do not come with capacitive control buttons(CTC). These earphones come with clickable buttons.

The buttons were not as smooth and sensitive as they should have been.

This leads to even more complications as you have to press on them very hard to get a response, and in the process, the earbud gets shoved further inside your ear- which is an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience.

They should have made the buttons more accessible and less clunky.

To manually switch the earbuds on, press the MFB (Multifunction Button) on both the earbuds for 3 seconds until LED lights flash.

To play or pause, single press the Multifunction button on either left/right earbuds.

To skip to the next song, press on the ‘+’ button on the right earbud.

To go back to the previous song press on the ‘-’ button on the left earbud.

Press the Multifunction button to receive or hang up calls. To reject a call, press on either the Multifunction button for 2 seconds.

To activate the voice assistant, press the Multifunction button for 2 seconds. 

Connectivity, CVC(Clear Voice Capture), And IPX Rating

Boat airdopes 491 true wireless headset connects with almost any device as long as it has Bluetooth, so you can enjoy hands-free calling.

Since it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, it has a very stable connection with almost zero latency.

You can also use your phone’s voice assistant like Siri for iOS and Google assistant for android users.

This makes it easier to connect and control your device when it’s not within your reach.

The Boat Airdopes 491 true wireless in the ear headphone boasts an IP67 rated shield against moisture like water and dust as well as sweat.

This is a very convenient feature as most people use earbuds while exercising and have to worry about their sweat affecting the longevity of the earbuds.

This boat true wireless Bluetooth airdopes headset is not suitable for underwater activities.

It can be used during rain or in places with high humidity.

But that’s about it. There is also a one year warranty given during the time of purchase.

Boat Airdopes 491 Charging Case Performance

Boat airdopes 491 charging case

This boat airdopes Bluetooth earphone pair charging case has a rectangular shape and a compact design.

It features lights on one side which display its charging status.

The surface of this boat airdopes true wireless earphone charging case has a premium matte black finish.

The only con is that it’s heavier and bulkier than other charging cases in the market. This reduces its portability.

This could be because of its enormous battery, which is fairly uncommon in charging cases of other wireless earbuds. It is tough and sturdy.

It is a useful accessory to carry around in case you have to store your earbuds when you aren’t using them, or you have to charge them.

Paired up with its charging case, you can use the earbuds for as long as 50 hours and 15 times, which is the highest battery life of any Boat true wireless Bluetooth earbuds released till now. 

Boat Airdopes 491 Pros(Positive)

C-type Charging Port
Battery Playback Time upto 4 hours
Stylish Sporty Premium look
Excellent sound and call quality
Can be charged upto 15 times using charging case
Steady Bluetooth connectivity
Mono Earbud Usage
Supports Stereo Calling

Boat Airdopes 491 Cons(Not Good)

Placement of buttons is inconvenient
Buttons are stiff
Volume can be overwhelming
NO Touch Buttons

Final Verdict(Conclusion)

The Boat Airdopes 491 true wireless earphones are a fantastic product for people looking to buy a reliable and budget-friendly set of earbuds.

Its sound quality easily rivals earbuds from big-shot companies like Bose. Boat Airdopes 491 also comes with a massive 1800mAh battery. So it is very suitable when you are traveling.

The brand Boat is a relatively new brand when it comes to sound equipment but they have been consistent with releasing good products.

This makes them a good alternative to companies like Samsung and Apple, who have already secured their position in the business.

Thank you for reading the Boat Airdopes 491 Review in detail.