Boat Airdopes 441 Vs 381 Comparison

Boat Airdopes 441 Vs 381 Comparison: Which are The Best Earbud

The boat has rapidly started to dominate the Indian market with its feature-rich yet affordable earphones/headphones. Boat has launched boat airdopes 281 pro true wireless earbuds in India 2021.

With a lot of wireless earphones being released, Boat has taken up the challenge to produce some of the best budget true wireless earbuds.

It has come up with two amazing and stylish wireless earphones namely, Boat Airdopes 441 and Boat Airdopes 381.

Today we will be having a full comparison of Boat Airdopes 441 vs Boat Airdopes 381.

By the end of this review, you will have found which wireless earphone is the best one to buy.

Boat Airdopes 441 vs Boat Airdopes 381 Specifications and Features comparison:

Boat airdopes 421 truly wireless earbuds, boat nirvanaa 1007 ANC(active noise canceling) wireless Bluetooth headphones, and boat airdopes 461 TWS launched in India.

Boat Airdopes 441 vs Boat Airdopes 381 Specifications and Top Features comparison:

Top Featrues

Boat Airdopes 441

Boat Airdopes 381

Bluetooth Feature

Range up to 10 meter

V5.0+EDR Bluetooth Profiles-HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP 
Range up to 10 meter

Music Playback time

3-4 hours

Up to 18 hours including case

3.5-4.5 hours

Up to 20 hours including Case

TWS Battery Capacity

35mAh in the buds

500mAh in the case

50mAh in the buds

500mAh in the case

Driver type

6 mm dynamic audio driver

7 mm dynamic audio driver

Charging Port

Type C

Micro USB

IPX Rating



Colour Available

Active Black, Raging Red, Spirit Lime, Sporty Blue, Bumblebee Yellow

Dark Blue and Black

Yes, inbuilt

yes inbuilt

Voice Assistant(Google/Siri)

Yes, Activate with one Touch

Yes, Activate with one Touch

Buttons Control

Capacitive Touch buttons
Capacitive Touch buttons

Charging Time

1.5-2 hours

1.5-2 hours

Special Feature

IWP Technology


Included Components in Box

Realme Buds Q Pair, Charging Case, Charging Cable, User guide and warranty card, Eartips(S,M,L)

Redmi Earbuds S Pair, User Manual, Charging case, Eartips( 3 pairs S/M/L)

Price in India

Boat Airdopes 441 Price in India

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Boat Airdopes 381 Price in India

Boat Airdopes 441 vs Boat Airdopes 381: Sound Quality and Mic(Calling) Performance

Boat Airdopes 441/451 Music & Calling Performance

The Airdopes 441 offers a 6mm dynamic audio driver with a punchy bass that doesn’t overpower the music.

Usually, bigger drivers provide better bass, but not necessarily better sound quality.

The boat has engineered an amazing pair of wireless earphones which have small drivers with amazing sound quality.

It handles Trebles with ease and produces lows with such precision. The bass is well balanced and relaxing to listen to.

It’s not the best out there but surely worth the price.

It also offers a stereo calling function. The mic does provide some noise cancellation but not as good as the other wireless earphones.

The distortion is noticeable and the volume is not very great. 

The Airdopes 441 does have a very slight lag in audio when used for gaming. This will be good for gamers, not the best.

Boat airdopes 711 true earbuds with dual mic and unique design launched in India.

Boat Airdopes 381: Audio and Calling(Mic) performance

The Airdopes 381 offers a comparatively bigger driver which is a 7mm rhythmic dynamic driver.

This is said to provide an immersive HD quality sound performance. 

The performance of these earphones is also vaguely moderate and very much similar to the Boat Airdopes 441.

They provide similar treble performance and decent thumping bass. 

The bass is quite balanced but not up to the mark. But for its price and driver size, it is impressive to see such an output.

This also offers stereo calling and has a decent Mic quality. It seems clear when talking at a stationary point.

But when traveling in a vehicle, the external noise is very noticeable on the caller’s end.

The gaming performance of these earbuds is almost similar to boat 441.

The Battery Performance Difference Between Boat Airdopes 441 and Boat Airdopes 381

Boat Airdopes 441 Battery performance

The Boat Airdopes 441 offers a really good battery backup with about 4 hours of battery life on a decent volume.

It has a lithium polymer battery of 35mAh on each bud.

The case can charge the wireless earphones 4 times due to its enormous 500mAh battery.

They do not come with any fast charging feature or wireless charging. The case offers almost a total of 17 hours of charge.

With the help of the case, the earbuds fully charge in 1hour. And the case charges fully in about 2 hours.

Boat Airdopes 381 Battery performance

The Boat Airdopes 381 comes with a battery backup of 4-5 hours on a single charge.

It contains 50mAh lithium polymers batteries. They charge in about 1.5 hours when left in the case.

The battery features are also almost similar to the Airdopes 441.

The case has a battery of 500mAh which provides almost 3 to 4 times of charging.

The charging case has a very smart LED indicator for the battery, it shows it in a circular format and reduces each LED dot to provide information on the battery.

Which one offers better battery backup?

Due to 50mah battery Boat 381 give better battery life compared to boat 441.

Which one offers better Noise cancellation between Boat Airdopes 441 and Boat Airdopes 381

Boat airdopes 441 true Wireless earphones come with Clear Voice Capture(CVC) noise cancellation which provides a decent experience when used for listening to music or calling.

The shape of the earphones provide a comfortable fit and almost entirely seal off the ear from external sounds, this creates a moderate noise cancellation effect.

Boat airdopes 381 comes with almost no noise cancellation and there is a difficulty when using the Mic outside under noisy conditions.

The fit is pretty good, it offers a full enclosure creating a mild noise cancellation effect.

Due to extra ear flags, airdopes 441 provide better noise cancellation compared to airdopes 381.

The Buds S comes with DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation. This provides an enhanced calling experience.

Due to this technology, external noise is omitted and ambient sound is suppressed.

Protection Against Water and Sweat or Water-Resistant

Due to the IPX6 rating in boat airdopes 441 they provide better protection from the water splashes and sweat.

Boat 381 has IPX5 water-resistant and sweat protection.

Boat 441 Vs 381 Controls

Both boat true wireless earbuds come with similar touch button controls, and also they perform the same button functions.

 These Bluetooth earpods do not offer a feature that allows you to control the volume form the earbuds.

You will have to change the volume from the connected device.

To reject/answer incoming calls or play/pause music, single tap any earbud.

To skip the current song, double tap on the right earbud.

To go back to the previous song, double tap on the left earbud.

To bring up the voice assistant, long press on either earbud.


Which is a better choice for me? Boat Airdopes 441 or Boat Airdopes 381.

In the competition of Boat Airdopes 441 vs Boat Airdopes 381, the Boat Airdopes 441 is the best option since it offers IPX6 Rating, a wide range of colors, perfect fit due to its fin, Type-C charging port, and IWP(instant wakeup & pair) technology.

The sound quality and Mic offered are very similar in both the earbuds making it difficult to distinguish on the bases of sound quality.

But boat airdopes 441 offers overall slightly better sound quality.

But if you want a slightly better battery life then the Boat Airdopes 381 will be the best choice for you.

Other than these factors there is nothing that differentiates them. They both cost the same at Rs 2,499.

Which has better comfort Boat Airdopes 441 or Boat Airdopes 381?

The Airdopes 441 has an attached rubber/silicone fin which provides a secure fit and is useful when doing workouts or going for jogging.

It also has an IPX6 rating which makes it sweat-resistant and water-resistant as well.

The Airdopes 381 has a decent ergonomic design, but a bit bulky.

It tends to fall out during workouts and not stay in place. Plus, it only offers an IPX5 Rating.