Boat Airdopes 431 Reviews

What is your take to beating stress during those tight schedules? Some latest jazz or a classic instrumental? Music acts as a great stress buster.

All the more, it is a powerful mood elevator. 

If ultimate control is your goal, then in-ear true wireless headphone is the best option.

Boat Airdopes 431True Wireless Bluetooth Headset is the latest launch in the segment.

Let us go through a quick review of this boat airdopes earpods.

The things we will see in the review guide 

Boat Airdopes 431 Review

Boat Airdopes 431 Specifications and features

Boat Airdopes 431 Pros and Cons

Boat Airdopes 431 Latest price in India and its launch date or release date

Some unique specs in Boat Airdopes 431

Compare with Boat Airdopes Earbuds

Where to buy Airdopes 431 online?

Boat launched boat airdopes 431 in February 2020 in India at Flipkart.

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Boat Airdopes 431 Review

This article covers the detailed review of Boat Airdopes 431 true wireless earphones.

We will analyze the design, sound, battery performance, and other specifications of this recent launch boat earbud in India 2020.

Box Content And Accessories

The tagline of the product reads – “GROOVE ON THE MOVE”

1× pair of boat Airdopes 431 twin wireless ear-buds
Charging Case or Buds Carry Case
C-Type Charging Cable
2×Pair of Additional Earmuffs(S, M)
Users Manual Guide
Boat Warranty Card
Other Boat Products Detail Card
Boat Airdopes Box Contents Accessories

Boat Airdopes 431 Review: Specifications, Features, Price in India, Audio Performance

Let’s see how these earphones perform in the music and calling department.

Boat Airdopes 431 Audio Performance and Mic(Built-in)

The sound quality of this boat true wireless earphone is average. The sound delivered is good in terms of loudness.

The latest launch claims to provide excellent bass. But the ratio of bass is slightly on an aggressive side.

The earpiece has an inbuilt microphone for prompt stereo calling facility. Boat Airdopes 431 true earbuds provide an average noise cancellation or CVC.

This feature is workable in peaceful environments with lesser disturbance. In traffic areas, you may experience trouble with the audio quality.

Users report slight sound delay while playing higher graphic games like PUBG. Overall, the sound quality is feasible at the price. But, it doesn’t provide a good experience while calling or gaming.

Boat Airdopes 431 Specifications And Features, Price


Airdopes 431 True Wireless

Headphone Type.

TWS(True Wireless Stereo) In-Ear True Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Technology


Bluetooth Profiles


Charging Case

500mAh(3x times charge)

Earbuds Battery Capacity

43 mAH ×2(3.5 hours)

Music Playback time

3.5 hours


Supports Stereo Calling

Buttons Type

Easy access to controls (No CTC)

Voice Assistant




Sweat & Water Resistant

IPX4 Rated


Blue, Black, Red

Frequency Range

20 Hz to 20KHz

Standby Time

Greater than 24 hours

Charging Time

1.5 hours

Wireless range

10 meters

Charging Connectivity



1 Year

Boat Airdopes 431 Price in India

Build, Design and Comfort

boat airdopes 431

Boat airdopes 431 true wireless Bluetooth airpods are available in three sassy colors; black, blue, and red.

If comfort with style is what you are seeking, then Boat Airdopes 431true wireless earbuds might be the right fit.

No doubt, it’s both comfortable and stylish. Airdopes 431 is a compact earphone in the wireless range.

It is snug and super comfy earbuds fit in perfectly. These in-ear wireless headphones have two 7mm drivers for an improved bass experience.

The earpieces come with a 500 mAH charging case with a type C port.

Design and Build quality of Charging Case

Boat Airdopes 431 Charging Case

The charging case is very sturdy and stylish. It has an ultimate finish and a compact size.

The LED lights embedded on the case indicate the battery status of the case.

When the battery is between 25% to 100%, a green light from LED will flash.

When the battery of the case is less than 25%, a red light will flash.

The case can be easily charged through a USB port via a cable.

Orange light from LED indicates that the case is charging.

Green light from LED indicates that the case is fully charged.

Boat Airdopes 431 Earbuds Charging Case Performance

It can charge this boat true wireless bluetooth earphones up to 4 times. Place one end of the charging cable into the case. Put the other end in the USB port.

Boat Airdopes Earbuds LED Indicators

Manual power on – LED begins to flash in blue

Manual power off– Red LED indicator

Factory reset – LED will flash blue on both the earbuds.

Charging case – Orange light indicates that the case is charging.

Charging indicator in earbuds– Red LED indicates that earbud is charging.

Connectivity of Boat Airdopes Earpods

The wired counterparts are known for their unmatched sound quality. But in the wireless range, if anything comes close, it is Boat Airdopes 431 true wireless earphone.

It is backed up by Bluetooth 5.0  and covers a wireless range of around 10 meters. Now, stay seamlessly plugged into nirvana in the music you love.

Boat Airdopes Twin Wireless Ear-buds IPX Rating

IPX4 rated, this Bluetooth headphone set is water and sweat resistant.

So, tune into your favorite playlists while sweating out in the gym.

No need to worry, if you get caught in a light drizzle on your way back home.

Boat Airdopes 431 Button Controls(No CTC)

Boat Airdopes 431 Button Controls

Easy-access control provides you ultimate control. Use clickable control buttons for instant access to voice assistants.

Take or reject calls, play or pause music, change songs via this feature within no time.

MFB(Multi-Function Button)

2 sec: Long press the Main function button on either earbud. Reject incoming calls and activate voice assistant via this button.

3 sec: Long press the MFB on both the earbuds. It facilitates manual power on.

5 sec: Long press the MFB on both the earbuds. It facilitates manual power off.

15 sec: Long press the MFB for 15 sec for factory reset.

How To Activate Voice Assistant

Long press the MFB button on either earbud for two seconds. It will activate the voice assistants.

How To Answer or hang up call

Single press the MFB on either earbud to answer an incoming call. Repeat the procedure to hang up.

How To Reject incoming Call

Long press the MFB on either earbud for two seconds. This would reject the incoming call.

How To Play or Pause Music

Single press the MFB on either earbud to play a song or to pause one.

How To Play Next track

Double press the right ear bud’s MFB to jump to the next track.

How To Play Previous Track

Double press the left ear bud’s MFB to return to play the previous track.

Directions for Use

It is extremely easy to use Boat Airdopes 431 true wireless earbuds. The manual provides a detailed description of the installation process.

Follow the instructions for a hassle-free use of the latest Boat launch.

How to Pair Boat Airdopes 431 With Mobile

All you need to do is turn on your Bluetooth. Remove your earpieces from the charger case. Within no time, your mobile phone reads them. 

Pair them by clicking on Airdopes 431. Whoa! You are on your way to an amazing experience!

Mono Mode or  Single earbud Usage

Use either of the two earbuds in mono mode. The selected earbud will enter conduction mode.

Turn on the Bluetooth connection on your media device. Click on the Airdopes 431 pop-up to connect.

Stereo Mode

To activate the stereo mode, take out the other earbud from the case. It will turn on and pair with its partner earbud.

Smart Power OFF

Put both the true wireless earbuds into the charging case after use. Earbuds will switch off and enter into charging mode.


The guidebook comes in with easy instructions to deal with troubleshooting like these. 

If only one earbud is functioning.

Earbuds are not in scan mode. No alternating red and blue flashes appear.

However, these problems can be resolved by the Factory data reset.

All you got to do is give a quick read and follow the instructions. Perform a quick and vigil factory reset to get rid of any issue.

Boat Warranty Period

The boat offers a warranty period of one year for this true wireless ear buds.  The warranty fully accounts for manufacturing defects. But it does not cover physical damage done by the user.

Latest Price in India

It is priced from Rs 2,999  to Rs 5,999 on some of the best shopping platforms. Look out for the right offer to get the best deal.

Boat Airdopes 431 Pros and Cons

Boat Airdopes 431 Pros(Positive)

C-type Charging Port
It has great visual appearance and stylish finish
It is backed up by voice assistants.
Latest Bluetooth connectivity
Mono Earbud Usage
Supports Stereo Calling

Boat Airdopes 431 Cons(Not Good)

It does not provide a good noise cancellation feature. So, you may experience trouble during calling in traffic.
Bass balancing is not good.
It is not workable with high graphic games like PUBG.
NO Touch Buttons


The noise cancellation feature is workable only in peaceful environments.

So, it may not provide complete isolation in noisy areas. Also, if you are a gamer, then these earbuds are not recommended for you. 

However, if you are not a gamer and an average CVC is not an issue, then you may buy Boat Airdopes 431(Flipkart) true wireless earphones.

Check Price on Boat Website

Also, Boat Airdopes is bass focused. Do you want an amazing bass experience with style? Go, grab it.

Thank you for reading Boat Airdopes 431 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds review.