Wireless earbuds have gradually become a crucial part of everyday life. With new routines that include solo exercise, zoom meetings, and online video streaming, it is no wonder that people are feeling drawn towards these types of products. But before you hop onto this trend, it is necessary that you are thorough with your knowledge.

It’s important to check the battery life, sound quality as well as Bluetooth connectivity of these products so that you invest your money in the right place. This will not only save you from disappointment but will improve the efficiency of your work too. A lot of trusted brands are present in the market; one of them is Boat.

It has given various efficient products such as Boat Airdopes 621 and Boat Airdopes 441 Pro(Review). Here we’re talking about the Boat Airdopes 391 in detail that you’ll find on Amazon for a discounted price of 1,999 INR. Also, check out our review on Boat’s recent release, Boat Airdopes 501 ANC(Review). 

Box Contents

The product is delivered in a small box with the tagline “Believe in your senses” printed on it. It also shows the product’s key highlights on both sides. Contents you will see are:

  • A Boat sticker that says “#IamABoAtHead” that you can use wherever you like
  • A Warranty Card that you can use to get your product registered
  • FAQ Card to clarify all the common queries users have 
  • A Boat products catalog to introduce you to some of their best products
  • A User Manual to make things convenient for you
  • Boat Airdopes 391 with its charging case
  • A type C charging cable 
  • Extra eartips

Boat Airdopes 391 Full Specifications

Product NameAirdopes 391
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth Range10 meters 
Deep BassYes
Switch between Music and CallYes
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver Unit6 mm 
Charging CableType C
Charging Time1.5 hours 
Battery Life23 hours 
Warranty TypeManufacturer
Not Covered in WarrantyAny physical defects
Additional FeaturesASAP Fast Charge, Voice Assistant, and Boat Signature Sound
AvailabilityCheck Best Price Deal Online

Check Best Price on Boat Website

Design of Boat Airdopes 391 TWS

Its charging case is somewhat bulky but handy. There is Boat branding on the charging case and earbuds too. All the color variants of the product are available in dual color.

The built quality is also decent. There is an LED indicator on the charging case as well as earbuds for your convenience. There is a type C charging port at the backside. However, no reset button is given. 

The shape of the earbuds is somewhat different but comfortable and ergonomic. The build is similar to the Boat Airdopes 121v2. There are left, and right markings present for your ease. The earbuds do not fall off easily. However, due to their bulky size, users won’t be confident to jog or workout wearing them.

Long usage of these earbuds will not be uncomfortable. Initially, wearing them can be a little challenging, but you will get used to them. Its IPX4 rating makes it water-resistant. 

Boat 391 True Wireless Earbud Bluetooth and Pairing Feature

Boat Airdopes 391 employs Bluetooth version 5.0. To connect your smartphone with Boat Airdopes 391, open the lid of the charging case.

Its IWP Technology will automatically bring the earbuds into pairing mode. It is indicated by blinking LED lights on your earbuds. Turn on the Bluetooth of your device and look for Boat Airdopes 391 on available devices. Once you see them, click on Pair. 

Boat Airdopes 391 Bluetooth Headset Review of Touch Controls

Boat 391 touch controls

The touch-sensitive area is very well accessible. It’s where you’ll see Boat’s branding on both earbuds. The touch controls are similar to any other Boat TWS earbuds. One tap on either of the earbuds will play/pause the track. The same action will also answer all the incoming calls. Tap once on either earbud to disconnect an ongoing call. 

A double-tap on the left earbud will play the previous track, and the same action on the right one will play the next track. A long press on either of the earbuds will call upon your Google Assistant or Siri. Unfortunately, there is no touch control for volume, which means you can increase or decrease volume only through your smartphone. Overall, the touch panel is very sensitive and is of premium quality.

Boat 391 Earbud Battery Performance Review

Boat airdopes 391 charging case port and indicator

The earbuds have a 60 mAh battery, and their charging case comes with a 400 mAh battery. The charging cable used is of type C, which is universally readily available and charges at high speed. The brand claimed that each earbud could work up to 4.5 hours on every charge, and their charging case offers roughly 18 hours of backup.

However, we found out that high volume will significantly reduce this playtime, and using them on 80-100% volume will bring down earbuds’ playtime to around 4 hours. The product takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to fully charge.

Moreover, the product also has fast charge support which enables 1.5 hours of playtime on a 5-minute charge. The company claims 23 hours of playtime on a full charge. In reality, the timing may vary slightly. What can bother its users is the short playtime of earbuds per charge.

People who work for long durations will get tired of charging the earbuds every 4-5 hours. This is a major setback even for people who use it for casual gaming or listening to music, etc. 

Boat Airdopes 391 Sound Quality Review

Boat Airdopes 391 offers a passive noise cancellation feature which is very impressive. Even without any music, you will notice the surrounding noise disappear up to 60-70%. High-quality(aptX) audio is by default always on when you use Boat Airdopes 391. The product is equipped with a 6mm driver.

The Qualcomm aptX is the main highlight of the product, which gives unbelievably clear and unique sound quality. Moreover, you get a thumping bass, but not boomy bass like boat airdopes 441 and boat airdopes 441 pro. The surround sound provided by the earbuds is also impressive.

Overall, the sound quality of Boat Airdopes 391 is very rich with adequate amount of bass. Users will experience warm acoustics with incredible instrumental sounds.

Call Quality Review of Boat Airdopes 391 Truly Wireless Earbud

Boat airdopes 391 charging case

For calling, the product uses Qualcomm cVc technology to provide call noise isolation which, on usage, we found out works pretty well. The calling quality is very clear; the background noise gets blocked to a very large extent.

Your voice will not merge or get overpowered by the surrounding sound on calls. It will be loud and clear even if some of the background noise makes it to your caller. Check out Boat Airdopes 402 and Boat Airdopes 141 for even better sound and call features. 

Latency Performance: Boat 391 Review

When it comes to latency, the company has not claimed anything on the subject. There is no specific mode for gaming. During gaming sessions, the left and right sound separation is very clear.

On usage, a latency of about one second was seen between the audio and video. To put it simply, Boat Airdopes 391 TWS earbuds are efficient for casual gaming but are not made for dedicated gamers. 

FAQ Related to Boat Airdopes 391

How to keep track of the battery percentage? 

You can keep track of the battery percentage with the help of the LED indicator given on the charging case. 

How to pair the earbuds?

Since the product employs IWP technology, all you have to do is open the lid and search for Boat Airdopes 391 on the available devices on your smartphone for the first and last time. After that, the earbuds will automatically connect every time you’ll take them out of the charging case.

Is the product water-resistant?

The product has an IPX rating of four which means it can be used during workouts, running, and in the rain. However, high pressure underwater can destroy them. 

Boat Airdopes 391 Pros & Cons

  • Balanced audio performance
  • Instant Wake and Pair (IWP) technology to give you a hassle-free experience every time 
  • cVc and aptX technology for seamless calls and music sessions
  • Sweatproof and water-resistant with an IPX rating of 4 
  • Highly sensitive and easily accessible touch panel 
  • Fast charge feature 
  • Earbuds somewhat unsuitable for running and workout sessions
  • No touch controls to manage the volume in the earbuds
  • No Beast mode is given, which makes it unsuitable for gamers 

Conclusion(The Verdict) of Boat 391 Full Review: Is Boat Airdopes 391 Worth Buying? 

Boat airdopes 391 comes in a very funky design that is attractive and ergonomic. Its touch control area is easily accessible and works well. Moreover, the product is sweatproof and water-resistant. When we talk about the sound quality, its bass is the best that you can get at this price.

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Users will get a thumpy bass and clear music along with a seamless calling experience. Its Qualcomm cVc and aptX features ensure everything works fine. However, the product is not for gaming. A latency of about a second is seen, which makes it unsuitable for gamers. This doesn’t mean that you cannot play games using these TWS earbuds. The product is still efficient for casual gaming. Its noise isolation feature is its selling point.

Check Best Price on Boat Website

Since the products with ANC cost somewhat more than Boat Airdopes 391, its noise isolation at this price becomes a great catch. We think Boat Airdopes 391 is a great option for people looking for tws earbuds. Check out the best Boat Airdopes to explore more options.