The monsters sounding Boat brand is now ahead of introducing their new product on the prime day sale 2021 in India. This Boat Airdopes 391(Best PRice Link) Bluetooth earbud is also one of their new launches.

From the information available on the teaser image, we have framed these specs and feature’s availability. Boat airdopes 141 and boat airdopes 501 anc tws will also be launching with this true wireless earbuds. Boat immortal im-200 and boat immortal im-1000d gaming headsets launching soon in India.

Specs and features of Boat Airdopes 391 Bluetooth Earbuds 

Earbuds 391 features a design that perfectly fits the ear canal. The carry case is large and sufficiently good for carrying it along with you. Similar to most of the boat Bluetooth earbuds, these 391 earbuds also have the Silicon earmuffs support to provide a relaxed feeling while listening to your favorite tunes. 

For sounding, Boat Airdopes 391 features the Qualcomm aptX audio support. So, you will get clear HD audio on any songs along with the signature sound of the Boat. Your calling will also be better with the availability of a mic on each earbud. 

In terms of control, it offers integrated touch controls over the calls and tunes. Speaking about the connectivity option, it may have the most advanced Bluetooth version by providing instant connectivity. 

Furthermore, you can connect to your paired device immediately after opening the carry case. This can be achieved with the help of the Instant Wake N pair technology. 

For providing maximum play hours, it features a decent battery. Along with the battery life, you will also have the option to get instant playtime of 90 minutes with a charge of 5 minutes. 

We have listed all the important listed in the teaser poster briefly here. To know much more interesting features of this Earbuds 391, we have to hold for their official launch.