Boat Airdopes 311v2 Reviews

Boat airdopes 311v2 is the upgraded version of the bestseller boat airdopes 311 true wireless earphones.

This latest version of boat airdopes 311 comes with some improvement. Such as the latest  Bluetooth version 5.0, many colour options.

What things we will know in this review guide of boat airdopes 311v2 true wireless earbuds.

Boat Airdopes 311v2 review or boat airdopes 311 review in detail.

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Specifications and important features

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Price in India online

We will compare these earpods with other true wireless bluetooth earbuds.

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Boat Airdopes 311v2 Review: Twin Wireless True Earbuds(Earpods)

In this review guide of boat airdopes 311v2, we will look at its most important features in detail.

We will give the review about the sound and bass performance of these true boat earpods, build quality, how they fit in the ear, IPX protection against water droplets and dust, battery life playback time, headphones charging time, LED indicators, about buttons controls, and many other unique specifications.

Box content and accessories of Boat Airdopes 311v2

Boat airdopes 311v2 come with “ELEVATE YOUR GAME” tagline that is written on the box of this twin wireless earpods.

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Twin Wireless Ear-Buds Pair
Micro USB Charging Cable
2x pairs of additional earmus (S & L)
Portable Charging Case(Carry Case)
Catalogue of other BoAt products
Boat Warranty Card
User Manual fir Using Guide
Boat Airdopes 311v2 Box Content

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Review: Specifications, Price in India, Bass and Audio Performance

Let’s check out how these true wireless headsets provided the overall audio output, calling(Mic) and Bass performance.

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Audio Performance And Speaker(Mic)

Considering this true wireless earbuds’ price range, the sound quality will not disappoint you.

BoAt 311v2 earbuds have never fallen short when it comes to providing excellent sound quality.

The boAt true earbuds come with HD sound. The bass quality was also extraordinary.

The earbuds are very suitable for people who like to tune in to some upbeat music with heavy beats and strong bass.
The call quality is underwhelming.

The audio is muffled and unclear. This may lead to problems for people who play online games like PUBG as these games require 3d sounds.

You may also have trouble listening to the voices of other players. It is therefore not suitable for gaming.

The integrated microphone(mic) does its work seamlessly, and you can easily use them to connect to your phone’s voice assistant like Siri.

The microphones have a span of 10 meters which is more than enough for calling people and for using your device’s voice assistant.

There is no audio latency while using the earbuds.

Boat airdopes 311 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds do not come with a noise cancellation feature but can still block external sounds to some extent.

You can use them while outdoors but you might have problems if you use them in crowded or noisy surroundings.

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Specifications And Features


Airdopes(Airpods) 311v2 True Wireless

Type of Headphone

TWS(True Wireless Stereo) In-Ear Twin Wireless Ear-Buds

Bluetooth Technology Version


Bluetooth Profiles


Charging Case

500mAh(3x times charge)

Earbuds Battery Capacity

43 mAH ×2(3.5 hours), 2x40mAh(User Manual)

Music Playback time

3 to 3.5 hours


Yes, Supports Stereo Calling

Buttons Type

Easy access  controls (Clickable)

Voice Assistant

Supports Google/Siri

Drivers Diameter

6mm x 2 Drivers

Sweat & Water Resistant Rating


Available Colors

Active Black, Midnight Blue, Raging Red

Frequency Range

20 Hz to 20KHz

Standby Time

Greater than 24 hours

Charging Time

 90 Minutes

Wireless range

Approximately 10 meters

Charging Connectivity

Micro USB Type



Item Weight

100 grams

Earpod Dimensions

7.5 x 4 x 3 cm

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Price in India

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Build, Design and Comfort of Boat Airpods 311v2

Boat Airdoopes 311v2 build quality

Boat airdopes 311v2 true wireless headsets have a very sleek and classy design.

However their look was fairly run of the mill and boring.

It has a basic black matte finish with two more color options (Raging red and Midnight blue).

The earbuds have a rubbery feel to them.
These boat airdopes true headphones fit in your ears firmly so you won’t have to worry about them falling off.

They cannot be used for activities like jogging and dancing as they get loose and fall off.

This boat true wireless earpod might be too broad for some people. The buttons are placed conveniently on the earbuds.

The truly wireless earbuds pair themselves automatically after being taken out of their charging cases.

The earpods have a ring of light which flash blue and red to indicate that the earbuds are pairing up. The lights stop flashing once they are paired.

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Battery Performance

Boat airdopes 311v2 true wireless earphones come with a charging case with a 500mAh battery.

The battery capacity is not extraordinary but it is not bad for this price point. You can charge your boat airdopes for about 3 times using a fully charged charging battery case.

Each charge takes around 1.5 hours.
Once fully charged, you can only use the earbuds continuously for about 3.5 hours for calling or listening to music.

The earphones can last for about 100 hours when not in use as each earbud has a good battery capacity.

Boat Airpods 311v2 Buttons Controls

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Button Controls

The buds pair with themselves automatically connect to each other once taken out of the charging case.

This boat AirPods true wireless earpods come with one button.

That button performs multiple functions so we call it MFB(Multi-Function Button).

To play or pause, single press the Multifunction button.

To skip to the next song, double press on the Multifunction button.

To go back to the previous song triple press on the Multifunction button.

Press the Multifunction button to receive or hang up calls.

To reject a call, press on either the Multifunction button for 2 seconds.

To activate the voice assistant, press the Multifunction button for more than 2 seconds. 

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Available Colors

Active Black

boAt Airdopes 311v2 True Wireless Earbuds

Raging Red

Midnight Blue

Boat Airdopes 311 Connectivity, CVC, And IPX Rating

The BoAt Airdopes 311v2 wireless earbuds have Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity which works very conveniently.

You can easily connect to any device as long as it supports Bluetooth. The connection is smooth and there are no disruptions.

You can also use its microphone to connect with your phone’s voice assistant like Siri and Google assistant which is very helpful when you can’t reach your phone.

Boat airdopes 311 provides IPX5 certified protection which means that you can use it in dusty and humid environments without worries.

You can also use them while exercising or while you are doing activities that make you sweaty as they are sweatproof.

The only disappointment is that they are not suitable for underwater use.

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Charging Case Performance, Indicator LED Light

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Charging CAse

The charging case of this boat airdopes true wireless headphones is small and portable. It has a unique and premium look to it.

It has a strong form and looks solid. It has the BoAt logo on top of it. It can be opened and closed using a button.

When you open the case, you can see the two earbuds and a line of 4 LED light dots in the middle. These lights indicate their charging status.

The charging case has a built-in battery of about 500mAh, and it can charge the earbuds 3×times after being fully charged.

They have magnetic holders to keep the earbuds in the case which is a good feature.

This guarantees the earbuds won’t move around once kept in the charging case.

These LED pointers go red to show that the charging case is being charged.

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Pros and Cons

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Pros(Positive)

Super Thumping Bass & Overall Audio Performance
Premium look
The charging case is very portable.
Bluetooth 5 connectivity is seamless.
The price is affordable
Available in Many Colours
Mono Earbud Usage
Very Tactile Buttons(Very Easy to Press)

Boat Airdopes 311v2 Cons(Not Good)

NO Type C Port
NO Capacitive Touch Buttons(CTC)

Final Verdict(Conclusion)

The BoAt Airdopes 311v2 earbuds are a great set of beginner earphones that music and tech aficionados can purchase on a tight budget.

The boAt has been very consistent with providing excellent quality wireless headset.

Despite being moderately new to the business, they have made phenomenal products that have matched items from notable brands.

The Airdrop series has a lot of good earbuds which are also very budget-friendly.

The BoAt 311v2 Airdopes are one of the cheapest models you can find in the market right now. They retail for about ₹2999 on Amazon.

Thank you for reading the review of boat airdopes 311v2 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds.