BoAt Airdopes 161 Pro Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Hi there! In this “Boat Airdopes 161 Pro review,” we will take an in-depth look at Boat’s recent addition to its lineup. Focusing solely on the product itself, we’ll examine the features and performance of the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro without any exaggerations. As part of Boat’s latest uploads, this model joins the ranks of other popular products like the Boat Airdopes 141 Neo, Boat Airdopes Zing, and Boat Nirvana Ion.

By presenting factual information, readers can gain valuable insights into the strengths and capabilities of the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro and its place among the Boat’s recent offerings. Let’s explore this product’s true potential and delve into the key aspects of this product to better understand its potential in the market.

Boat Airdopes 161 Pro Review: Exploring the Impressive Specifications

Diver size10mm
CodecSBC/AAC supported
IWP technologyYes
Latency level60 ms
Beast modeYes
Playtime8 – 10 Hrs (at 60% volume)50 Hrs with case
Dual PairingYes
ASAP Charge Playtime10 minutes provides 150 minutes of playtime
Dual micsYes
ENx technologyYes

Sleek Sophistication: Unraveling the Design and Build Quality

The Boat Airdopes 161 Pro review shows off a simple yet sleek design, featuring an oval case with the Boat logo prominently printed on the front side. On the bottom, you’ll find a battery indicator light, a convenient Type-C charging port, and a reset button.

One of its standout features is its ergonomic design, which ensures a comfortable fit in hand and makes it easy to carry around. The earbuds are equipped with magnets, adding a level of convenience and security when not in use.

The device shares a similar look and feel to the Boat Airdopes 181, giving users a sense of familiarity with the brand’s aesthetic.

Moreover, the neat fit of the earbuds makes them suitable for various activities such as gym workouts, jogging, and more, ensuring they stay in place during your active lifestyle.

Boat Airdopes 161 Pro Review of Call Quality: A Closer Look at the Audio Quality and Crystal-Clear Conversations

When Boat Airdopes 161 Pro comes to calls, these earbuds provide apparent and good voice transmission. 

While indoors, it delivers very decent call quality but outdoors, it provides you enough satisfaction of calling experience but not the peak. 

The inclusion of dual mics and ENx technology further optimizes call transparency, bringing in conversations crystal-clear even in noisy environments, and boosting the earbuds’ performance to claim everyday needs.

The Power That Lasts: Delving into the Battery Quality

The Boat Airdopes 161 Pro excels in battery quality, ensuring you stay connected and entertained for extended periods. At 60% volume, you can enjoy an impressive playtime of 8 to 10 hours on a single charge. Additionally, the charging case provides an incredible 50 hours of backup, ensuring you have power on the go.

You gain 150 minutes of playtime in just 10 mins of charging. This quick charging capability allows you to resume your music or calls without unnecessary interruptions, making the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro a reliable companion throughout the day.

Boat Airdopes 161 Pro Review: Navigating with Touch Controls

A single tap on the left sidePauses the track or attends the incoming call
A single tap on the right sidePlays the track
Double tap on the right side Plays the next track or ends up the call
Double tap on the left side Plays previous track
Long touch on the left sideEnables Google Assistant
Long touch on the right side Enables Beast mode

Gaming Immersion: Unleashing the Gaming Quality

Now let’s talk about boat airdopes 161 pro review in gaming. Gamers will be delighted with the impressive gaming quality offered by the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro. With an ultra-low latency level of just 60, you can enjoy a seamless and responsive gaming experience. The “Beast Mode” feature further enhances the gaming performance, providing an immersive environment for intense gameplay.

When it comes to shooting games, these earbuds prove to be a valuable asset. Their precision and clarity allow you to easily locate enemies through sound cues.

Seamless Connectivity: Exploring the Dual Pairing Feature

Boat airdopes 161 pro review of audio performance is here. One of the key highlights of the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro lies in its dual pairing feature, offering a significant advantage to users. With this capability, you can effortlessly connect two devices simultaneously. Here’s how it works: Initially, pair the earbuds with one device and turn off the Bluetooth. 

Then, connect the earbuds to a second device and turn on the Bluetooth on the first device. Thanks to the Intelligent Wireless Pairing (IWP) technology, the earbuds will automatically connect to the first device when Bluetooth is reactivated, allowing you to seamlessly switch between the two devices with ease and convenience. 

With Bluetooth v5.3 connectivity and a 10mm driver size, the earbuds ensure a stable and reliable connection for uninterrupted audio playback.

The Good and the Not-so-Good: Pros and Cons Unveiled

  • Impressive Dual Pairing Feature: The Boat Airdopes 161 Pro allows users to connect two devices simultaneously, providing true versatility and seamless switching between devices.
  • Exceptional Gaming Quality: With ultra-low latency and the “Beast Mode” feature, the earbuds offer an immersive gaming experience, especially in shooting games, where sound cues help locate enemies effectively.
  • Robust Battery Performance: The earbuds provide an extended playtime of 8-10 hours at 60% volume, and the charging case ensures an astounding 50 hours of backup. The ASAP Charge Playtime feature allows for a quick 150 minutes of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging.
  • 1. Moderate Bass Quality: While the audio experience is satisfying overall, some audiophiles might find the bass quality to be decent but not exceptionally powerful.
  • Negative

The Final Note: Our Conclusion on Boat Airdopes 161 Pro Review

In conclusion of boat airdopes 161 pro review, the Boat 161 Pro proves to be a solid contender in the true wireless earbuds market, offering a host of impressive features. The dual pairing capability adds convenience and flexibility, enabling seamless connections to multiple devices.

Further, the strong battery performance provides long use, making it a perfect partner for daily activities. While the audio quality delivers decent bass and clear call performance, the limited codec support may be a drawback for those seeking higher-end audio formats.

Overall, the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro strikes a balance between versatility and functionality, catering to a wide range of users seeking a reliable and enjoyable audio experience.

Your Questions Answered: FAQs about Boat Airdopes 161 Pro Review

Can I connect the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro to multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro helps dual pairing, permitting you to connect two devices at the same time.

Does the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro support aptX codec?

No, the earbuds support SBC and AAC codecs, but aptX codec is not included in the supported formats.

Is the call quality and mic performance satisfactory?

Yes, the Boat Airdopes 161 Pro delivers clear call quality both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its dual mics and ENx technology, which enhances call clarity even in noisy environments.

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BoAt Airdopes 161 Pro Review: Everything You Need to Know
BoAt Airdopes 161 Pro Review: Everything You Need to Know

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