Boat is a well-known audio brand in the minds of audiophiles. They are now on the way to launch their next innovative audio products on the prime day sale. Boat Airdopes 141(Review) is one of their prime day launches. We have gathered all the information contained in the teaser image on Amazon. Boat will also launching boat airdopes 501 anc true wireless earbuds and boat airdopes 391 earbuds along with this earbuds.

Specs and features of Boat Airdopes 141 Bluetooth Earbuds 

Boat 141 earbuds come in a stylish look that every music freak wants. Each earpiece has a sufficient length stem that provides additional support for your wearing. Also, it has silicone earmuff support that helps in providing a sufficient relaxed fit on your ears. 

In each earbud, there are touch-sensitive pads to respond to your taps. Through these capacitive touch controls, you can control the cause and music with multiple taps. The carry case also has a stylish look with a compact size. It also has LED lights to show the charge levels on both earbuds and the case. 

For connectivity, it may have a more advanced Bluetooth version to provide instant connectivity. With the support of an Insta Wake N pair technology, it can automatically pair with your connected device without any issues.   

For sound, it may have a decent driver size to deliver the sound that every listener is looking for. Usually, the Boat brand never failed in achieving their unique sound in any of their music gadgets. So, this would also have the same features. 

Buy Boat Airdopes 141 Online

Earbuds 141 features an ASAP charging support that provides a 1-hour play in 5 mins charging time. However, for more features of these earbuds, we have to hold for the launch.