boat airdopes 121v2

The earbuds market is on fire in the audio electronics sector, and boAt is here to dominate. The stunning boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds are their latest entry in the affordable range section.

These earbuds were launched very recently on the Amazon prime day sale, which was an exclusive event just for Prime members on the 6th of August at a discounted price.

They are advertised to be full of features including a stunning battery, trendy look, and immersive sound.

Boat airdopes 421 true earbuds with long ear hooks, boat airdopes 461 tws Bluetooth headsets launched in India 2020.

Do these pocket-friendly earbuds hit the mark without pulling punches? You’re about to find out. Check out my boat airdopes 121 review in detail.

Boat Airdopes 121 True Earbud Review

Let us begin our boAt Airdopes 121 review with the box contents.

  • boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds pair
  • Charging case
  • USB cable for charging the earbuds
  • Extra earmuffs of small and medium-size, assuring a snug fit to every user
  • Warranty card valid for a year after purchase
  • boAt catalog of several other products.
  • User guide 

Boat Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds Review: Build Quality and Fit

The earbuds are available in 3 stunning colors, some of which are quite unusual. The colors are active Black, mysterious blue ( a sea green type of color), and cherry blossom ( light and sober pink).

They have a dual-toned finish and are very much lightweight. The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds weigh only 4 grams.

You will not even realize there is anything in your ears, and you can comfortably wear these boAts Airdopes 121 earbuds for longer durations without feeling any discomfort in your ears.

This is particularly useful for people who are on phone calls for hours after hours.

Boat nirvanaa 1007 Anc( active noise canceling) Bluetooth headphones and boat airdopes 711 TWS with longest battery backup up to 10 hours in a single charge launched in India 2020.

The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds have the curves in just the right places that fit your ear’s curves like a zigsaw puzzle. The fit is extremely tight and secure.

The earbuds will not leave your ears even after shaking your head like a maniac. Hence if you had to wear these boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds while jogging or to the gym, you don’t have to worry about losing them anymore.

There are clear indicators on the charging case for the left and right earbuds to remove any mistakes regarding the earbuds’ storage. 

They have a led indicator on top which blinks red or blue. Besides the led, there is a boAt logo

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Boat Airdopes 121 Review: Features and Specifications(Specs)

Headset TypeTruly wireless earbuds
Bluetooth Version5.0 
Charging Case Battery380 mAh
Earbud Battery Capacity40 mAh
Playback Time3.5 hours 
Control TypeButton control
Voice AssistanceSupports
Sweat and Water ResistanceIpx 4
Standby Time100 hours
Charging Time2 hours
Wireless Bluetooth Range10 m
Charging TypeMicro USB
Warranty1 year
Weight36 g
Dimensions6.7*2.7*3.2 cm 

Boat Airdopes 121 Earbuds Charging Case

boat airdopes 121v2 review

The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds’ charging case is a capsule-like design and is made of hard plastic material. The case has a matte finish and is very compact. It is so compact that it is even difficult to take the earbuds out of the case.

On top of the charging case, there is an inscription of the boAt logo. On the side, there is a micro USB slot for charging the external case.

Unfortunately, there is no indicator on the outside of the box, which can inform whether the case is charging or not.

However, on opening the box, you get a led indicator that shows the exact percentage of the battery of the case digitally.

There is a magnetic lock holding the boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds to the case, which is neither too strong nor too loose. It pretty much does its job, but if you shake the case way too much, the buds will get detached and fall.

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Boat Airdopes 121 Earbuds Review: Sound Quality

The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds are equipped with 8ml dynamic audio drivers, which promises to take the user to a whole new musical world. 

The sound is reasonably loud. However, you will have no problem after hearing at maximum volume for long hours. There is no visible distortion of sound at high volumes.

The bass is moderately boosted. It is not too thumping and matches well with the mids and the highs. The vocals of the music have more clarity than the instruments.

Overall the boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds provide a very balanced audio output.

These boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds support stereo calling. While testing the call quality, it was found to be very average. The voice appears a bit unclear and distant.

Ut also gets somewhat distorted and appears different. 

These problems intensify when you go outdoors. Background noise becomes hugely predominant. There is also a distinctive echo, especially in crowded places.

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Boat Airdopes 121 Earbuds Review: Connectivity

Boat airdopes 121v2 Price

The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds are equipped with the most recent Bluetooth version, 5.0, which assures a superior and strong connection. They support different modes, including HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP. 

The wireless distance works effortlessly up to a distance of 10 meters. You also don’t have to go through the extra step of pairing the earbuds separately once and then again with the connected device. They automatically pair with each other when switched on.

For pairing your boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds with your preferred device, you need to take the buds out of your case and wait till the led indicator on them begins to blink red and blue.

Then you will how to turn on the Bluetooth in your smart device, find the boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds, and connect to them. It’s a straightforward process.

I would like to mention here that you also get to see the exact battery percentage of the earbuds below its name after connecting it, which I found to be quite useful.

The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds support the smart pairing. This means the earbuds will connect to your previously paired device as soon as you take them out of the battery case.

They will also disconnect themselves when you place them in the case and close the lid.

While playing games like PUBG, I found out that the audio-video sync wasn’t that great. There was a latency of greater than 250 milliseconds, making the earbuds almost useless for professional players.

There is no specific low latency mode, either.

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Boat Airdopes 121 Earbuds Review: Controls

Boat Airdopes 121 Controls

The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds are provided with button controls and not touch ones. This is a bit infuriating because as you press the button to control your device, you push the boAt earbuds further into your ear canal, which is equally irritating and painful at the same time.

There is no volume control option.

To answer or hang up the calls, you need to single dress the multifunctional button on either earbud.

To play or pause the ongoing track, you need to press the multifunctional button on either earbud once.

To move the next song, you need to double press the button on the right earbud, and to move to the previous song, you need to double press the button on the left earbud.

To activate voice assistance, you need to press and hold the multifunctional button for 2 seconds. 

If you long-press the multifunctional button on either of the boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds, both the buds will be manually powered off.

If you long-press any button for 3 seconds, the buds will be powered on.

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Boat Airdopes 121 : IPX Rating

The boat airdopes 121 earbuds come with an IPX rating of 4. This means that it is resistant to splashes off water and sweat. You can carry these earbuds to the gym. However, you cannot directly submerge them in water.

Boat Airdopes 121v2 Earbuds Battery Life

The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds’ charging case is equipped with a lithium polymer battery of 380 mAh capacity and can juice up the earbuds up to 3 times, lending an additional playback of 10.5 hours.

The earbuds themselves have a capacity of 40 mAh each and can play for up to 3.5 hours. The total playback time, including the case, becomes 14 hours. 

However, on testing at full volume, the buds worked for about 2.5 hours, during which I listened to the audio and took calls. 

The charging time is 2 hours, and standby time is 100 hours. 

The led indicator on the boAt earphones 121 earbuds blink red when charging and blue when they are fully charged.

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boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds colors

The color variants of boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds are quite attractive. They are active Black, mysterious blue, and cherry blossoms.

Boat Airdopes 121 Pros and cons 


  • The price is on the cheaper side.
  • The case is compact. The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds are lightweight and fit perfectly.
  • There is a led indicator to display the exact percentage.
  • The controls are smooth and work well.
  • They are IPX 4 rated.
  • The battery life of boAts Airdopes 121 earbuds is pretty decent


  • They don’t support c type charging
  • The boAt Airdopes 121 earbuds can be controlled via a multifunctional button and not touch control.
  • The magnetic lock is loose.
  • The latency is significant.
  • Call quality is average.


The boAt Airdopes 121 review: these earbuds are a remarkable piece of gadget for 1299 rupees.

They have a decent battery backup and sound quality. The controls are also smooth and work well. There are no issues with connectivity, and the fit is excellent. If you are tight on a budget, you can definitely go for these

However, I will not recommend these buds to professional gamers or to people for whom stereo calling is a priority.