Music has become a remedy now, as it lets us immerse our minds in a harmonic world. What we need is a satisfactory listening experience without any kind of disturbances. Many brands are competing to provide the best experience to every listener. Now, we took the recent launch of the top brand Boat Airdopes 101 to take a review. This Airdopes 101 has the same structure as Boat Airdopes 641 and Boat Airdopes 433.

Some Boat earbuds like Airdopes 621 have the LED charge indicators with better features. If you need an ANC earbud, you can consider the Boat Airdopes 701 ANC or Boat Airdopes 481V2

 This review is based on our usage of these earbuds and the specifications are listed on the online platforms. 

Complete Specs And Features Of Boat Airdopes 101 Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth version5.0 
Instant wake and pair supportAvailable
Battery life 15-hours (12-hours in case and 3-hours in earbud)
Charging systemType C 
Driver size 13 mm 
Connectivity range 10 m 
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS 
Controls Touch controls 
Voice assistant supportGoogle, Siri 
Weight 130 g 
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Build quality and durability 

Both the carry case and the airdopes have better build quality. The weight of the carry case is low, so you can toss it in your pocket when you go out. However, the only negative thing about the earbuds is that they don’t have a waterproof rating. 

So, if you are going to use it while workouts, this earbud is not the perfect choice.  

Comfort and fit 

As the earbuds have low weight, they will feel light on your ears. Further, the availability of Silicone ear muffs places this earbud on the ears at the utmost comfortable position. So, you can use the Bluetooth earbuds for a long time without any irritating sensation. 

Connectivity features

Similar to most of the Boat Airdopes, this Boat Airdopes 101 has the support of Bluetooth version 5. You can see this Bluetooth version in most of the recent earbuds, as it provides a better connectivity range and minimum lag. 

When we consider the connectivity feature of this product, we can experience better connectivity to a range of 10 m. Further, it has the support of instant wake and pair technology. So, for the first time, you have to do the pairing manually, and from the next time, it will automatically pair to the connected device when you open the lid of the carry case. This feature works well and it gets connected instantly when I open the carry case lid. 

After connecting to the earbud, the sound will be good without breaking when you wander around to the audio gadget. But, when you move far, you can clearly notice the audio breaks. So, even if you move, don’t go too far when you need strong music bands. 

Audio quality and call features

For generating the sound output, Boat Airdopes 101 has the availability of 13 mm dynamic drivers. Basically, the Boat brand is famous for its ultimate unique sound. 

Boat Airdopes 101 also made it true with the better sound output. The sound output would be a treat to your ears, as you have a comfortable fit along with the soothing sound. 

Speaking about the bass, it is sufficient, but for some tunes, it may seem to muffle. However, the bass effects are like the icing on the cake to make a perfect fit with the sound. 

For calls, each earbud has the availability of a mic. So, it can capture your voice with clarity. The only negative side that I feel is the lack of noise cancelation. Though it has the availability of passive isolation, it would be better to have the cancellation on calls and music. 

Battery and charging system

Airdopes 101 has a sufficiently decent battery to provide a maximum of 15-hours of playtime. It has a Type-C charging system, so you can use your regular phone charger to charge them whenever you run out of charge. 

For testing the battery performance, I completely charged the TWS for 2 hours. So, I used the TWS for approximately 2-hours per day. As I am using this for a short duration, Airdopes 101 charge remained for a week. So, if you use it for more, you can use the Airdopes for 1-2 days. 

In each earned, you will get 3-hours of playtime. It is also sufficiently good for me, and however if you usually listen for more duration, this wouldn’t satisfy your requirements. 

Touch controls 

You can control the music and calls using touch controls. Each earbud has specific touch control responsibility, so check the manual of the TWS to do the correct function. Through three multiple taps, you can activate the voice assistant. 

All the functions are in perfect sync to respond immediately. Voice assistant support is also better and easier to use. 


Overall, I feel satisfied with the sound generation and other comfortable factors such as fit and controls with this Boat Airdopes 101. Battery performance is also sufficient for moderate use. However, you can get any other earbuds under the same price tag if you are a fitness freak. To conclude about these earbuds, it is worth it to go for the sound and comfortability.