The boAt Airdopes has many variants with high-quality audio output. They generally have a better design with comfortable wearing. Now, they have launched a new product in their Airdopes series with a product, boAt Airdopes 101. Boat has launched boat airdopes 281 pro truly wireless earbuds with 32 hours battery life in India 2021.

This all-new airdopes has a long stem with a decent finishing. Each earpiece has a boat logo with capacitive touch controls. The specs and features are listed here. Check all boat headphones and tws launching on amazon India prime day sale 2021.

Top Specs And Highlights Of The boAt Airdopes 101 

  • Bluetooth version 5.0.
  • 12-hours of maximum playback.
  • Instant Wake n pair technology.
  • Powerful 13mm drivers.
  • It has integrated touch controls.
  • It supports both stereo and mono modes.
  • LED indicators available on the case and each earpiece.
  • Lightweight and portable.

Most of the recent airdopes from boAt has this recent version of Bluetooth 5. This version gives instant pairing to your audio devices with a maximum connectivity range of 10m. Go wireless with these portable stylish airdopes.

Boat Airdopes 101 Features and Review

Each earpiece packs a 50mAh battery to give a continuous 3-hour music playback. However, it can be increased up to 12 hours by charging it with the charging case. 

Through the help of charging case, you can again run your airdopes about three times.

Instant Wake N Pair Technology

The instant wake N pair technology helps you to connect your device instantly. Simply open the cap of the charging case and it will pair the airdopes instantly to your paired device.

Each earpiece is paired with each other. So, you can pair both earpieces to your device in no time. This airdopes has a maximum standby of 70-hours. 

Powerful 13mm Drivers

These airdopes accompany powerful 13mm drivers that deliver a rich audio output. The audio is coupled with a powerful bass output to get an enriched audio experience. A 6mm driver is available in each earpiece to give a decent audio output. 

Integrated Touch Controls

For easy controls, each earpiece has integrated touch controls. Make a single tap on any earpiece to answer a call. If you need to deny the call, hold the touch panel for 1.5 seconds. 

Similar to the call controls, make a tap on any earpiece to play or pause a song. To play the next track, tap twice on the right earpiece and tap twice on the left earpiece to play the previous track. 

It also has voice assistant support you can activate it by holding the earpiece for two seconds on any earpiece. However, you can’t control the volume with these airpods. You have to control the volume only through your audio device.  

A continuous three taps on any earpiece causes factory reset and hold for 5 seconds will switch off the airpods. It accompanies a type-C charging.


Support For Stereo Mode And Mono Mode

Most of the recent and advanced earbuds have this feature. You can use a single earpiece for different devices, and also it allows you to use both earbuds at the same time for getting stunning audio quality.  

To use the earbuds on stereo mode, simply open the lid of the case, and it will automatically enter the stereo mode. 

If you want to use your earbud in mono mode, take out a single earbud and hold it for about three seconds. Then the earbud can be paired independently with your device. The only negative thing is, you can’t play the next or previous tune in the mono mode. 

LED Indicators 

The charging case and each earpiece have the LED charge indicators. It helps you in knowing the charge remaining on your case. A flash of Red LED indicates the charge is below 50%, and Green LED indicates that the charge is above 50%. 

Conclusion: Boat Airdopes 101 True Wireless Earbud

This new boAt airdopes 101 is a decent product with various functions with a stylish finish. However, the volume controls are not available with this product. 

It has a low weight and carried it simply with you to get the music on the go. 

It is not available for purchase and will be available for sales soon with a price tag of 1,999 INR.