Best Offers and Discount Deal Price on Jbl C100tws Earbuds

JBL C100TWS True Wireless with Google Assistant Bluetooth Headset

Online shoppers are aware of the various sales that are going on right now because of the festive season. It is a golden opportunity to seek out all the stuff that you wanted at low prices.

Especially electronics and audio gadgets are available at low prices on stores like Flipkart and Amazon.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the JBL C100TWS headphones, which are available at the lowest price you can imagine.

It is a product which will have 52% off due to sales in Flipkart, and most possibly, this is the product that will have the most discount in this sale. It is a product by JBL, a trusted and famous company, so customers are going to go for it.

JBL t215 truly wireless earbuds launched recently.

Highlights and Specifications of JBL C100TWS

  • With a mic
  • Deep Bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 17 hours of playback time (combined with charging case)
  • Quick charging
  • Quick charging

JBL C100 TWS Lowest Price in India

The original market price of the JBL C100TWS headphones is in the amount of Rs. 7,999. It Is a JBL product, so the high prices are justified.

But Flipkart offers you this item for the low price of Rs. 3,799. It is more than 50% off.

JBL C100 TWS Features and Full Detail

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JBL signature sound

Like all JBL products, these C100 headphones will provide the buyers with the signature JBL sound. These truly wireless earbuds will make the traveling experience more enjoyable for the users because it guarantees you clear and rich audio.

The users can listen to their playlist throughout their travel time.

Long Runtime

JBL C100TWS True Wireless with Google Assistant Bluetooth Headset

The earbuds offer you an amazing runtime. The user can have a playback time of five hours when the device has a full charge in it. Even if the charge level gets low, the customers can charge it again with the help of the charging case.

When the charging case is fully charged; and you use it to supplement the wireless earphones, the JBL C100 earphones can give you an audio service of up to 12 hours. Considering the first five hours, the customer gets a playback time of a massive 17 hours.

Even if you invest fifteen minutes into charging these earphones with the help of the charging case, you can get an extra playback time of one hour.

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Bluetooth 5.0

JBL C100TWS True Wireless with Google Assistant Bluetooth Headset

Due to the Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these wireless earphones can offer the customers a wide range of support and connectivity. Because of the wireless range; you can go ahead and listen to your favorite songs without the problems of signal loss or lags.

AutoSync capabilities

The user does not need to pair each earbud individually with the device of choice. When you have paired the right earbud with a device that is compatible with the JBL C100TWS earphones, the left earbud also gets automatically connected.

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The users will have a warranty period of about one year. When something goes wrong, the customer needs to call the right number and register the appropriate complaint. But physical damages are not included in the warranty service.

Some additional details are-

  • Impedance- 32ohm
  • Headphone driver units- 5.8mm
  • Driver type- Dynamic
  • Deep bass- yes

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