Riding in a car with windows opened down, letting the fresh breeze hit your face, and listening to good music is a joyful feeling. Everyone loves to travel. Music adds more happiness to travel.

Be it melodious songs for a starry night or rock n roll during a hot morning, music pumps up a car ride. Even if you are stuck in travel, music comes to your rescue. If you turn on your AC and play a favorite song, the ride to the office becomes smooth.

Boat has launched stone 1200(Review) Bluetooth speaker with rgb lighting, stone 250 wireless portable speaker, and stone 350(Review) Bluetooth speakers recently in india.

But, to enjoy that completely, one must have good speakers. Reputed companies produce quality speakers. JBL is a perfect choice. JBL offers high-quality car speakers. They are portable and available in all price range. The bass hits the right notes.

In this article, we’ll look at the best JBL car speakers. We have covered best jbl Bluetooth speakers in India 2022 with buying guide also. We will cover its pros, cons, and specifications. In the end, we also provide the buying guide to purchase effectively.

JBL Stage1 9631

It is a polypropylene-coated woofer that provides high power. It is a 3-way coaxial speaker (woofer, midrange, and tweeter). The integrated crossover circuit allows crisp sounds. It negates useless noise frequency.

The two speakers deliver high-end power handling. The RMS power is 60 watts, and it has a Peak Power of 400 watts that makes Stage1 9631 one of the best JBL car speakers in India.


  • 2 x speakers
  • 4 ohms nominal impedance
  • 300W peak power handling
  • 50Hz – 21kHz of frequency response
  • 89 decibels Sensitivity
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Eight screws, 5-speed clips, and two grilles inside the box
  • Mylar Balanced Dome Tweeter
  • Portable Design
  • 1500 grams

  • •tFitting well within your budgetn•tPortablen•tPerfect sound output with high-end frequenciesn•tGreat on the rear shelfn•tRigid and has terrific endurancen•tNoise-canceling musicn•tClear vocalsn•tStylish trademark designn
  • •tBass not deep enough

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It has proved that JBL has undergone severe environmental tests with this speaker. Thanks to that, the endurance power is unbeatable. Even under extreme conditions, the speakers work fine.

It nicely fits in cars, SUVs, and trucks due to its minimal size.

Overall, it is a product within budget to suit your automobile.

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With an affordable budget, JBL A500HI is the right choice for your automobile. Its disc-like design adds portability. It is a 3-way speaker with onward Crossovers.

The piezoelectric super tweeter is its special feature. The addition of the crystal boosts the sound. The voltages and watts are supplied in proportions that enhance the quality.

.It runs without batteries. Bass effects are thumping and sweet.

Overall, this is the product you should choose if you want something light.


  • 6” x 9” coaxial speaker
  • 3-way speaker (woofer, tweeter, midrange)
  • PEI balanced doom tweeter
  • 45Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • 92 decibels in Sensitivity
  • IMPP-Injection-Moulded cone of polypropylene
  • The added feature of the piezoelectric super tweeter
  • 500W of superpower
  • 1 Kg
  • Batteries not required

  • •tMinimalistic designn•tDoesn’t run on batteriesn•tNice oval sized compact structuren
  • Flat bass

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One of the lesser-known products of car speakers, A500HI comes with low price and sound quality. With the help of a tray panel, it sneaks well within your cars.

The product is built with carbon mica as its enclosure material. It is 8 cm in diameter. 500 watts of power adds the necessary thumping to the music.

It comes in 2 speakers so the surround is good.


This JBL speaker is known for its price. It is cheap and easily buyable. But don’t think the price will diminish the quality. No. It is perfect in every other aspect.

The 400 watts audio provides necessary thumping. It is slightly heavy but fits beautifully in your automobile. The subwoofer is small but all the minute musical notes can be heard. The bass is excellent.

If you want something small, and at the same time fits all audio standards, CX-S697 should be your first choice.


  • 400 watts audio
  • 2 kilograms
  • No batteries included and needed
  • Dome super tweeter balanced
  • Woofer cone +1
  • 40Hz – 21kHz frequency range
  • GTO series
  • Speakers x2

  • •tEconomicaln•tDurable’n•tPeak power of 400 Wn•tEasy to installn
  • Nothing extraordinaryn

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The design of the speaker allows the sound to hear throughout the car. Its durability is one thing to admire. Take your car for long drives and you’ll never experience disturbances in the speakers.

The sturdy design gives a powerful look. The maintenance is easy. The installation is simple.

The sub-woofer enriches a theatre-like experience.

The super woofer cone gives a balanced output. The 400 watts peak power provides all the necessary noise


JBL CS 760 is a circular-sized component speaker which comes in the size of 16.5 cm. This black-colored product has a mounting depth of 5.9cm.

The package consists of 2 speakers, 2 tweeters, and 2 crossovers.

The price is not so high which makes it highly recommended.


  • Component speakers
  • 5 cm in size
  • 360 Peak Power Handling
  • 21 kHz frequency response
  • Black and circular
  • Weight: 850 g
  • Mounting depth: 5.9 cm
  • 2-way speaker

  • •tNo batteries requiredn•tGood amplifiern•tClear vocalsn
  • Not a 3-way speaker

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The bass is clear, the tuning is perfect and there is no compromise in output.

It is a good buy which is also in midrange price.


Coming under the GTO series of speakers, this JBL device has power handling which improves the durability of the speaker. The factory-amplifier powers the speaker in giving crystal-clear output.

As the name suggests, it is a high-fidelity unit that features one or more subwoofers.

The low-frequency response is crucial. All the notes are heard accurately.


  • 270-watt peak power
  • Frequency response: 67Hz – 21 kHz
  • Advanced and non-magnetic FRP frames
  • Cones: Carbon injected
  • Signal-Noise ratio: 93dB
  • Titanium laminated material
  • Gold Plated terminals
  • 1-year warranty
  • Low-level distortion
  • Low-Q woofer motor
  • 2 crossovers and 2 tweeters
  • 900 grams
  • Non-magnetic carbon composite

  • •tExcellent designn•tFiberglass reinforced plastic framesn•t3-ohm voice coilsn•tHigh sensitivityn•tSound great at high volumesn
  • Bass maybe a little weak

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The 160mm fiberglass coated plastic frame marks the defiance for its design. Even under extreme weather, the product doesn’t wear off.

The high sensitivity negates the high-frequency distortion.


JBL GX 600C has a 3-ohm voice coil (DCR) which does all the work. The external crossovers deliver killer music.

The tweeter deflector is from the cherished HARMAN. The frequency response booms up to 21 kHz. The transducers are of fine quality.


  • 2210 watts
  • Bass hits deeper
  • Dome tweeter
  • Chinese origin
  • 1 kilogram
  • 3-ohm DCR voice coils
  • Factory stereo power
  • RMS: 70 watts
  • 210 watts maximum output power (speaker)
  • 50Hz – 21 kHz frequency response
  • Sensitivity: 92dB

  • •tIndividually voicedn•tOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) level reliability testingn•tAffordable pricingn
  • Nothing to pinpoint

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One may think, with all the bonus features, the speaker may cost more. But it comes at an affordable rate.


JBL GTO529 comes with a deliverance power of 135 watts. The performance doesn’t fade with the lifetime of the speaker.

Thanks to introductions of effective areas in cones, the speaker radiates ample air.

GTO529 hits all the high notes only a bigger speaker could attain. That makes it a valuable buy.


  • 5-1/4” one pair of 2-way speakers
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • Plus OneTM speaker (carbon injected)
  • 5-45 watts RMS
  • 123 watts peak power
  • 3 ohms impedance
  • Grills include
  • Warranty – one year
  • Silk dome tweeter

  • •tThe great sound quality of valuable pricen•tPerfect for cars and trucksn•tStraight forward installationn•tSharp looksn
  • Bass not that powerful

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It also has a carbon-composite non-magnetic frame, which maintains the threshold even under challenging conditions.

JBL Stadium GTO 600C100 

For all mega volume lovers, Stadium GTO 600C100 is a must-buy. The Stadium series of JBL products are known for performance and sweet bass.

The silk-smooth tweeters produce perfect sound levels even at the highest volumes.

The OEM equalization adds richness to listening. The 2-ohm power is an adrenaline rush inducer.


  • 2-way component system
  • Rubber surrounds and fiber woofers
  • 3-way upgradability
  • 35mm woofer voice coils
  • 93dB sensitivity
  • 100 watts RMS power
  • 300 watts peak power
  • Audio Wattage is 100 (watts)
  • No batteries required
  • Item weight is 2.2 kg

  • •tLow distortionn•tImpressive audio outputn•tReliable and durable designn•tDifferent mounting optionsn
  • Nothing extraordinary for the price

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Though the product is a little costly, the features in it make it worthwhile. Overall, if you bought a big car and need something striking, then this is the product for you,

JBL Stadium GTO 620

Low impedance and high output make this the best buy. The peak power is extraordinary. JBL’s state-of-art environmental testing proves the product eco-friendly.

The sophisticated tweeters provide magnificent tuning accuracy. You can even say this as Best JBL car speaker for bass.


  • Maximum 25kHz frequency range
  • 95 dB sensitivity
  • Rubber surrounds and woofers made of Glass Fibre
  • 225 watts peak power handling
  • 30 mm voice coil diameter
  • 2-ohm amplifier

  • •tTuned competitively n•tHigh sensitivityn•tGreat mid-bassn•tGood looking grilln•tClear audio even in high volumesn
  • Nothing to specify

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The engineering of the speaker is top-notch. The logo of JBL is fiery and gives royalty to the product.

JBL BassPro SL

BassPro sits rightly according to its name. The bass offering is tremendous. Even the windows open, the music covers clearly. BassPro’s sound hits all over the car as it compactly sits under the front seat.

The shallow-looking product makes it possible to deliver low frequency. Without occupying much space, the JBL car speaker acts as a mini demon


  • Class D amplifier
  • Wired bass remote controller
  • Auto – On audio sense
  • Flexible EQ adjustment
  • 8-inch woofer
  • 985 grams
  • 12A – maximum current draw
  • •tCompact and fits aptly under seatsn•tEco-friendly designn•tPortable woofer enclosen
  • No warrantynExpensive

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It also provides a lot of input options.

If one phrase could summarise the speaker, it could be, ‘More Bass, Less Space’


Thanks to the growing market in E-commerce, buying things became easy. Due to the infinite options for one single product, there are chances that people become confused about what to choose and how to choose. If you clear the ‘how to choose’ part, the hurdle is easily crossed.

The market is buzzing with good companies who manufacture car speakers. Automatically, the question arises. How to choose the best car speaker? What are all the properties to look at?

In this section, we’ll cover the technical features one needs to keep in mind to buy a speaker for a car.

Location of the speaker:

It is known that speakers fit in the front and rear end of a car. But is it necessary that a speaker is required on both sides? Long answer short, no. Though speakers on both sides give a well-rounded effect, the technology has grown which makes one speaker more than necessary.

If you are constrained by your budget, opting for the front speaker first is preferable.

The standard size recommended is 6” x 9”

Speaker Type:

Component speakers and full-range speakers have their advantages. A component speaker works with the combined help of a tweeter and woofer. They come in multiple products which fit nicely in the car.

A full-range speaker packs everything in one single box. They are cheap and installation is also easy since it is made up of one component.

Audio Quality:

If you were attentive in your science class, you’d have known that frequency relates to sound. If not, keep in mind that, wider the range better is the audio quality. Speakers sound good till 20 kHz. Make sure it doesn’t pop above the level and go down below the minimum 10 Hz.

2-way and 3-way speakers:

A 3-way speaker consists of a mid-range component, a woofer, and a tweeter. They have high frequencies. A speaker with 2-ways is called coaxial. The components are embedded with woofers and tweeters.


Speakers that run on low power need higher sensitivities (say 90 decibels). Speakers that are made of high-power stereos should have low sensitivity.

Design material:

Since a car sees all kinds of roads and experiences all-weather, the speaker attached to it must be durable. The material with which the speaker is made is of high importance. It shouldn’t be brittle and it shouldn’t rust easily.

Fiberglass or top-quality plastic is suitable. Make sure the woofer and the surround materials are also sturdy.

Price and Warranty:

Before buying, one may have a fixed number in your mind. Stick with that budget. The speakers come in all price ranges. Look into your needs and buy accordingly. A large speaker for a small car and a small speaker for a big car does not sit well.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Best Car Speaker

Is it tough to install a car speaker?

No. By reading the manual given with the product carefully and by having the necessary tools, it is easy to install a car speaker. All the automobile repair shops offer installation facilities. It takes less time and money.

Is JBL a good company for car speakers?

Yes. JBL is a well-reputed audio company that stands tall for many decades. Also, the company has its standards for manufacturing and testing car speakers which are world-class.

Conclusion: Best JBL Car Speaker Under Rs 5000, 10000, and 15000 Rupees in India

Music makes travel more entertaining. A car without an audio device is like a party with fewer crowds. There is no fun to it. So if your vehicle lacks a speaker, immediately buy and fix one.

We saved you from choosing various products from various companies. You need not scratch your head looking at the options.

We especially consider JBL CX-S697 as best when it comes under 5000 rupees. The peak power hits high notes and dome tweeters produce banging music. All this magical features fall under low cost.

JBL GTO609C is our pick for best car speaker within 1000 rupees. It is light weighted, furbished with Titanium, and sturdy. The sound output is crystal-clear. Since JBL GTO609C has the best design and uncompromising audio, it is our pick for speakers under 1000 rupees.

JBL Stadium GTO 620 is our overall pick for best car speakers. It stands best in almost every component. Considering price range, design, making style, technical structure, it is one fine-tuned speaker. It is also the best JBL car speaker for bass.

You can go through the article. Look at the specifications, price range, pros, and cons and pick that’s suitable for you.

Thanks for reading the article. Do comment your thoughts on the best JBL car speakers and share them with fellow audio-enthusiasts.