Best Deals on Charging Cables in Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2020

As online shoppers are aware, the biggest online store in the world organizes the greatest sale of all year and named it the Great Indian Festival.

In 2020, the online store will offer it’s customers great deals to make their festival period more enjoyable. Do not miss out on exclusive deals on electronics and other accessories as this in a rare opportunity.

In this article, we tell you about the great deals on cables and charges and there are 5 items on this list.

Mi 10W Charger with Cable

The market price of this product is rs. 599 but on Amazon, Mi 10W charger with cables comes at the price of Rs.499. The important features are-

  • Fast Data Transfer
  • Strong design with quality materials
  • 1.2m length
  • 380V Surge protection is also provided by the cable. It is equipped with circuit protection.
  • This product is also BIS certified, which entails the safety of the buyer’s devices.
  • Warranty period of this charger goes up to six months.        2
  • Lightning to USB charge and Sync cable

The market price of this product was Rs. 1100 but it will be offered to you at Rs. 699. Some of the characteristics of this cable are-

The product comes in several colors such as black, red, gray and blue.

This is an Mi-certifified charging cable and this product has compatibility with iPhones, iPads, and even iPods.

The compact connector head will give no troubleas it works with almost all cases.

The product has warranty for 1 year.

The third product on our list is-

Xmate Mettle Pro 3 in 1 Cable Fast Multi-charger

This charger has the market price of Rs. 700, but it will be available for your use at Rs. 499. Some of the properties are-

The charger is fast in syncing and charging. It can connect with micro USB, IOS and Type-C cable ports.

It looks great too with its tough and sleek structure. It has platinum metal housing and durable design. Length is 1.5m and warranty lasts 1 year.

The fourth product on our list is-

USB A Lightining compatible Cable

This product is available in dark grey, silver, gold, and rose gold colors. It is also Apple MFi certified and that is a great advantage.

The product can easily connect to a host of devices such as iPhone,iPad, or even your iPod.

The cable is made of high-quality materials which ensures maximum signal quality for its customers. It even has an extra layer of protection just in case.

The cable has an warranty period of about one year.

The fifth and final product on our list of deals is-

BoAt Rugged v3 Extra Tough USB cable

The market price for this product is Rs.799 but the online store can offer this amazing product at Rs. 299.

The cable is available in the colors of black, blue, green, orange, and purple. As the name suggests, it is made of extremely durable material and it can endure more than 10000 bends in its lifespan.

It charges rapidly and compatible with most devices.

Fast data transmission and 1.5m in length.

Make sure to get some of these items at the Amazon sale!


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