Boat Aavante 1800 with Boat Nirvana 1007 ANC

Best Deals, Top Offers, and Discount on boAt  AAVANTE Bar 1800 Soundbar and boAt Nirvana 1007 ANC Headphone Combo Sale on Amazon at Lowest Price.


The boAt firm redesigned the lifestyle of people by presenting a lot of classy audio electronic gadgets like headphones, earbuds, soundbars, and many more.

In recent times, the boAt Brand received a lot of appreciation with the launch of boAt Nirvana 1007 ANC.


Transform your home into a theatre with the a new boAt AAVANTE Bar 1800 speaker.

The power-house with optimum quality boAt Signature sound attainable with unique 120W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth soundbar.

Everyone on this planet is aware of headsets that transport them to a whole new different atmosphere virtually.

The request for world-class audio electronic devices is increasing at a fast rate among individuals irrespective of age.

Due to the present scenario, people currently working from home will find both electronic gadgets beneficial.

The Christmas Sale is on as you will find an excellent offer on boAt AAVANTE Bar 1800 speaker with boAt Nirvana 1007 ANC headphone.


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The combo offer is available on the e-commerce website Amazon. The combo deal comes at a bargain price of 18,098 INR.


Top Specifications and Highlights of  Classy boAt AAVANTE Bar 1800:


  • 60W R.M.S with Wireless Subwoofer
  • Thrilling Bass
  • Integrated Soundbar Control
  • Multiple Connectivity Modes
  • Exquisite Design


You Will Discover The Following Features in The Trendy boAt Nirvana ANC 1007 Headphone.


  • Active Noice Cancellation mode
  • Smart Mute Tech.
  • 40mm driver size
  • Playback time of 30 hours
  • Swipe and Tap Control attribute
  • SmartWav Tech.
  • Bluetooth kind 5.0
  • Charging by Type C method
  • Ergonomic earcups design
  • Transport casing



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boAt AAVANTE Bar 1800 Soundbar Best Features Detail


Boat Aavante Bar 1800 soundbar


60W R.M.S with Wireless Subwoofer

You will experience the boAt signature sound with thumpy bass as the Sound Bar 1800 magnifies every note of the music.

You will sense extra bass from the side-firing structure at every single corner of your room.


Thrilling Bass

The Bluetooth 5.0 of the Sound Bar 1800 delivers influential bass to the melody without any distortions.

You will relish nonstop deep bass with the rhythmic sound quality of your preferred music.


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Integrated Soundbar Control

Now, you can regulate volume, cinema, and music with the genuine sound quality from the soundbar itself as it supports integrated control along with the powerful remote.


Multiple Connectivity Modes

The 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar endorses HDMI, auxiliary port, USB, coaxial and optical.

You can insert all types of external storage devices to your soundbar.


Exquisite Design

Your home sweet home will transform into an exquisite modern style home with the stylish design of Sound Bar.

The sophisticated finish of the soundbar adds onto the graceful look of your home.


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boAt Nirvana ANC 1007 Headphone Best Features Detail


Boat Nirvana 1007 ANC bluetooth headphone


Swipe and Tap Control Feature with Smart Mute Technology

The interaction between you and your headphone is now silkier with the modern technology called Smart Mute and SmartWav Technology.

Control the characteristics of the boAt Nirvana ANC 1007 through hand gestures.

The headphone mutes the song by itself once the user becomes busy with daily tasks.


Bluetooth 5.0 lets you Enjoy Active Noise Cancellation Mode

The latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 is present that offers you wireless mode.

The prime concern of the headphone is to block irritating and shrill noises surrounding you.

It lets the customer appreciate each moment of that thrilling cinema or song.


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Up to 30 Hours Music Playback

This boat 1007 plays music for up to 30 hours on a single charge. USB type C Port present for charging in this headphone.

The gadget works continuously for 20 hours if Anc mode turned ON.

The quick charging is possible with the valuable Type C charging method.


40mm Drivers with Sleek Design

The 40mm driver of the boAt Nirvana ANC 1007 Teleports you to a virtual dimension with impeccable sound.

The headphone is portable as well as endorses storage facility.

The headphone supports adaptable first-class protein softened cushions at the earplug makes it ergonomic.


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The black colour 120W 2.1 Channel Bluetooth soundbar popularly known as boAt AAVANTE Bar 1800 will deliver you with movielike feel at home.

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You will find bliss with the fullest boAt Signature Sound as you tune into the Nirvana music with the boAt Nirvana ANC 1007.


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