Best Boat True Earbuds

Top 10 Best Boat Airdopes True Wireless Earbuds in India 2022

It is no wonder that music can bring lost hope alive. Be it the pleasure of tuning in soulful tracks or dancing on funky tunes, the music has only evolved ever since its origin. 

In this era, when the eyeballs are finding the best music; the search for the perfect earbud is a no-brainer. 

If the wires of your favorite earphones bother you, now is the time to honor yourself with the better ones. 

And, no, we are not going to guide you with the cheap wireless ones out there. Boat airdopes 281 pro tws up to 32 hours battery life launched.

It has been proven that one of the most surreal aspects people put forward has to do a lot with comfort.  

Pushing aside every aspect, finding the best boat earbuds in India, that not only is truly wireless; but also feels light enough to rush your adrenaline should be the priority. 

Top 10 Best Boat Airdopes True Wireless Earbuds Under Rs 3000 Rupees in India 2022

One such brand that we always put above the shelf has to be the BoAt.

Born in 2013, the Indian brand marked its edge as one of the very few known brands in the year 2015. 

Offering a range of earphones, headphones, travel chargers, and cables, every launch by the brand has left everyone amused. 

And yet again, we have analyzed the best BoAt airdopes found in the market, that too in the budget.


Why opt for wireless Earphones?


As the name suggests, no wires mean less confusion; more freedom; and above all; comfort. Who wouldn’t want to shed the burden of twisted wires?

Even though the neckband earbuds are setting a new trend- they still feel like a burden around the neck.

On the contrary, the truly wireless experience like that of Airdopes can only be felt if we raise above the budget. 

The BoAt has landed its series of best boAt Airdopes. Each of the products we have listed here stays true to the claim. Have a look at some of their best products: 

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Reviews of The best BoAt Airdopes Earpods Under 3000 INR:

Boat Airdopes 501 ANC TWS Earbuds: Best in Features

Boat Airdopes 501 ANC Specifications

  • Model: Airdopes 501 ANC 
  • Weight: 56 g
  • Battery performance: 28-hours total playtime.
  • Compatible devices: Android and iOS 
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2 
  • Available with several latest technologies.nBetter noise cancelling in sound and calls.nFeels comfortable.nEnhanced 5.2 Bluetooth version. nDecent battery performance.
  • The waterproof rating can be better.nLow Bass and Loudness

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Airdopes 501 brings a combo of stylish designs with the latest technologies. Availability of 8 mm drivers ensures rich sound output with elevated bass effects. 

Each earpiece will sit comfortably on the ears to provide a comfortable listening experience. Further, the availability of hybrid noise cancelation works perfectly to reduce the sound up to 30 dB. Your calls would be of HD quality, as it possesses the ENx technology to filter out your voice. 

In terms of battery, you will get a decent backup of 28-hours. In each earbud, you can enjoy the tunes for about 5.5-hours without ANC. However, with ANC it will provide only 4.5-hours. You can enter the BEAST mode for having low latency on your gaming. 

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The latest 5.2 Bluetooth version helps in establishing connectivity. Integrated touch controls are available for controlling specific controls, and it is marked with IPX4 waterproof ratings. 

Boat Airdopes 621 TWS: Best in Audio and Battery Performance

Boat Airdopes 621 Specifications

  • Model: Airdopes 621
  • Weight: 106 g
  • Performance of battery: 150-hours
  • Compatible devices: iOS 8+ and Android 4.4+
  • The version of Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Massive battery life.nThe sound output is better.nComfortable.nDecent bass output.nAll features are up to the expectations.
  • Call quality is not much better

No products found.

If you are searching to get TWS earbuds with long battery life within your budget, this would be the perfect choice for you. 

For those who love terrific beats on your heads, this Airdopes 621 would be a majestic product. No matter the level of volume, it always plays the beats as a beast. 

A unique feature of this Airdopes 621 is it has a massive battery backup of 150-hours. This mountainous battery life also lets you charge your device through reverse charging. 

When we consider other features, it packs Bluetooth version 5 with IWP technology. The carry case comes with a digital indicator. 

Touch controls are smooth, and an IPX7 waterproof rating helps with protection. In the range of 2000-3000 TWS, this earbud is a better option.

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1. BoAt Airdopes 441: Best Boat Airdopes Under 2000 Rupees

best boAt airdopes

Boat Airdopes 441 Specifications:

  • Model: Airdopes 441
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Battery Life(with USB): 5 hours
  • Battery life(with charging case): 25 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android 4.4+, iOs 8.0+
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Best for deep bassnIPX 6 ratednAutomatic pairing after first usenLight in weight
  • Does not block outside noise

No products found.


If the true wireless earbuds run long in your head but the budget has been a major off-point, then we suggest you buying these best BoAt airdopes. 

Being in-line with the budget, these airdopes are best known for the beats soaring high even at low volume. 

For fitness freaks, these BoAt earpods will turn out to be magic for the ears.

Being light and friendly, they get easily placed inside the ear leaving no room for pain. 

The 500mAH battery-powered carry case will make sure that your buds never feel low on battery.

The carry case can retain battery for 25 hrs that is 5 times the charge by type-C cable given inside the box. 


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In terms of features, the AirPods have smooth touch sensors, IPX6 rated, and has a stunning HD stereo feature. 

For instant reach, the makers have used IWP technology which again is a plus point at this price range.

Also, with Bluetooth V5.0, it gets fairly easy to connect your device. 

Bottom Line: If you want the best quality airdopes at the right price ranging from INR1500-2000, then you must consider these earbuds that also has a balanced bass.


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2. BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro: Best Bass Boat Airdopes

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro Specifications

  • Model: 441 Pro
  • Weight: 103 grams
  • Battery Life( with USB cable): 5 hours
  • Battery Life(With charging case): 150 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android and iOs
  • Bluetooth: v5.0


  • High on bassnBest battery back-upnAudible lows and mids vocalnIWP technologynIPX7 rating
  • No volume control buttonnNo noise-canceling featurenAudible noises, if used for calls

No products found.


Loaded with heavy bass, you can enjoy the moments of hassle-free music. The premium rich plastic buds will look stylish as they fit your ears well. 

With a deep, secure fit, there are fewer chances left on your part to complain about the falls and slips. 

Ranging in 4 colors, these buds can be a great fit even if you use them during the workout.

In terms of design, they have touch sensors to play/pause and select the tracks by specific taps as readable in the manual. 


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With features like IWP(Insta’ Wake and Pair) technology, IPX7- water resistance, 2600maH battery, and playback time of around 5 hours after a single charge, you have the liberty to choose these smooth buds at the best range.

Concerning connectivity, Bluetooth v5.0 has made these compacts easy to range within 10 meters.

The instant automatic pairing works well only if your device has been paired before.

However, the noise quality will feel a lot less clear for calls. 

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an airdopes that has a long battery life apart from being durable to use, then these earbuds fall under the best range of INR 2500-3000 price.


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Boat Airdopes 701 ANC TWS


Boat Airdopes 701 ANC Specs

  • Model: Airdopes 701 
  • Weight: 53 g
  • Battery life(single charge): 5.5-hours
  • Battery life (carry case): 28-hours
  • Compatible devices: Android 4.4+ and iOS 8+ 
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 
  • Low latency.nNoise-cancelling works better.nFast charging with a better battery. nDecent built quality.
  • Moderate bass. nNo In-ear detection

No products found.

Boat Airdopes 701 ANC has the support of active noise cancelation and that can reduce the noise by about 30 dB. So, you can feel what you need in your favorite tracks. 

You can hear your tracks even on low volume as it has better audio generating speakers. For pro-gamers, it comes with the dedicated BEAST mode that offers low latency for games. 

Its efficient battery offers a playtime of 28-hours. Further, with the ASAP charge, you will get to enjoy the 1-hour in 5 mins. 

Intelligent touch controls will work on your fingertips to govern actions on calls and music. It features a dual-mic with ENx noise isolation technology to provide better voice clarity on calls. 

No products found.

The IPX7 water-resistant safeguards your earbud from the action of water and sweat. You can also command the online voice assistant with taps. 

3. BoAt Airdopes 311V2


BoAt Airdopes 311v2 Specifications:

  • Model: TWS 311V2
  • Weight: 10 Grams
  • Battery Life( with USB cable): 3.5 hours
  • Battery Life(with charging case): 12 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android & iOs
  • Bluetooth: v5.0

  • Crisp and clear soundnInstant connectionnIPX 5 ratednExtra earmuffsn
  • Average call qualityn


No products found.


The 311V2 airdopes is an ultimate dope version of the old 311 airdopes, at a much better price.

If clear sound quality is your thing, then you must invest in these best BoAt earbuds. 

The 500mAh battery case-cum-charger has plastic coats to increase its efficiency.

The charging case feels quite light to open with magnet locks inside to hold the earbuds intact when not in use. 

Also, the carry case can boost the buds up to 4-5 times to what a single charge covers.

In terms of sound quality, the high pitch and trebles will be audible.

Known for deep bass, the musical waves are easy to listen to if used in moderate volumes. 


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The best thing about this best boAt airdopes has been its soft press buttons.

Unlike the 441pro model with touch sensors, this one keeps has single-press buttons. 

With IPX5, BT V5.0, stereo, and built-in mic, one can hardly resist grabbing them for the best audio quality.  

For seamless connections, the model has been infused with fast pairing when taken out of the box at the same time. 

However, if used only for calls, these buds could be a little disappointing.

Bottom Line: These earbuds by boAt is known for the best sound clarity and is an upgraded version of the old 311 models by boAt. 



4. BoAt Airdopes 421



BoAt Airdopes 421 Specifications:

  • Model: Airdopes 421
  • Weight: 4.8 grams
  • Battery Life(with USB cable): 5 hours
  • Battery Life(with Charging case): 30 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android and iOs
  • Bluetooth: v5.0

  • Sharp musicnBlocks out outside noisenFeels comfortable to wear for hoursnIPX 7 ratedn40 hours error-free music
  • No multi-device pairing


No products found.


For ultra-smooth quality that not only falls short on music but also on voice calls, this best BoAt AirPods has been very helpful. 

The snug-fit earpods have a unique feature to remain sealed, even if you do some mild exercises wearing them. 

Also, the feather-like weight makes you feel that you enjoy the music with no reason to use your hands to make them stay in your ears. 

With rich plastic, adorned with 2 colors, the earbuds look premium and have buttons neatly laid. 


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Features like ASAP technology enable your buds to recharge within 5 minutes for 1.5-hour smooth music. 

The best thing that goes well with these best BoAt earphones is its carry-cum-charge case.

The tiny case covers 35 hours of backup. That is to say, the 5 times more power than the actual 5 hrs use with a single charge. 

A minute detailing has been done concerning the sharp quality that makes even the soft beats hearable. 

Also, the IPX7 tested Airdopes have an instant wake and pair technology to sort the complex connectivity process. 

Bottom Line: If the purpose of buying the earbuds is to get a crystal-clear sound not only in music but also during calls, then these true-wireless earphones should be your priority. 



5. BoAt Airdopes 381


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BoAt Airdopes 381 Specifications:

  • Model: TWS 381
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters
  • Battery Life(with USB cable): 4 hours
  • Battery Life(with charging case): 16 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android, iOs, and windows
  • Bluetooth: v5.0

  • IWP technologyn5 minutes instant chargenbest for travel usenPortable nType-C charging port
  • Flat noise at high volume



Ranging a little higher, this BoAt 381 product has been made to take care of long hours of a musical journey. 

Made with high-quality plastic, the design of the best BoAt airdopes looks simple yet elegant at first glance. For first time users, the idea to keep it simple and compact is quite impressive. 

The round shape with no edge or buttons resists the pain itching your ears. With an IPX5 rating, even the slight splashes won’t put them off to use. 

The sounds appear clear with a focus on the tiniest beats. Be it the bass that changes to low or high frequencies or the trebles, you will hardly find any drawbacks. 


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You may struggle while using them on high volumes, but that can be sorted in settings. Also, you should be able to get clarity by equalizer settings. 

For battery, the 20 hours playback including 4 hours on the first charge, goes a long way. The Type-C port laid on the back helps to speed up the charge. 

To charge these Airdopes, an ASAP technology will help you within 5 minutes to enjoy 1 hour of music.  

These earbuds are easy to connect with Bluetooth 5.0 and have an in-built mic that supports HD quality.

Bottom Line: If the range of INR1500-2000 suits you, these airdopes work like a magic when you tune in any type of music. So, overall these earbuds are the best airdopes to purchase in the best range. 



6. BoAt Airdopes 412



BoAt Airdopes 412 Specifications: 

  • Model: TWS 412
  • Bluetooth Range: 10 meters
  • Battery Life(with USB cable): 4 hours
  • Battery Life(with charging case): 16 hours
  • Compatible device: Android and iOs
  • Bluetooth: v5.0

  • IPX 4 ratednValue for moneynBest for sound and bassnBest in the 2-3k rangen
  • No Type-C port



Being one-of-a-kind types of quality, these stunning earbuds have everything at par. Apart from good looks, they have ear hooks to align with the shape of your ear. 

These are the best BoAt earpods that ticks right on sound, bass, range, and battery. The earpods support both the Android and Apple devices easily. 

The carry case has super-magnetic space inside to hold the buds tight. Being sturdy, the case features a black finish and is handy to fit the pocket. 

Also used as a power bank, the carry case will land you with 16 hours of power, that too if the previous 4 hours battery has been drained out. 

As far as connectivity is concerned, the Bluetooth V5.0 keeps everything secure. For voice assistant and stereo calling features, the button on the center does the work with a single-press. 

Bottom Line: When it comes to design and overall quality, these airdopes will surely be a full-on entertainment at the best range under INR 2000-3000 price.

7. BoAt Airdopes 402



BoAt Airdopes 402 Specifications:

  • Model: TWS 402
  • Battery Life(with USB cable): 4 hours
  • Battery Life(with charging case): 12 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android and iOs
  • Bluetooth: v5.0

  • Stylish looksnPremium build qualityn10mm audio driversnSuper-smooth touch controlsn
  • Needs frequent charges



If you want to prioritize the best-quality earbuds that look stylish at the same time, then this model by boAt is all set to turn many eyes to its direction.

The newly-made product by boAt offers a sleek design that looks rich to the ears.

The matte-plastic has made them quite easy to survive harsh dust and water.

The IPX4 rating is just another feather that speaks volumes about its use. 

Rich and dense with a 450mAh battery, the case of these buds can help you charge them instantly.

That too, if the buds run low on battery after 4 hours of charge by the charger. 

The case carrying them allows 12 hours of music time with magnet locks that make them anti-slip when kept inside the case. 

Best in terms of connections, these best BoAt airdopes also provide a built-in mic for calls, voice assistant, and quick touch controls to help you tune in for hours.

Bottom Line: These are the best BoAt earpods are quite a trend due to its stylish design that also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Priced under the range of 1500-2000 price, you must consider buying these airdopes.


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8. BoAt Airdopes 281



BoAt Airdopes 281 Specifications: 

  • Model: TWS 281
  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Battery Life(with USB cable): 3.5 hours
  • Battery Life(with charging case): 14 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android, iOs, and Windows
  • Bluetooth: v5.0

  • Excellent battery back-upnInstant charge speednTravel-friendly
  • Average bassnAudio lag during calls


No products found.


If you often feel tired of charging the earbuds after every few hours, then the BoAt 281 covers the best BoAt AirPods with an excellent focus on battery life.  

The build quality looks premium to fix your eyes on the stylish design that lets you groove for hours. 

Fits deep into the years, the plastic coating has no side-effects and is IPX5 protected from low-pressure water sprays. 

The 6mm audio coding drivers of these earpods can turn the loudest of beats smooth to hear.

For easy access, the sensor touch will make you function them easily and on spot. 


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For long hours of listening, the battery case comes with 420mAh, offering you to charge them within 1 hour for a whopping 14 hours of use.

Even the single charge helps you to carry these buds for a good 3.5 hours. 

If taken out of the case at the same time, connectivity to multiple devices looks easy and versatile for the range.

For best use, the Bluetooth V5.0 system supports android, IOS, media players, etc. 

Bottom Line: The model is an ideal use for travel freaks, loaded with an excellent battery backup, and remains the right fit for the price.



9. BoAt Airdopes 171



BoAt Airdopes 171 Specifications:

  • Model: TWS 171 
  • Weight: 4.2 grams
  • Battery Life(with USB charge): 3 hour
  • Battery Life(with Charging case): 10 hours
  • Compatible devices: Android and iOs 
  • Bluetooth: v5.0

  • Build qualitynStunning colorsnBest for soft musicnGood noise blocking featurenMono mode
  • Low bassnNo dual-device pairingnSound breaks during a call


No products found.


If you are on the lookout for earpods that makes you hear the soft music that gives a breeze-like feel to the ears, then you can opt for the boAt airdopes 171 model. 

These are the best boAt airdopes in aesthetic looks, with 3 vibrant colors, and dual-tone design.

The fit of these buds does wonders to not remain sealed whenever you take them out.

Even if you splash water from any direction, these earpods remain strong to pass the test. 

In terms of charging, the case offers a 380mAh battery, that powers your buds up to 10 hours.

That is when the use of a cable can make them charge for 3 hours. 

For advanced yet easy access, the features like a digital assistant, built-in mic for stereo, mono mode, and butter-smooth buttons wins the race. 

Bottom Line: These airdopes are the best BoAt airdopes launched by the boAt in terms of soft music.

So, you should consider buying these buds especially if soft tracks give you the ultimate pleasure. 


10. BoAt Airdopes 201



BoAt Airdopes 201 Specifications:

  • Model: Airdopes 201
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Battery Life(with USB charge): 3 hours
  • Battery Life(with charging case): 12 hours
  • Compatible Devices: Android and iOs
  • Bluetooth: v5.0

  • Comfortable for daily usenIPX-4 ratednBest within the same price range competitorsnCancels noise to an extent
  • Not efficient for long hoursnTakes time to recharge


No products found.


For the weight-less feel, that also feels less risky to slide off the ears, this one will be the best BoAt airdopes.

Having said that, the focus on the budget has been an impressive aspect to not look beyond these buds. 

For a secure fit, the ear hooks are well-made to keep them in place. Even the design has a classic touch to make you look and feel classy all day long. 

For clear sound, the AirPods offer the best HD level clarity with the best use of a range.

For an educated musician, these buds will leave no chance of complaints, if music is to question. 


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Available in 4 colors, the users can use them daily if limited to some hours. 

The power bank-cum-case of the buds gives 470mAH battery, 12 hours playtime, and user-friendly storage that fits well to the pockets. 

If a single charge offers 3 hours of back-up, the case lands emergency support to give you enough time to carry music wherever you go. 

Looking at the internal details, one can find out a built-in mic that supports stereo calling. Also, the voice-controlled app features your voice for instant help. 

Bottom Line: These earbuds by BoAt has been designed very light yet sturdy to not break even after long use.

Priced at a reasonable rate, you must invest in them for daily use. 


No products found.



Conclusion: Choose The Best Boat Airdopes Earbuds


If the list of top brands in earphones prevails, it feels less surprising to find the BoAt name.

Known best for the bass, every listener will easily find the change between the lows and highs. 

Each airdopes listed by the boAt has been tested true to the facts and we only suggest the best products made by the brand. 

Even though the quality differs in each product, we suggest you choose the one between the BoAt Airdopes 441 pro and BoAt Airdopes 441. 

Unlike BoAt 441, Boat Airdopes 441 Pro is the best BoAt earbuds with a slight edge when it comes to the overall quality.

Also, being efficient with IPX 7 rating and 2600 mAh carry case, you get exactly what you pay for. 

Apart from them, BoAt 421 has quite a decent range for sharp sound even if used for calls. The mic quality is so good that it makes you chat over call for long hours.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): Best Boat Earbuds


Ques1. How to use true-wireless airdopes?

The true-wireless earbuds are quite easy and friendly to use for long hours of music. 

To use them, one must read the user manual that comes attached to it. 

For instant connection, make sure to follow the following steps:

  1. Your phone supports the Bluetooth V5.0 system
  2. Make sure to charge the Airpods to 100% 
  3. Open the case lid after the battery turns to 100%. 
  4. Take the earpods out of the case at the same time
  5. A blue and green light scan will appear on the bud. 
  6. Wait for a few seconds and the buds will power on automatically.
  7. Once you see the light stops, open Bluetooth on your device. 
  8. Scan for the model name on your device and pair them.
  9. After successful pairing, you can either use one or both based on the choice. 


Ques2. What is IWP technology?


Most of the true-wireless airdopes have IWP(Insta’ Waken Pair) technology.

The IWP technology means that the earbuds have access to automatic pairing without having to do a thing. 

For first time use, you still have to take the buds out and wait for them to connect to the device.

And when you use these earpods for the second time, they will reach your bluetooth automatically.


Ques3. How to factory reset if connectivity issues arise after some time?


The factory reset is a safe option to prevent your buds from frequent pairing issues. 

Keep the following steps in mind to do a factory reset:

Step1: Put the earpods into the case at the same time.

Step2: Press the button of both the earbuds three times in a row.

Step3: Your buds will show a green and blue light scan as soon as you reset the buds. 

Step4: Close the carry case and wait for a second or two. 

Step5: Re-open the case 

Step5: A blue light flash on the earbuds will indicate that they are ready to pair again. 


Ques5. Does the BoAt offer after-sale services and warranty?


Yes, the BoAt company offers after-sale services for its customers to resolve their issues in the shortest way possible. 

Also, the brand offers a 1-year warranty on its products.