In this world of developing technologies, people prefer to experience new gadgets as soon as they launch in the market. But choosing between these wide ranges of products has been a problem. You approach websites to get a detailed review or comparison of the gadgets. We are here, all the time, to solve your problems and confusion.

If you are in search of a budget-friendly smartwatch, it won’t be easy for you to select from a long list of smartwatches. So, today we share with you the 6 Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches Under Rs 5000 in India and a complete guide to select smartwatches.

How To Select A Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch?

We will provide you with the easiest to select the cheapest calling smartwatches in India. Choosing a smartwatch is mainly based on the needs of the user. Either it can be for calling or for fitness features. So, In this, we share the main things you need to keep in mind before selecting a Bluetooth calling smartwatch. 

  • The first thing is the display of the smartwatch. The size of the screen is important. It should be convenient to use the smartwatch easily without any hassle. When buying, prefer a widescreen smartwatch. Quality of the screen must be noted.
  • Secondly, and most important thing in selecting is the quality of calling. It includes the audio quality, easiness of taking calls, and notifications. Make sure that you can attend and end the calls without taking up the smartphone. And also whether there are the things essential for calling. Mainly you should check for the contact list feature. Then also take a look whether you can reject and attend calls easily.
  • The third is the battery backup. Most smartwatches have a calling function, but the battery goes down fast. So check it before buying.
  • Fourth comes the price. Before buying, compare the smartwatches. You can check the comparisons available on our website too.

How Do Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches Work?

Smartwatch is a mini smartphone. Everything available in a smartphone can be seen in smartwatches. It can be smart gestures, calling, or fitness apps. Scroll down to see the best calling smartwatches under 5000 rupees. Well, we provide you with the 6 Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches Under Rs 5000. 

First of all, we need to pair the watch with a smartphone. You should install an app related to the smartwatch on your mobile phone. Smartwatches can be for Android and iPhone. Most smartwatches support both Android and iPhone, but Apple smartwatches only support iPhone.

When you sync the app with the smartwatch, everything on the mobile will be ready to see on your watch. You can easily access the calls on a Bluetooth calling smartwatch.

You can answer the calls from your smartwatch without taking your phone. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to access anything on a small screen easily. Every Bluetooth calling smartwatch is designed in the way of perfection and ready to access modes.

6 Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches Under Rs 5000 in India

Now, we can move to the main discussion of our article. We introduce you to the Top Calling smartwatches under Rs5000.

Fire-Boltt Ring

Fire-Boltt is a famous brand for its smartwatch releases. By this time, their releases have been trending in today’s world. They have also released many Bluetooth-calling smartwatches. Among them, one of the best is the Fire-Boltt Ring.

Specifications And Features

Bluetooth version5.0
In-Built MicYes
Dial PadYes
Contact ListAvailable
Water ResistantIP67
Alarm ClockProvided
Watch FunctionsAlarms, Text messages, Weather Forecasts, Camera and Music control, Smart gestures, Social media notifications
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Fire-Boltt Ring has a metallic body with 1.7 inches Full Touch and HD Display. It also has a honeycomb menu. Speaker and Mic are In-Built in the smartwatch. You have to install an application and connect it to the smartwatch to activate calling.

The speaker has a volume of 150dB. There is an option to mute and silence the calls also. Now you can see the contacts and recent calls in your smartwatch. Also, the watch has a dial pad. 

Heart Rate Monitors and Spo2 Monitoring are available. They claim that the watch has a battery life of 8 days when you use it daily and 24 hours with Bluetooth calling.

Pros And Cons: Fire-Boltt Ring

  • Bluetooth Callingnt nnIP67 Water-Resistantnt nSpo2 and Heart rate monitorntnnFitness trackingntnnFull Touch Displayn
  • Less Battery LifenLacking Blood Pressure Monitornn

FAQ Related to Fire-Boltt Ring Smartwatch

Is it worth this price?

Compared to other smartwatches, it offers more features and is valuable.

Are the speakers good in quality?

Yes, the Speakers are working well. A crystal clear audio is produced.

Is it Water-Resistant?

Fire-Boltt Ring is IP67 Water Resistant.

  •  Fire-Boltt Ring is ideal for any person who needs fitness tracking features. There are many sports modes too. So if you love to enjoy sports and keep that data, you can go for this. It has resistance from dust and also sand. You can be in the water without any problem for a 1-meter depth. 

Gionee Stylfit GSW8

Gionee is yet another brand that produces amazing smartwatches. Their new Gionee Stylfit GSW8 calling watch has a 1.28 inch display. It is Bluetooth calling and also a music smartwatch. 


Bluetooth version5.0
In-Built MicYes
Dial PadYes
Contact ListCall log is available
Water-ResistantIP68 waterproof
Music ControlYes
Other Watch FunctionsRemote Camera and Music control,Smart Notification alert, Pedometer, and calorie meter. 
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Moreover, GSW8 has 18 days of standby time. It also provides seven days of playtime. This watch is synced with the GasBuddy App. In this Bluetooth calling smartwatch, you can see the whole list of the calls you made. Speaker and mic are In-Built. The look has a well-designed dial pad also. Mute and reject options are provided—notifications alerts for SMS, Whatsapp, emails, and Facebook.

Pros And Cons of GSW8

  • Bluetooth CallingntnnIP68 Water-ResistantntnnHeart Rate Monitoringntnn30 song internal storagentnnFull Touch Displayntn
  • No Spo2 MonitoringnNo GPS

FAQ: Stylfit GSW8

Can it be connected to an iPhone?

Yes, this is IOS Compatible

Does GSW8 have a wake-up gesture?

Wake-Up gestures are provided for the watch.

Can we measure Spo2?

No, you can’t know your spo2 level.

  • If you are a song lover and an adventurer, you will love this smartwatch because it can store up to 30 songs. GSW8 has a meter called altimeter that can measure the sea’s depth..

Molife Sense 500

Molife is a brilliant company that has many launches on smartwatches. But this Bluetooth calling smartwatch is one of their best releases. It has 2.5D Curved edges and is 1.7inch. Voice control is available for the smartwatch with an in-built mic. Battery capacity is 220mAh which has a life of 3 days. Speaker quality is good.

Specifications and features

Bluetooth version5.0
In-Built MicYes
Dial PadYes
Contact ListCall list also available
Alarm ClockAvailable
FeaturesCalendar reminder, Social media notifications, Music control, Calorie count, Steps, Goal setting, reminders
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Like any other calling smartwatch, you can also see the dial pads, contact list, and the rejection button. When we look at the fitness features, we can see a heart rate monitor and Spo2 monitor system. They provide you with 8 Sports modes. Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook notifications can be seen on the watch. Email notifications and texts are also given.

Pros And Cons: Sense 500

  • Bluetooth CallingntnnIP68 Water Resistancentnn8 sports modesntnnHeart, Spo2, and Bp Monitorsntnn
  • Low ResolutionnLess Battery Life


Can this be connected with earbuds?

No, only with devices.

At what distance can the smartwatch be used?

It works at a 10-meter radius.

Can the incoming call be silenced?

Yes, you can either cut or silence the call.

  • Molife Sense 500’s features and design is perfectly built for anyone who loves to be stylish. You can be the smart man in this smartwatch. The IP68 Water-resistance ensures a complete protection from sand and dirt. And also, it protects the watch from 1.5 meters of water level for thirty minutes.

Zebronics ZebFit-7220CH

All smartwatch lovers know about the releases of smartwatches by Zebronics. They have released a wide variety of ZebFit series. Anyway, ZebFit-7220CH has a 1.75 inches display and 2.5D curved glass. In-built microphones are provided. Speaker is also good in audio quality. 7220CH can also be called a fitness smartwatch.

Features and Specifications

Bluetooth version5.0
In-Built MicYes
Dial PadYes
Contact ListRecent calls also available
Water-ResistantIP67 water and sweat proof
Other Watch FeaturesDistance Tracker, Sedentary reminder, Multisport tracker, Alarm clock, Music control, Camera shutter
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SpO2 monitoring, BP, and Heart rate monitors are available. Zebronics provide 7 Sports Mode to ensure your fitness. There are contact lists and dial pad in the honeycomb menu. Call rejection and muting the Mic can be done. It works with iOS and Android. A Zeb Fit 20 series app is also provided to connect with the smartwatch. You can customize the wallpaper. The 210mAh battery offers 30 days standby time.

Pros And Cons

  • Bluetooth CallingntnnIP67 Water ResistancentnnSeven sports modesntnnHeart, Spo2, and Bp Monitorsntnn2.5D curved displaynn
  • Inaccurate fitness tracker nPairing issues


Does it have a magnetic charger?

Yes, this smartwatch is magnetic charging.

Can we read social media messages in this?

Yes, you can read any messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Is it compatible with iOS?

ZebFit 7220CH can be synced with iOs.

  • Zebronics ZebFit 7220CH is perfect for focusing only on the calling features. Sometimes, the running and walking trackers won’t work well. Calling features and functions are very good and work very well. Then also the IP67 resistance gives the watch tight protection from dust and water for long periods of time.

Cross beats Ignite S3.

Cross beats have a wide range of Ignite series smartwatches. Anyway, Ignite S3 has a 1.7 inches HD IPS Touch Screen Display. The watch has a special feature of stress management and spo2 monitoring. They provided a rich preset menu for comfort calling. Call history, dialing pad, and a list of contacts are given. Call mute is not provided.

Specs and features

Bluetooth version5.0
In-Built MicYes
Dial PadYes
Contact ListRecent calls also available
Water-ResistantIP67 splash proof
Other FunctionsMusic control, Anti-lost, Voice assistant, Reminders, and alerts
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You can easily answer the calls with the smartwatch. An in-built speaker and Mic are given here. Smartwatches have various color variants. Heart rate monitors and Blood pressure monitors are provided. Especially for women, they have designed menstrual trackers also. Ten different sports modes are also available. Ignite S3 has up to 7 days of battery life. It has resistance from dust and also protects the watch from water splashes and immersion.

Pros And Cons

  • Bluetooth CallingntnnIP67 SplashproofnnnTen sports modesntnnHeart, Spo2, sleep, and Bp MonitorsntnnStress managementntn
  • Less display timenPoor UI Experience


How long does it take to charge?

The smartwatch takes 1.5 hours to charge.

Does it show social media notifications?

Yes, it shows almost all social media notifications

Does it have extra straps?

Yes, they provide you with extra fitting straps.

  • Cross beats Ignite S3 is perfect and ideal for all types of people. It works well in fitness tracking. And the battery life lasts much longer than any other watch at this budget. There is no delay or lag in the calling also. So, you can buy it instantly without thinking.

Fire Boltt 360 Pro

As we have already mentioned, Fire-Boltt is a good brand in smartwatches. They have given a 1.32-inch display for the smartwatch. The highlight of this watch is that you can connect it with TWS. Up to 512 Mb memory is provided. In-Built Mic and speaker along with games are installed. You can sync the contacts on your smartphone with this watch. An option to access the dial pads is present.

Bluetooth version5.0
In-Built MicYes
Dial PadYes
Contact ListYes
Water-ResistantIP68 waterproof
Alarm ClockYes
Other Watch FunctionsBrightness, flashlight, Alarm, timer, stopwatch, a Body temperature monitor, Drink water reminder, Sedentary reminder
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Spo2 monitoring and Blood pressure monitoring, Sleep tracker and heart rate monitors, Meditation breathing, and menstrual reminders are also in this smartwatch—a 30 day standby time and 10 hours battery life with calling and 10 days without calling. Multiple sports modes are included.

Pros And Cons

  • Bluetooth CallingntnnIP68 WaterproofntnnMultiple sports modentnnHeart, Spo2, sleep, and Bp MonitorsntnnBody temperature Monitorntn
  • Fitness tracker issuesn


Does the watch sync with apps?

Yes, it is supported by the DaFit App.

How many hours does the watch need to be fully charged?

It takes 2 hours to charge fully.

  • Fire-Boltt 360 Pro is yet another ideal watch for those who want to shine in society. Fitness features and battery life are also good. So one can go for it to stand out stylishly. Your watch gets protection from water and sweat with its IP68 rating. 

VERDICT: Which is the Best Calling Smartwatch Under 5000 INR in India

After reading, you will finally decide to buy which smartwatch is perfect for you. Choosing the best smartwatch depends on your needs and necessities. That’s why to make it easy, and we provide you with all this information. Now you know, The 6 Best Bluetooth calling smartwatches under Rs 5000 in India, right?

We gave you all the details like the specifications and the Pros and cons of these best calling smartwatches under 5000 rupees. Out of this, Gionee Stylfit GSW8 or Fire-Boltt Ring has more features and battery life. And also, the rest of the smartwatches perform very well and have good features. Some lack battery life, and some have pairing issues. It may depend on some devices. So go through our buying guide and have a stylish future.