Bluetooth speakers are something that many people love to have and carry
around to amplify the frequency of the sound they get through normal
gadgets like phones, desktops, etc. A power output of 10 watts and
available at a pocket-friendly price of Rs.2000 is desirable for most buyers
keeping into consideration their needs and budget.

Best 10 Watt Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Rupees in India 2022

People look for the features like stylish design, ease to carry, and the sound of the speakers,
which they bear in mind when choosing a Bluetooth speaker. Additional to
these above other features like dust and mist resistance, battery survival, a
wide range of design and colors availability and protection of the speakers,
etc bring about more quality and features to the product to buy.

The three best products with such features are given below bearing
attention to the quality, price, design, and sound of the speakers. The pros
and cons are also included below for the best bluetooth speakers under RS.2000.

1.BoAt Stone 650 : Description, Specs, Pros and Cons

boAt Stone 650 Bluetooth speakers have been most consumers’ choice for
many reasons. The device comes in 3 colors, black, and medium blue. The
speaker comes in a cuboidal shape with diamond-shaped mesh making it
attractive along with a smooth silicon-coated finish on the sides. The
company logo is seen on the front grille with a button system situated on its

This device comes with IPX5 dust and water-resistant feature which
means a little splash of water drops and scratches are no threat to the
speakers. The speaker’s weight is 600g which might be a bit heavy to
carry. The power back-up is up to 7 hours on one charge with a 1,800 mAh
battery. A bass-radiator is fitted on the rear side which acts as a subwoofer
for the speakers.

The speaker comes with a dual 5W stereo setup that
adds up to the 10W output power. Calls can be received through the
speaker with a mic in it. An alternative in absence of Bluetooth is the option
to connect to an AUX cable. Overall, the performance and the features are
quite impressive and the product quality is good to be one of the best bluetooth speakers under RS.2000

Power Output: 10W
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, AUX 3.5mm, SD Card
Battery: 1800 mAh, Up to 7h
Water Resistance:IPX5
Mic: Yes, Hands-free Calling
Weight: 600g
Warranty:1 Year

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  •  Stylish and tough buildn IPX5 splash protectionn Loud audion Long battery backupn In-built micn Memory slot
  • ï‚· No USB charger cable that comesnalong in the boxnï‚· Cannot fit in the pocket

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2.MIVI MOONSTONE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER-10W : Description, Specs, Pros and Cons

MIVI moonstone Bluetooth speaker-10w is another consistent quality
speaker available below Rs.2000. The product is available in five colors
blue, red, grey, orange, and black. The product comes in a diamond shape
blended at the ends with a layer of mesh on it adding a classic look to it.
The device is portable that can be carried in the pocket too.

It’s a lightweight speaker with 422g and comes with a soft-grip band. It can
connect to two more speakers to have an increased sound. The buttons to operate are on the top making them easy to access. If once charged, 6 hours of battery life with 1500mAh can be seen. The product is IPX5
ensuring that little scratches and water splashes do not cause any problem
with its quality.

The entire power output of 10w is seen. The product
contains an in-built mic that enables to switch between the calls and the
music. In conclusion, the device is good that is portable, lightweight, and comes in a different color with a classic look available with a facility to connect to two devices to be one of the best bluetooth speakers under RS.2000.

Power Output: 10W
Connectivity: SD Card Bluetooth 5.0, AUX 3.5mm
Battery: Up to 6h,1500 mAh
Water Resistance: IPX5
Mic:Yes, Hands-free Calling
Warranty:1 Year

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  •  Stylish and fit-in pocketn Light and portablen FM radion Splash proofn Soft–grip bandn Aux portn Memory card slot
  • ï‚· Average bassnï‚· Not the highest battery life but it is fine

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3.The Blaupunkt BT-52 : Description, Specs, Pros and Cons

The Blaupunkt BT-52 is the next best device available for Rs.2000. The
device is available in 2 colors, blue and black. The product is cuboidal in
shape with the speaker covered in mesh and the outer body with rubber,
built tough in and outside.

The device weighs 426gm which is one of the
lightest products available in this segment. The Bluetooth can be
connected within10m. When once charged completely 7 hours of battery
span is seen with 1500mAh of battery capacity.

The right side of the speaker holds the control buttons on it. An in-build mic is present. A dual
passive radiator of 5W combining to give 10W power output is seen. Though the sound quality is not the best among the ones in this segment, the sound quality of the speaker can be appreciated in the mids and the
highs while playing the music. This is an IPX4 product. An additional
memory card slot is given in the device.

Overall, the device is good that comes with a memory slot and an impressive range of Bluetooth
connections to be one of the best bluetooth speakers under RS.2000.

Power Output:10W
Connectivity:Bluetooth 4.2, AUX 3.5mm, SD Card, FM Radio
Battery:Up to 7h,1500 mAh
Water Resistance: IPX4
Mic: Yes, Hands-free Calling
Weight: 426g
Warranty: 1 Year

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  •  Tough builtn Memory card slotn FM radion Aux portn Dustproof
  • ï‚· IPX4nï‚· Not so a loud soundnï‚· Not available in many colors

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4.PORTRONICS soundDrum 1 10W : Description, Specs, Pros and Cons

PORTRONICS soundDrum 1 10W is another Bluetooth speaker available
for under Rs.2000. This speaker comes in black, green, orange, and blue
colors. The product comes in a handy cylindrical shape with the speaker
situated on the top with a mesh on it.

The body is covered with a rubber matt finish giving a premium look. The control buttons are provided at the
side bottom of the speaker. The speaker weighs about 422 g just like one
of the low- weight gadgets in this segment.

The product is provided with a brilliant power save mode, activated after 10 min of non-activity of the device. Features like connecting to FM radio and AUX are available but a memory card slot is not provided. The speaker can be connected to two
other speakers simultaneously. As battery capacity is concerned, a total of 8-10 hrs of battery life with 2000mAh is provided, which can be said as one of the highest battery life in this segment.

To ensure a hands-free calling mic is incorporated in it that switches between calls and music. The device possesses a 10W power output. This device comes with advanced IPX7 splashproof clearance. Overall, the product has the best battery life and the
design with IPX7 to be one of the best bluetooth speakers under RS.2000.

Power Output: 10W
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, USB, FM, AUX cable
Battery: 8-10hrs, 2000 mAh
Water Resistance: IPX7
Mic: Yes, hands-free
Weight:422 g
Warranty: 1 year

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  •  High battery lifen Power save moden FM Radion IPX7n Can connect to 2 other speakers
  • ï‚· No memory slotnï‚· Hard to fit in the pocket

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5.boAt Stone 500 : Description, Specs, Pros and Cons

boAt Stone 500 is another Bluetooth speaker gadget available under
Rs.2000. The speaker is accessible in the variant mesh colors of blue,
black, and green. The product is portable speakers spread throughout the
body except at the edges, which are fitted with the dynamic RGB lights,
which set up the mood and lights, and can be said to be its unique feature.
An instant voice activation service is also available in the speaker.

The speakers are covered with mesh which is available in different colors and
makes the speaker colorful. It can be connected to an FM radio, AUX port.
The controls are seen on the sides of the speaker. But this product is not
water and dust resistant, but extra seals are present to protect it.

The weight of the product is 650g which is not a desirable weight to carry
around. The battery life of the speaker is not as present in other speakers
but can provide 4-5 hrs of life with a 1200 mAh battery capacity. The power
output of the speaker is 10W.

Simultaneously, two other speakers can be connected to the speaker to increase the sound capacity. An in-built mic is
also present to enhance the hands-free option. Overall, the product has an instant voice assistant and RGB lights, to be one of the best bluetooth speakers under RS.2000.

Power Output: 10W
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, AUX 3.5mm, FM radio
Battery:4-5 hrs, 1200 mAh
Water Resistance: IPX7
Mic:Yes, hands-free
Warranty:1 year

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  •  Voice assistantn AUX port, FM radion RGB lightsn In-built mic
  • ï‚· Less battery lifenï‚· NO water resistancenï‚· Heavy

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PORTRONICS soundDrum 1 10W VS boAt Stone 650 : Which one to choose

In conclusion, giving more importance to the sound and battery life
PORTRONICS soundDrum 1 10W and boAt Stone 650 are the best to pick.
This is because PORTRONICS soundDrum 1 10W is Splash resistant of
IPX7, has a battery saver option, good sound, and long battery life of 8-10
hrs, and handy design while compared to others to be one of the best bluetooth speakers under RS.2000 is amazing .

While in the case of boAt Stone 650, it has memory slot, next
best battery life, good sound, appreciative design, and IPX5 water resistant
all good to be one of the best bluetooth speakers under RS.2000 with 10W power

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