The X50 model earphone is the most elegant looking among its new entrants. The Amkette brand supplies you with the latest technically upgraded earphone that resists water and serves you as a purely wireless headphone.

Amkette Air Budz X50 True Wireless Earbuds Price in India

Hey, Guys! You can get a 44% flat discount on the latest Amkette Air Budz X50 Waterproof True Wireless Earphones on the Great Indian Festival sale 2020.

The original cost of the newly launched Amkette Air Budz X50 Earphones is 4999 INR. The festival season will be happening with the cool-looking earphones at an economical price of 2799 INR.

Top Specifications and Highlights:

  • Ergonomic and Impressive Design
  • Long Battery Life
  • In-built Mic
  • Smart Touch Controls
  • Insta Wake and Pair (IWP) Technology

Amkette Air Budz X50 Features Details and Quick Review

Amkette Air Budz X50 True Wireless Earbuds

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Ergonomic and Impressive Design

The recently rolled out Amkette Air Budz wireless earphones are of X50 size. The angled earbuds fit firmly at your earlobe and make it the ideal choice for the fitness freaks. The soft silicone cushion present on the ear hooks make you feel relaxed for the whole day.

It does not make its presence felt because of its ultra-comfy design. The IPX7 water resistance rating keeps it always ready for outdoor use. You can be worry-free as you wear it under rain or carry it on your beach vacation trip.

Long Battery Life

The battery life of the charging case supplies you with more than 120 hours of playtime. On one charge, you are ready to use the earbuds for 5hours play time.

The charge case operates as a power bank for your smartphone. You can charge the earbuds and handset simultaneously with the casing.

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In-built Mic

The Amkette Air Budz support in-built mic on each of the earbuds. It makes the X50 earbuds spot-on accessory for seamless communication between you and your caller.

Smart Touch Controls

The advanced touch controls present in the X50 earbuds lessen your tasks with the handset. You can regulate volume with a single touch on the earbud, while a double-tap on the earbud will play or pause music.

You will answer or hang up on calls by tapping twice on the smart earbuds. Voice assistant or Siri wakes up by tapping thrice on the Amkette Air Budz X50.

Amkette Air Budz X50 Truly Wireless bluetooth headset Earbuds

Insta Wake and Pair (IWP) Technology

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The advanced IWP technology makes it highly efficient as it pairs and connects instantly with your handset. The strong connection in mono and stereo mode between earbuds and smartphone is achievable because of the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0.

The Amkette Air Budz X50 delivers you a stable connection with long battery powerhouse to satisfy your music demands flawlessly.