Several audio brands are available in the market with various innovative products. Aiwa is also a popular brand in having earbuds, neckband, and more. Similar to other monstrous audio gadget manufacturers, Aiwa also makes new product launches. Now, they are going forward to launch about four different audio products to their audio system. 

Regarding this new launch, Aiwa has teased the image by featuring images of its four different audio products. Though they have insisted on the images, they don’t specify anything about its features, price, and launching timeline. So, hook yourself to the page to get an instant notification. 

Aiwa TWS Earbuds AT-X80FANC

Aiwa has several TWS earbuds and this one is one of its latest additions. There are no specifications listed with the teaser image. The only available thing with its teaser image is the featuring image of Earbuds. 

This new earbud has a long stem and in-ear type for providing maximum comfortable wearing. As the model number in the teaser image suggests, it would have an Active Noise Cancelling feature.   

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It may have a Bluetooth version of 5.0 or a more advanced Bluetooth version. The carry case comes with an LED indicator to know about the level of charge remaining. Thus, it is the available updates of the TWS Earbuds.

Aiwa Bluetooth Neckband ESBT-401

This is another product from Aiwa. With an in-ear design its sports a bending structure. So, it lets you keep your headphones comfortably with you. The controls are made in-line with a multifunction button. 

Volume controls and a multifunction button are the only controls available on the earphones. So, you can control calls and playbacks with the multifunction button.  

To provide additional fit, each earpiece is given with additional fins. Earmuffs are made of silicon to provide a relaxed fit. Thus, there are no further specs available on these products. 

Aiwa Wired Earphones ESTM-100

The third product of Aiwa is wired earphones. It has an in-ear design and the controls are in-line. The extraordinary characteristic of this earphone is that it has a gold-plated 3.5 mm plug. 

The last product is ESBT-462, and it is not specified with the featured image. However, a single earpiece is teased on the image. It may be a Bluetooth neckband. The teased earpiece has a quad driver system to deliver better audio output. 

Overall, these are the details available with the single teaser image. To know more, we have to hold on to its launch.